Bates Nut Farm 2009

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 024

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 028

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 062

LOVE pumpkin patch pictures!

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 019 

The “Team” went to Bates Nut Farm to pick out our pumpkins, a family tradition on Saturday October 10th bright and early, the only way to do Bates!

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 002

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 005

So much fun!

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 007

Silly Girls!

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 015 

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 035

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 043 Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 050

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 054

I take this picture every year!  Guy pushing our haul!

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 099

This year we added a hay ride to our list of to do’s at Bates!

Bates Nut Farm Oct. 2009 104

A tired girl snuggles with her “Ahta”

15 Months Old!

Layla 15 month old photo shoot 010 

On September 25th Layla turned 15 months old, not yet walking, talking like crazy, 6 teeth, and still a happy and content little girl!  Layla is obsessed with Elmo and Abby from Sesame Street and loves her Dados (doggies).  At her 15 month baby well check up on October 8th she weighed 19 pounds and 2 ounces, which places her in the 5th percentile, petit little princess!  She is 29 and 1/2 inches in height which places her in the 23rd percentile for height. 

Layla 15 month old photo shoot 001

Layla 15 month old photo shoot 002


Layla 15 month old photo shoot 014

Her 15 month photos were taken at David and Valerie Mequet’s beautiful home in Vista!

Mid West Mom and Daughter Adventure

On October first Layla and I took a trip to Wisconsin to see old high school friends of mine from many years ago!!  It was cold but a blast!  We flew into Chicago rented a car and drove in the pouring rain in the dark all the way to Brookfield, Wisconsin.  What a crazy thing to do but we did it and had a great time!

Wisconsin 023

All bundled up and ready to go out into the cold!

Wisconsin 026

Jen and I after about 15 years!!  It was so great to catch up with great friends!


Wisconsin 027 

Beth’s daughter Molly, Jen A’s daughter Jolie, and Jen V’s daughter Sophia.  So crazy we all had girls first!

Wisconsin 034

Here’s Molly giving Layla a ride!  Layla had  blast at the barbeque on Friday night, the older girls spent the whole night pushing her around on Calum’s airplane toy!  Molly, Jolie, and Sophia were so great with her and she absolutely loved them!

 Wisconsin 033

The gang on Friday night (minus one, Carrie flaked) Me, Diana, Jen V., Beth, and Jen A.

On Saturday we took the kids to Basses Pumpkin patch!

Wisconsin 037 Wisconsin 040 Wisconsin 043 Wisconsin 048

Layla and Sophia

Wisconsin 053

Molly, Jolie, and Sophia

Wisconsin 061

Silly us!  Me, Jen V., Jen A., and Beth!

Wisconsin 064


Wisconsin 068

Layla and I having fun going down the slide!

Wisconsin 094 

I love this picture of the two of us!

Wisconsin 097

Us with our kiddos!

Wisconsin 099

Layla and I with Holy Hill in the background, a very famous church on a very high hill!


Wisconsin 100

My old High School

Wisconsin 124 Wisconsin 131

I had to get pictures of Layla in a corn field before leaving Wisconsin!

On Monday I decided to drive back to Chicago.  We were flying out on Tuesday afternoon but I knew I did not want to do the drive and the flight in one day, AND Layla and I wanted to hit the American Girl Place in Chicago!  I was also hoping for a reservation at one of Rick Bayless’ restaurants!

Wisconsin 151

Here’s Layla on our way down the Miracle Mile toward the American Girl Doll store!

Wisconsin 153

American Girl Place Chicago on the Miracle Mile!

Wisconsin 158 Wisconsin 160

Wisconsin 162

Wisconsin 163

Walking back with our loot from the American Girl store!

 Wisconsin 168

On Tuesday morning we got up and walked to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, before it opened we shared a delicious pumpkin muffin from a vender at a beautiful farmer’s market right outside of the museum!

Wisconsin 170

After the museum and before heading to the airport, we had lunch reservations at Rick Bayless’ Frontera Grill restaurant was fabulous but little did I know my little girl had an ear infection, maybe why she looks so miserable in this picture! Still she was a trooper on the plane ride home with a fever and an ear infection!

Wisconsin 171

Walking back to the hotel in the rain after lunch to head off to fly home!!  Finally I decided to get a cab!  It was a great trip!!  Very fun to travel with my daughter!  I look forward to our next adventure!!

Catching up, Here’s our Costa Rica Trip from Mid September!

We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica, Guy had Annual Year Beginning meetings and Layla and I tagged along for the adventure!  This was Layla’s first international trip and the  first stamp on her passport (my first stamp was also Costa Rica!)

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip!

Costa Rica September 2009 001

On one of the first days while Guy was in meetings I taught Layla a very important lesson, one which every girl needs to know.  How to stake out a good chase lounge pool side!

Costa Rica September 2009 009

Layla crashed after some sun and some splashing in the pool!  Mommy got some much needed quite pool time reading magazines!

Costa Rica September 2009 013 Costa Rica September 2009 014

Costa Rica September 2009 017 

The second day of our trip Layla and I had a driver from the Butterfly Farm come pick us up for a tour!  We saw beautiful butterflies in amazing colors!The blue butterfly is the Morphos,the butterfly Costa Rica is most famous for, the brown butterflies with the large round spot is the Owl butterfly.  In the last photo two butterflies are mating.

 Costa Rica September 2009 022

Here we are all dressed up at the Price Smart annual awards dinner!


After Guy was finished working we headed out with the Kovaleski family to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, a wildlife refuge and park!  We had a blast, hiked saw butterflies, monkeys, had the opportunity to have toucans land on our shoulders, which was quite an experience!

Costa Rica September 2009 032 Costa Rica September 2009 048

Guy with a toucan on his shoulder.  His photo does not show the fear like the following picture does!

Costa Rica September 2009 054

I was freaked out!  It shows!  I was afraid it would chomp on to Layla’s tender little ear or mine!

Costa Rica September 2009 066

Costa Rica September 2009 078 Costa Rica September 2009 084

Costa Rica September 2009 092 Costa Rica September 2009 095

Poisonous frogs.  Green poison frog and the red strawberry poison frog.

Costa Rica September 2009 104 Costa Rica September 2009 107 Costa Rica September 2009 116

We took a beautiful hike down to see beautiful waterfalls!

Costa Rica September 2009 117 Costa Rica September 2009 128 Costa Rica September 2009 135  Costa Rica September 2009 149 Costa Rica September 2009 174

 Costa Rica September 2009 178

On one of our Last days in Costa Rica we enjoyed a beautiful day at the pool at the hotel!

Costa Rica September 2009 194 Costa Rica September 2009 204

Costa Rica September 2009 218 Costa Rica September 2009 223

Costa Rica September 2009 259 Costa Rica September 2009 264

Costa Rica September 2009 271

On the way home we had a few hour lay over in Houston, we went to the Presidents club where Layla made some important calls!!

All in all it was a successful trip!  We had  great time and can’t wait for our next international family adventure!