Two Months Old!

Aug 2008 2 076 Wow!  Layla is already 2 months old, beautiful and so much fun!  She is smiling all of the time now, but of course I can not capture it on film, every time I grab the camera, aim and get ready to shoot, the smiles cease to exist  Oh well, I’m sure we’ll capture one sooner or later.

Aug 2008 2 024 Aug 2008 2 034

Aug 2008 2 054 Aug 2008 2 042

We have been busy, so many things to do, places to go, and people to see!

Aug 2008 2 041

LAYLA-PALOOZA (also known as Layla’s Open House) was a huge success, we had about 80 friends and family show up to meet Layla!  Thank you all for coming, we loved having you in our home.  Layla is one lucky little girl!  So many people love her and are willing to come from miles around to see her!

Laylapaloza Donna 068

Before Auntie Nicole (number 1 Aunt) went back to work, she and I took Layla for her very first trip to the Scripps Aquarium, and of course Layla slept through most of it!  When she was awake though she was definitely watching the fish, the shapes, the colors, or maybe the movement!  It was pretty cool watching her check it out!  We have passes, so we will frequent the aquarium and get to know the fish very well.August 2008 1 010

Before Auntie Val went back to work, she and I took Layla to Quail gardens, where Layla will soon have her own tile in the new children’s garden.  We walked the trails pushing Layla in her stroller.  We checked out the beautiful flowers, trees, and natural surroundings, of course Layla slept through most of it!

When Mike and Melanie were in town we took Layla to the track at Del Mar for  her first day at the races, and of course she slept through most of it!  August 2008 1 021 August 2008 1 023

That was not her only day at the track though, last Saturday Guy, Nicole, Layla, and I went to Daybreak at Del Mar.  This is where breakfast is served while the horses train, it was awesome.  It was very family friendly, lots of parents and grandparents with their children.  You could hear the horses breathe  as they ran by, it was amazing.

Aug 2008 2 053 Aug 2008 2 066Aug 2008 2 058

Of course, Layla slept through most if it!

So much fun we decided we will make it a family tradition each year.

Layla even had her first day at the beach!  We walked down to the beach, hung out for a while and even touched her toes to the sand.  She slept through most of it but it was fun nonetheless!

August 2008 1 032 August 2008 1 036 August 2008 1 037

Now that all of the teachers are back to school, (Layla’s Grandpa Charlie, Auntie Nicole, and Val) Layla and I have been getting up to walk every morning with either our neighbor who has a 13 week old baby, we walk the hills in the neighborhood, determined to get our pre pregnancy bodies back, with Tonya on the beach in Carlsbad, or very soon with Dayspring and 1 year old Cormac. We are so happy Dayspring, Ryan, and Cormac are back from their deployment to Korea.  It will be so fun doing things with our children, we already have all sorts of outings planned!  Speaking of things planned, Layla is signed up for some fun baby classes!  I know, already right, well, you know me, I always have to be doing something. Layla will start “Baby Brain Building” and “Mommy and Me Music Makers” in October and November.  She will also start swimming lessons at Murray Callan Swim School in October, at only 3 months old!  It is pretty amazing what they do with infants.  Babies are born with the natural instinct to hold their breath under water for about the first 200 days of life, so starting at 3 months they get them in the pool and start teaching them to get comfortable in the water letting the babies use instinct to hold their breath which then does not need to be taught.  It is so important to us that Layla be water safe, we are such water people, living near the beach, our annual Montana fly fishing trip, having the jacuzzi in the backyard etc…  It will be amazing to watch her learn in the water!

Montana is still on!  We were thinking that we would not be able to go to Montana on our annual fly fishing trip because Layla should not yet fly.  Well, we decided to rent an RV and drive to Montana.  How fun is that going to be!  We are so excited, we plan to leave around the end of September for about 10 days.  What an adventure.

The remodel plans are still moving forward.  We are excited, nervous, and thrilled to be able to be planning this wonderful endeavor!  Right now we are narrowing in on what we want while we wait for the architect to begin drawing, he is about 6 weeks out, which is perfect because it gives us time to really decide exactly what we want to do!  We will keep you updated!

As you can see we are busy and having so much fun!   Layla is now 8 pounds and still precious and petite!  She sleeps like an angel and when she smiles it melts your heart!  I feel truly lucky to have the opportunity to stay home to raise our daughter!

August 2008 1 001

Layla is 6 Weeks Old!

Aug. 7th 120   Yesterday marked Layla’s six week mark.  She is no longer a newborn, after 28 days she became an infant.  According to everyone we talk to she will be a teenager next week!  Well, let’s hope it doesn’t go that fast!  We are having so much fun learning about her, parenthood, and how to work all of the baby gear gadgets!  At her 1 month well baby appointment Layla weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces, and measured 20 and 1/2 inches in length.  It amazes me that she is now about the size of most average babies at birth, yikes!  I’m glad she was tiny!  Dr. Woerpol used the word “wonderful” to describe Layla and her development!  She even had to get a shot!  Aug. 7th 129 She is so sweet and sleeps through the night already!  For example, last night she went down at 10 and slept until 4:15am!  Lucky us!  The visitors continue to poor in and we are looking forward to the big Open House this weekend.  We have started to call it “Layla-palooza!”

We have been out and about so much, yesterday Layla went on her first choo choo train ride!  We took the Coaster down to meet Guy for dinner.  Aug. 7th 2 009We have walked  out on the Oceanside pier to Ruby’s Diner, she loved the walk on the pier because all of the planks that make up the pier make for a nice bumpy stroller ride!  

Zavodny's with check 01 fixed Last week Layla, Guy, and I toured the Ronald Mc Donald house and received our check for the winnings.  The tour of the current house was very touching yet heavy.  We  were also able to go the the construction site for the new house, which will be amazing!  The current house is 12 rooms and they always turn families away.  The new house will have 48 rooms, we are so pleased to have helped raise money for such a fabulous organization!  We were also able to sit on the bench with the fake Ronald and take photos with the huge check, both huge in amount and in size.  It was very fun!  We plan on continuing to donate to the charity and maybe even volunteer in the future! (photo coming soon)

Guy and I have also started the process for remodeling the house.  We are so excited.  We have worked with a wonderful contractor to create plans and we are so happy with what we have come up with so far.  We will have a beautiful kitchen, one we have always dreamed of, a larger living and dining space, an new laundry room, which I am super excited for, a half bathroom that will have access from the backyard,  and a master bedroom and bathroom up stairs, with an ocean view and a walk-in closet, yippee!  We have been looking at RAD kitchen appliances and are thrilled when we think about cooking in our future kitchen, or coarse there will be a huge party when it is all finished, we are hoping summer 09, but we’ll see!  We know it will be a stressful endeavor but we are up to the challenge knowing that it  will be so worth it when it is all finished!

Aug. 7th 094 Aug. 7th 054

I am so glad I am not going back to work!  School starts in about two weeks, teachers go back in a week.  I am so lucky to be able to stay home with my girl!!  We have so many fun things on the agenda, the zoo, Sea World, Scripps Aquarium, Quail Botanical Gardens, the farmers market, shopping, of coarse, lunch with Guy etc…  We are planning to take some classes, and join  a mom and baby stroller exercise  group!  I am so excited for the future, everyday is fun.  Layla has made our lives even more rich than they already were! Aug. 7th 163