Summer Fun so Far!

Beach Picnic July 09 026

We have been having a great summer so far!  The San Diego Zoo, Sea World, beach picnic, Day Break at Del Mar Race Track, swimming…  You just can’t beat summer time in San Diego!

Photo shoot Layla July 21 2009 005

Photo shoot Layla July 21 2009 041

A Layla photo shoot Tuesday July 21st

Beach Picnic July 09 003 Beach Picnic July 09 009

Beach Picnic July 09 015 Beach Picnic July 09 020

Beach Picnic July 09 033

Beach dinner picnic with David and Valerie Mequet on Friday July 10th.

Beach Picnic July 09 060

Beach Picnic July 09 066 Beach Picnic July 09 068

Beach Picnic July 09 083

Beach Picnic July 09 094

Playing in the pool trying to keep cool!!

Beach Picnic July 09 114

Beach Picnic July 09 125 Beach Picnic July 09 119 Beach Picnic July 09 122

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle a Sculpture Garden at Kit Carson Park.  June 15th.

Beach Picnic July 09 133

Getting ready to swim at Great Nanny Lucy’s house!

July 25th and 26th 2009 005 

July 25th and 26th 2009 006

Saturday swim make-up lesson with Arden at Murray Callan Swim School on July 25th !  Giving each other kisses, how cute!


Layla and Arden Swim (5) 

Layla and Arden Swim (7) Layla and Arden Swim (6)

Layla and Arden swim!  Thursday June 23rd!

 July 25 2009 005

Sea World!  Pets Rule show Friday June 24th!  Layla loved all of the doggies! “Dados”

July 25 2009 006

Shark encounter with Auntie Nic at Sea World!

July 25 2009 009

July 25 2009 038

July 25 2009 045

July 25 2009 069

Day Break at Del Mar, a breakfast buffet while watching the horses train!   With  Layla’s peeps, David, Valerie, and Nicole and of course Myself and Guy!  Layla seen here in the last picture getting to pet “Sea Biscuit”  The actual horse who played Sea Biscuit in the movie!

13 Months Old!

July 25 2009 113

Layla is now thirteen months old!  How time flies!  She had her one year baby well visit when we got home from New York on July 7th.  Layla weighed 18 pounds and 12 ounces which places her in the 15th percentile for weight.  She is 28 and 1/2 inches in length or height, however you want to look at it, which places her in the 32nd percentile.  Layla also got her fifth tooth right around the time she turned 13 months, it is the bottom tooth to the left of the two front bottom teeth!

July 25 2009 090

She is talking up a storm but not yet walking.  The words she is saying are:

dada, mama, doggie (dado), duck, up, bye bye, uh oh, papa, that, baba, no, and yeah, hello, but only when she is playing with the phone, and Layla.  Her little voice is absolutely adorable!  She is also using some sign language.  Some of the signs she is using are: please, thank you, all done.  She waves hello and bye bye and she loves to clap, and give high fives!  We are also working on a fist bump to go with the high five!   She is really starting to dance and is learning to do the “roll it” part of “pat a cake.” July 25 2009 111

Layla knows many of her body parts and can point them out on herself and some on others as well.  She knows her head, feet, nose, hands, tummy, toes, and belly button!  We are working on arms, legs, knees, ears, eyes and elbows.

Layla continues to be a very easy little girl!  She brings so many smiles and happiness to everyone!  We are so lucky!

July 25 2009 084

Layla loves to climb!!

Our Trip to New York City July 2nd Through 6th 2009

We took a four hour train from Boston to Penn Station in New York on July 2nd.  Waiting for us in New York were Nona, Papa, David, Valerie, and Dave T.  We even got to see Mike and Elizabeth Dougherty!  We had a great trip!  We love New York!

Boston NYC July 2009 201

On July third the whole group of us, Guy, Layla, Nicole, My Dad, Donna, David, Valerie, and I went to the Statue of Liberty.  We took the ferry to Liberty Island and got the opportunity to go inside of the Statue of Liberty, a rare opportunity only available to those with pre purchased tickets.  It was amazing!

Boston NYC July 2009 191

Layla’s  peeps!  Most  of the core group all together on the other side of the country!

Boston NYC July 2009 206

Layla and I on Liberty Island.

Boston NYC July 2009 223

Lady Liberty’s original torch which is kept inside of her base.

Boston NYC July 2009 234

Up the stairs inside of the statue.

Boston NYC July 2009 244

A beautiful view of Manhattan!

Boston NYC July 2009 249

Another amazing view rarely seen!

Boston NYC July 2009 251

What a wonderful experience to share with family!  Thank you for getting the tickets Donna!!

Boston NYC July 2009 268

Guy and the Ladies, Layla, Lady Liberty, and I!

Boston NYC July 2009 283

After a long hot day at The Statue of Liberty we went to Little Italy to have the world’;s best pizza!  Lombardi’s  Mmmmmmm!  It doesn’t get any better!


