Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful and very busy holiday season this year!  It seems ever since we moved back into our remodeled Nevada Street home we have been going, planning and celebrating!  Layla loved the Christmas lights, saying “HO HO HO,” and unwrapping presents!  We had a blast watching her have so much fun!  Here are a ton of pictures of a very fun Christmas!

Holiday of Lights at the Del Mar Fair Grounds

One of our family traditions is to bundle up, as much as is necessary in Southern California and go to the Del Mar Fair Grounds to see The Holiday of Lights set up on the infield of the race track!  We always stop at Starbucks and get hot chocolate on our way!  This year Layla got to enjoy her own hot chocolate and even drive the car around the race track while enjoying the lights!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 036

Layla is dressed in her jammies accessorized by the adorable penguin hat and scarf her Nonna got for her!  She also insisted on bringing the Grinch to the Holiday of Lights, maybe she was trying to show him some Christmas cheer!!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 038

Layla always lets us know she or anyone else is wearing a hat!  She pats her head and says, “Hat!”

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 042

Layla even got to drive the car with daddy!!  She had a blast, she pressed every button and pulled every knob!  It took me days to figure out how to get everything back to the way I like it!  You can see some of the fun lights in the background!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 043

That smirk says it all!!  “I know I am doing something that I am not supposed to do but boy it this fun!”

Layla got a visit from The Scher family and was able to practice her gift unwrapping skills a few days before Christmas!  It took her a few minutes to figure it out, but boy when she did, she knew exactly what to do!

Xmas 2009 154

A bit unsure at first…

Xmas 2009 156

after a minute or so… she definitely go the hang of it!

Xmas 2009 158

Awww… Her very own Raggedy Ann Doll!  A must for every little girl!  I know I had many and loved them right down to the sewn on heart on the chest that says, “I love you.”

Xmas 2009 002 

Silly reindeer!

Xmas 2009 012 All bundled up for our morning walk with the dogs!  Notice the sun shining!  It was probably only in the high 60’s.  She looks adorable none-the-less!

Xmas 2009 015

We had the privilege of watching Ella, our neighbor Sean and Val’s baby when they went to a holiday party.  Layla absolutely loves Ella!  She had a blast and even helped give her a bottle!  She will make a wonderful big sister one day!


We always go to my dad and Donna’s house for an Italian feast on Christmas Eve.  We eat a huge antipasti, pasta with olive oil and garlic “aglio olio” and sea food, an Italian tradition!  Layla loved the pasta!  Grandpa Eugene, Nanny Lucy, Nicole, and my brother Dustin joined us!

Xmas 2009 196 Xmas 2009 199 Donna Cam Xmas 124

Xmas 2009 183


Xmas 2009 186

I think my dad and Donna have every singing and dancing Hallmark Christmas snowman, penguin, and dog that have ever been made, thank goodness Layla loved them.  She knew exactly how to turn each and every one on and she even danced along!

Xmas 2009 192

Layla in front of Nonna and Papa’s Christmas tree, a beautiful sunset in the back ground!  Thank you dad and donna for hosting a wonderful meal and time with family!

Another one of our traditions is to drive Storybook Lane in Rancho Penasquitos on our way home from my parents!  This year it was about 9:30 and it was PACKED!!  This neighborhood is famous for having blocks and blocks of houses completely decked out with Christmas lights!  We had a blast, Layla had fun too,  We even spotted a house with a Sesame Street theme which of course made her happy!!

Later that night… 

at Santa’s Workshop…

Donna Cam Xmas 127

one of Santa’s little helpers put together Layla’s awesome tricycle from Nonna and Papa!  The tricycle rocks but the directions for how to put it together, not so much!!  I guess this will be the first of many Christmas Eves where we are putting together and building the toys while “the children are all nestled snug in their beds…”

Christmas Morning

We had a great, fun, and relaxing Christmas morning watching Layla open her presents and hosting Christmas brunch for Nicole, Dustin, My dad and Donna!  Thank you all for making it such a special Christmas morning!Donna Cam Xmas 131 Donna Cam Xmas 135

 Donna Cam Xmas 144 Donna Cam Xmas 147

Donna Cam Xmas 153 Donna Cam Xmas 154  Donna Cam Xmas 166

Donna Cam Xmas 162

Xmas 2009 220 Xmas 2009 221 Xmas 2009 203

Xmas 2009 211    Xmas 2009 215Xmas 2009 217  Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 047 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 050 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 052 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 055 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 061

 Xmas 2009 228Xmas 2009 230    Xmas 2009 232

Layla made out!  She got a Mr. Potato Head, ABC and 123 flash cards, placemats, an art easel with white board, chalkboard, and roll of paper, and a kit with chalk, paints pint cups brushes and a roll of paper.  She also got a tricycle, an adorable pink and white polka dot arm chair, just her size with her name on it, her own purse with a pretend cell phone, lipstick, atm card, mirror and car keys.  She also got pots and pans for her play kitchen, a sushi set for her play kitchen, a wooden tool set, an apron, a new clean Elmo, bibs, and Elmo jammies, an Elmo ornament, books, a new doll and clothes!  We have so much fun playing with all of it!!  It was a blast! 

