Today’s Beach Photo Shoot

September 13th 2009

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 066

Sandy baby feet are the cutest!

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 042

Life guard tower number one

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 046

Layla feels the sand between her toes, she’s not too sure at first!

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 053

Layla checking surf!

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 059

My two favorite people!

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 064

Layla and Guy

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 079

Layla and Mommy!

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 084

Waiting for a little wave!

Layla Sept 11 -13 2009 086

Happy to have our feet in the ocean!

Labor Day Weekend Pig Roast at The Mequet’s

Every Labor Day weekend we enjoy a great party at David and Valerie’s beautiful home!  The guys get up at 5 am and start the fire in the pit for the roasting of the pig!  The unveiling of the pig happens around 6pm and is always fun to watch!  We had a great time, as always!  Great food, great people!

pig roast 2009   035 pig roast 2009   040

Anxiously awaiting the digging up and unveiling of the pig!

pig roast 2009   048

Pig is out of the hole!  Soon Guy and Layla will dive in!

pig roast 2009   054

Mmmmmmm PIG!!  Layla loved it!

pig roast 2009   074 

Layla, taking a break from the pig and giving Elmo a ride around Dave and Val’s beautiful property on her pink princess SUV!

pig roast 2009   077 pig roast 2009   078

Too CUTE!!!

pig roast 2009   089

Guy, Nicole, and Sean!

pig roast 2009   092

MMmmmmm PIG!!  David and Guy enjoying as they shred the meat, getting it ready for tacos!

pig roast 2009   101

The Zavodny Girls helping in the kitchen!

pig roast 2009   109

No Pig Roast would be complete without shots of tequila!

pig roast 2009   117

At the end of the night we enjoyed a live acoustic set by Brett, Mark, and Deblois.

Ziggy Marley Family Time Concert at The San Diego Children’s Museum

Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 034

Ziggy Marley!!  So great!  We had a great shady spot and enjoyed a great show!  He played great children’s songs from his “Family Time” album as well as some of his and his dad’s hits!  We were lucky enough to hear Ziggy’s “Love is My Religion”  and Bob Marley’s “3 Little Birds,” and “Redemption Song.”  a precious and very special memory is when Layla fell asleep in my arms to me dancing and singing along to “3 Little Birds.” What a beautiful day!  And, Love IS MY Religion!

Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 014

Layla trying on Daddy’s hat!  Too Cute!

Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 017

The Girls!

Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 023

Dancing and snuggling with mommy!

Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 028

Dancing and Snuggling with Daddy!

Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 021

Watching the show with “Ahta” (Auntie Nic)


Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 042


Ziggy Marley September 5 2009 036

and since it is Family time, we are assuming that these are his beautiful wife and adorable daughter Judah.  Both of whom danced and sang along on stage!

Tutu Photo Shoot

Today (September 2nd 2009) I took Layla to The Picture People to get pictures of her in her tutus.  How cute is she?!?!?


This is Guy’s favorite.  We may have to look at ordering another of the Woodland Fairy Tutu poses!  She is the most adorable Woodland Fairy!


This is the tutu we ordered for her first birthday!


Layla goes to the Park

Sept. 1 2009 park playdate 002

It was a fun day, Layla rode her princess SUV, the teeter-totter, the swing, and played in the sand!  It was also the last place we saw her cute pink flowered shoes!  I am a bit heartbroken about the shoes but it was a fun day none-the-less!  How cute is she on her princess SUV!

Sept. 1 2009 park playdate 006

Sept. 1 2009 park playdate 012

Sept. 1 2009 park playdate 016

Her first ride on a teeter-totter!

Sept. 1 2009 park playdate 025

Fun in the sand!