Boston NYC July 2009 291

After Lombardi’s, because we didn’t have a full enough day, we took Layla to American Girl Place!  Layla got her very first baby doll, a Bitty Baby.  She pointed at the box our personal shopper picked up, the doll was taken out of the box and given to Layla.  She instantly hugged the doll and patted her back.  It was the cutest, sweetest  thing in the world.  So cute it made me cry!  She loves her Bitty Baby!  We had to also buy baby some extra outfits, bibs, and a burp cloth!  I think Nicole and I had more fun than most of the little girls in the store!

 Boston NYC July 2009 285

Gathering up outfits and accessories at American Girl!

Boston NYC July 2009 295

The Toy soldier at FAO!

Boston NYC July 2009 298

On the train to Coney Island on the Fourth of July!

Boston NYC July 2009 301

Layla and Guy in front of where the Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest takes place!

Boston NYC July 2009 322

The girls at Nathan’s

Boston NYC July 2009 327

On the boardwalk at Coney Island!

Boston NYC July 2009 339

Boston NYC July 2009 346

On the Cylclone with my dad. He grew up going on this roller coaster. It was the first one my Grandma ever took him on. We both love roller coasters and used to go to Magic Mountain together the two of us every year so it was a blast to be able to share this experience with my dad! What a coaster too, it beats the hell out of you!!

Boston NYC July 2009 365

Waiting for the Nathan’s Ht dog eating contest to begin!

 Boston NYC July 2009 380

Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi on the big screen powering down hotdogs during the contest!

Boston NYC July 2009 385

On the Wonder Wheel ferris wheel with my dad, Guy and Layla. I hate Ferris wheels but again my dad grew up going on this with his dad because my grandpa wouldn’t do the Cyclone roller coaster. Another experience I was happy to share with my dad, my husband and my daughter! What a view the Atlantic and the boardwalk and in the other direction the Manhattan skyline! Wow!

Boston NYC July 2009 393

Boston NYC July 2009 398

Times Square on the Fourth of July!  I love New York!

Boston NYC July 2009 410

Mimosas on Sunday morning in a bar in SOHO, everyone in the bar, waitresses and bartender loved Layla!

Boston NYC July 2009 413

Boston NYC July 2009 418

Our picnic in Central Park – The Rambles. Guy, Nicole, Layla, and I went to Dean and Deluca in Soho and spent a ridiculous amount on delicious goodies for a picnic in Central Park with my dad, Donna, and Mike and Elizabeth my dad’s best friend from High School and college and his wife! It was a beautiful day for an awesome picnic!

Boston NYC July 2009 423

Daddy and Layla in Central Park

Boston NYC July 2009 458

The Team!

Boston NYC July 2009 468

chillaxing, Layla passed out in the park after a very full day!

Boston NYC July 2009 488

So tired, such a little trooper!

Boston NYC July 2009 493

The Girls relaxing in Central Park! To bad we had to get on a plane the next day!! I love NYC, can’t wait to go back!!

Beach Picnic July 09 144

We all do!!  We can’t wait to go back!!

Our Trip to Boston June/July 2009

On July 27th Guy, Nicole, Layla, and I left for Boston.  Guy had work for 3 days then we went to New York!  We had a wonderful time in Boston, a great city with great seafood!

Boston NYC July 2009 005

Feeding the ducks in the Boston Commons

Boston NYC July 2009 014

The Public Gardens in the Boston Commons

Boston NYC July 2009 020

Boston commons Swan Boat Lake

Boston NYC July 2009 028 Boston NYC July 2009 035 

Layla and Mommy at the Robert McCloskey Duck sculpture in the Commons.

Boston NYC July 2009 063

The Boston Children’s Museum!  A wonderful children’s museum!

Boston NYC July 2009 075

The Boston Children’s Museum

Boston NYC July 2009 091

The Boston Children’s Museum

Boston NYC July 2009 097

A tour of Fenway Park!  Go SOX!

Boston NYC July 2009 157

The public meeting building where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the public of Boston. I is read here every year on the Fourth of July at 10am!

Boston NYC July 2009 164

Layla and Auntie Nic on our Freedom Trail Walking Historical Tour

Boston NYC July 2009 167 

A cold rainy day in The Boston Commons

Boston NYC July 2009 178

Mommy and Layla in the Boston Commons

Boston NYC July 2009 570

On the steps of one of the libraries at Harvard in Cambridge!  We plan on taking this photo again in seventeen years when Layla moves in after acceptance!! 

Boston NYC July 2009 573 

Harvard again, beautiful brick buildings!

Beach Picnic July 09 140

Layla wearing her new Harvard gear after what looks like a rough night!!  Look at that crazy hair!!!

Boston NYC July 2009 184

Our Amtrak Train from Boston to New York!  Layla’s First real train, not counting the subway in Boston.

New York blog update and pictures coming soon!