I am 9 Months Old

9 months old March 15th through 25th 030

Layla is now nine months old!  She also got her first tooth.  The bottom left front tooth cut through over the weekend.  She fussed a bit on Sunday afternoon, but nothing compared to what we were anticipating!  She continues to be a very easy baby and has adjusted to the new house very well!  She is making lots of noises and loves to experiment with the sounds her voice can make.  She loves to grunt and roar!  Layla frequently says, “dog, dada, and ackk,” which is what we say to Louis and Will to get their attention when they are causing trouble!  She loves her dogs and they love her!  Layla also loves to splash around in the dogs water dish, which is hilarious to watch!  When she is done slapping the water with her hands she is soaking wet and there is water everywhere! Layla is also crawling on all fours and has abandoned the army crawl all together.  She is pulling herself up to a stand and is even starting to dance a bit.  Layla has become quite a foodie like her parents, she loves to eat and eats pretty much any fruit and veggie on the spoon in front of her!  Her swimming is coming along extremely well.  Brett, her instructor has told me that now that she is getting to the step and pulling her self up and over the edge I do not have to be in the pool with her anymore.  Parents are usually required to be in the pool until their children are at least a year old, she is such a stud muffin! Her giggle is the best sound in the world! 

9 months old March 15th through 25th 038