Ten Months Old

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 138

Wow!  It is hard to believe, but it is true!  Layla is ten months old today!

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 128

She now has two teeth.  The bottom front teeth are in!  At the nine month baby well check up Dr. Woerpel gave us the okay to start feeding Layla finger foods.  She is now eating “Joe’s O’s, ” shredded cheese, soft cooked veggies and fruits  like peas, zuccini, sweet potatoes, mango, pears etc.  She has also had pasta cooked and cut up in small bites, sushi rice at the sushi bar, and loves to share a bowl of oatmeal with mom in the mornings!

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 004

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 098

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 006

For her ten month old birthday we bought Layla a playground infant swing which now hangs in the shade tree in our temporary front yard. 

New Swing April 25th 2009 002

New Swing April 25th 2009 015

She also continues to amaze at swimming and loves the water whether it be the pool, the bathtub, or the dog dish! 

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 030

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 050

April 25th 2009 10  Layla months old 082

She continues to wave her precious beauty queen wave at anyone and everyone just about anywhere and everywhere!  She is so well behaved, we took her to sushi with us last night, she sat at the sushi bar with us for two hours, waved at everyone and had a great time eating sticky rice and avocado!

A Wonderful First Easter

Layla's First Easter 2009 136

Our precious little bunny!

Layla's First Easter 2009 123 Layla's First Easter 2009 127

Layla's First Easter 2009 130 Layla's First Easter 2009 133

Layla's First Easter 2009 071

Layla’s first Easter basket!  It had lots of bath toys, a stuffed bunny, and bubbles for Layla.  A chocolate bunny, malted eggs, and jelly beans for Mommy and Daddy!

Layla's First Easter 2009 083

Easter morning!  Discovering the goodies in her basket!

 Layla's First Easter 2009 108 Layla's First Easter 2009 144

Layla with Nona and Daddy!  Layla loved the lemon tree at Karen and Marty’s!

Layla's First Easter 2009 114  Layla's First Easter 2009 145

Layla with Marcella and Jocelyn!  Not too sure about Eric!

Layla's First Easter 2009 157 Layla's First Easter 2009 162

With Great Nanny Lucy and Daddy too!

  Layla's First Easter 2009 170   Layla's First Easter 2009 152

With my Grandpa and Jocelyn!

Layla's First Easter 2009 172

The girls!

Layla's First Easter 2009 003Layla's First Easter 2009 010

So excited to be opening my bunny bag from my Auntie Nic!

 Layla's First Easter 2009 013

Such cute bunnies!

Layla’s First Easter Egg Hunt

Layla's First Easter 2009 049

Today we went the Keith and Mindy Scher’s house for their annual Easter Egg Hunt!  Layla put on her bunny ears and brought her custom Easter basket and was ready to go!

Layla's First Easter 2009 027 Layla's First Easter 2009 029 With Keith.                                                            With Daddy.

Layla's First Easter 2009 036

The group of hunters! Layla's First Easter 2009 040

With Cousin Alison.

Layla's First Easter 2009 042

Finding the first egg with Mommy!

Layla's First Easter 2009 051

Look at this!

Layla's First Easter 2009 065 

Layla and her loot!

Layla’s First Trip to The Wild Animal Park

WAP STONE BATH &  April 2 2009 058 (5)

Feeding the ducks at the Wild Animal Park lagoon!

WAP STONE BATH &  April 2 2009 058 (7)

Checking out the animals at the petting zoo with Auntie Nic!

WAP STONE BATH &  April 2 2009 058 (11)

Petting a deer in the petting zoo with Daddy!

WAP STONE BATH &  April 2 2009 058 (18)

Peek – a- boo!

WAP STONE BATH &  April 2 2009 058 (19)

Visiting the Lorakeets!

WAP STONE BATH &  April 2 2009 058 (29)

Layla will lead the way!  She ended up chewing up and ripping the map until it was no longer useable!  Oh well, she had fun and we found our way to the gift shop!

WAP STONE BATH &  April 2 2009 058 (32)

And of course you can not leave  your first visit  anywhere without a souvenir!  We saw lots of Rhinos so that’s what we decided to get!