More of Layla’s First Birthday Bash

Layla's First Birthday 006

Opening presents with Mommy, Daddy, and Auntie!

Layla's First Birthday 033

Tutu Cute!!

Layla's First Birthday 090

Layla's First Birthday 063

Beautiful Girl, (even with sun block in her eye, poor girl!)

Layla's First Birthday 071

The girls!  So happy to be Layla’s  Mommy!

Layla's First Birthday 070 

Mishel with Dayspring and Nicole.

Layla's First Birthday 093

Proud Papa and Nona!  What great smiles!

Layla's First Birthday 095

Family photo on party day!

Layla's First Birthday 037

Hangin’ with Gram!

Layla's First Birthday 044

Arden loved the balloons!

Layla's First Birthday 047

Layla with Great Poppy Eugene!

Layla's First Birthday 058

Mmmm Hawaiian Plate lunch!

Layla's First Birthday 061 

Layla giving Cormac some love!

Layla's First Birthday 066

Nona, Layla, and Auntie Courtney!

Layla's First Birthday 087

The Thomas’ (Carter and Kirra were my practice kids)

Layla's First Birthday 109 Layla's First Birthday 111

At first she wasn’t quite sure what to do!  She slowly got the hang of it!

Layla's First Birthday 115 Layla's First Birthday 120

Mmm!  Layla loved to share her cake, here she’s sharing with Great Nanny Lucy!

Layla's First Birthday 122 Layla's First Birthday 126

Sharing cake with Mommy and Papa!

Layla's First Birthday 130 Layla's First Birthday 136

Sharing my cake with Nona and Uncle Mark!

Layla's First Birthday 137

Sharing cake with Daddy.

Layla's First Birthday 150

Layla's First Birthday 152

Covered with cake!  Bath time!

Layla's First Birthday 158


Layla's First Birthday 162

Opening presents as the party winds down!

Layla's First Birthday 172 

Remodel Dry Wall 6-26-09 003

Tired out the day after party day!!

Happy First Birthday Layla Grace!

Layla's First Birthday 030

A wonderful day celebrating with friends and family!!  Layla Grace we love you more than you will ever know, all of the molecules and atoms in the entire universe!!  More pictures and stories about Layla’s first birthday and her party tomorrow!

Guy’s First Father’s Day!

We had a wonderful and very busy First Father’s Day weekend!  We started our Father’s Day Celebration with a surprise for Guy  I planned to have Layla’s hand print and foot print done for him with Posh Prints.  Her hand and foot were pressed into clay and will be painted pink, Labeled with her name and age and fired to create an adorable keepsake!  Guy was surprised, we are super excited to get her prints back!!

Fathers Day 2009 002

Fathers Day 2009 003

After the prints, Guy was off for an 80 minute massage!  NICE!!

Fathers Day 2009 007 Fathers Day 2009 025

Saturday afternoon we continued on Karen and Marty’s for a family birthday and Father’s Day barbeque celebration!!  Happy Birthday Nanny and Eric!!

Fathers Day 2009 013 Fathers Day 2009 021

Fathers Day 2009 024 Fathers Day 2009 036

With the family!  Michelle, Eric, Lauren, and Karen!

Fathers Day 2009 030

With Mommy and Daddy.  Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Fathers Day 2009 032

Happy Father’s Day Papa!  What a great picture!

Fathers day 2009 (2)

On Sunday, the actual Father’s Day, Guy wanted to go down to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market!  An absolutely amazing and beautiful market!!  Here Layla is enjoying an almond croissant!  MMmmm!   We gathered up the ingredients for a delicious dinner!!  Free Range chickens from Womach Ranch, beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers and some Rainer Cherries!

Fathers day 2009 (4)

Back at home Guy was playing with the remote to get the kid’s CD Nicole got him playing.  Ben Rudnick and Friends, A Frog Named Sam, The Grateful Dead of children’s bands!  See Layla trying to be like Daddy with another remote!!  Too cute!

Fathers day 2009 (7)

Hanging out in the yard while the chicken was on the rotisserie!  Layla wearing her “My Dad is Rad” T-shirt!

Fathers day 2009 (10)

Auntie Nicole made Guy a Frisbee with Layla’s handprint!

Fathers Day 2009 037

Passed out after a long and busy weekend!  Happy Father’s Day Guy, Sam, Charlie, and Eugene!  We love you all very much!!

Del Mar Fair 2009 and Layla’s First Pony Ride

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 002

On Saturday June 13th Guy and I took Layla to the Del Mar Fair for the first time!  We loved showing her the animals and the rides!!  She even enjoyed her first pony ride which was the cutest thing ever!

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 010 Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 004

A little rest in the beautiful garden exhibit and checking out a crazy ride with Daddy!

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 018

She wasn’t too sure about it at first, when the cowboy placed her on the pony she freaked a little until she realized mommy would be right there next to her! Layla ended up loving the movement of the ride and was in awe of the “Mocha” the pony.

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 022

I think Mom is having more fun!!

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 025

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 030

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 033

Seeing the little piglet.  He was making the cutest “oinking” sounds!

Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 034


Layla's first trip to the Del Mar Fair June 13th 2009 041

Cute baby goats!

Layla’s Play Kitchen!

Aunts Day 2009 and Aquarium June 11 2009 014

For her first birthday, Layla got the cutest play kitchen ever!  Yes, it is a little early but it was a sample item from the toy buyer at Price Smart.  It went up for auction, Guy took a picture of it with his cell phone, sent it to me and as soon as I saw it I told him to win it!!  He won and got it for a great price!  I love playing in Layla’s play kitchen with her!  I never had a play kitchen as a child and I am making up for lost time!  We have a blast together loading the dishwasher and answering the phone, it is always daddy, of course!

Aunts Day 2009 and Aquarium June 11 2009 012

Happy Aunt’s Day Nicole!

Aunts Day 2009 and Aquarium June 11 2009 009

The first Sunday in June, from now, until forever, will  be known as “Aunt’s Day!”  We celebrated Auntie Nic with champagne brunch at Jake’s Del Mar!   Dave, Val, Grandpa, and Nona were there to celebrate with us!  We had a wonderful day celebrating the best Aunt ever!!  We love you Nicole!

Aunts Day 2009 and Aquarium June 11 2009 007

11 Months Old, Plus a Little

Layla 11mos old 004

The 11 month old post is a bit delayed because we were all sick with a nasty cold!!  Here are some recent pictures and adventures!

Here she is fresh and clean on her 11 month old birthday!!  She still loves her time in the tub!

Layla 11mos old 002

Eleven month old toes/feet, so much bigger than months ago but still tiny!

Layla late May early June 2009 003 Layla late May early June 2009 006

Layla loves a good snuggle with her daddy and her Louis!  Awww!

Layla late May early June 2009 010

Even at 11 months, you can still have a bad hair day!!

On Tuesday June 2nd Layla visited her soon to retire Grandpa in his high school classroom at Ramona High!

Layla late May early June 2009 012

Layla late May early June 2009 013

Layla late May early June 2009 016

We even hung out in the teachers lounge! 

We are busy planning Layla’s first birthday party and getting excited for our first trip on an airplane.  We will be going to Boston and New York at the end of June!!  We are looking forward to an exciting summer!