We had a beautiful brunch!  Guy made 2 quiche, a veggie one for me and a traditional Quiche Loraine.  I have to take some credit, I did make the pie crusts!  He also made homemade breakfast sausage and his delicious blueberry sour cream muffins, mmmmm!  Nicole made a delicious potato pie with greyer cheese, I made a fruit salad because you should have at least one healthy thing on Christmas morning, right?  And lots and lots of Mimosas and cappuccinos!  It was a great morning, it always is!

After Brunch…

We went to see Janet, Guy and Nicole’s Mom and Layla’s Grandma J

Xmas 2009 236

Layla seems to understand how to sit on Grandma J’s lap, she doesn’t squirm she hangs out and is always mellow!  Janet is getting much better with her now that she is getting a bit older and can help hold her self on her lap. We are so grateful that Janet gets to be a part of Layla’s life!

Xmas 2009 238

Awww, kisses for Grandma J!

Xmas 2009 240

The Team and the Mayor!


18 Months old

Christmas is Layla’s half birthday.  June 25th is exactly 6 months from Christmas!  So every Christmas we also celebrate Layla’s half birthday!  I bake a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and cut it in half!  When I started this tradition last year, I figured red velvet was festive for Christmas!  I bring half of a cake over to Christmas dinner and we sing half of “Happy Birthday and this year Layla blew out one and a half candles!  18 months old, 1 and a 1/2 already!

Xmas 2009 250 

This years dress looked adorable on her!

Xmas 2009 270 Xmas 2009 271 Xmas 2009 275 Xmas 2009 278 Xmas 2009 286  

Our family!  Merry Christmas!

Xmas 2009 294

Here is Layla’s half cake with one and a half candles!

Xmas 2009 300

Mmmm red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!  DEE LISH!

Xmas 2009 304

Guy, Sheila Mishel, Nicole, Layla, and Dustin!

The Charger game was on during Christmas dinner so most of the guys watched the game, the rest of us took turns entertaining Layla and playing Balderdash, a super fun board game that my cousin Lauren made us play but we are so glad we did it was so fun and funny too! We had a very Merry Christmas!  We hope you did too!  Love from the Zavodnys!

Xmas 2009 335 Xmas 2009 356

and of course thank you for all of the gifts and quality time with family and friends!

Layla Loves Going to Her Friends’ Birthday Parties!

Jillian’s 3rd Birthday Party

On December 19th we went to Jillian’s 3rd back yard birthday party!  Layla enjoyed the juice boxes, hotdogs, and the jumpy too!!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 018

The picture is such a great picture!  Her first “juice bag”  Capri Sun.  She had fun with it!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 020

Holding it, squeezing it, the straw, how could you not have fun, it’s juice in a bag!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 021

I think she even had her first hotdog at Jillian’s birthday party!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 023


Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 026

Layla LOVED the jumpy!  She had a blast.  We took turns going in with her of course but she would tire us out!  IT was also scary with the other kids bouncing around, they didn’t quite get the whole, “hey guys there’s a baby in the jumpy can you not jump for just a minute.”  Oh well, Layla had fun on her few rounds of bouncing!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 024 

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 028

Daddy all tired out!!

ARDEN’S 2nd Birthday Party

On January 2nd we went to Arden’s Cupcake themed 2nd birthday party at Lake Poway!  Layla got to decorate and eat her own cupcake and play with her best friend while celebrating her birthday!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 063

She needed a little help at first, but once she remembered “shake it, shake it baby” she was all set!  I had to help guide her hand over the cupcake a bit but other than that she nailed the cupcake decorating! 

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 066 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 067

Mmmmm, they were good!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 068 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 069 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 071 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 072 

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 076

We enjoyed some family playtime at the park while at the party!  Arden even joined us for a few turns down the slide!  Layla loves the slide, she hops off at the bottom, says “yea,” claps, then says, mo (More) mo (more).  And we do it all again, and again, and again!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 078

Here is Arden with her piñata, she seemed torn about beating the cute cupcake piñata though!

 Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 083

Layla and Guy had fun picking up candy from the piñata.  Guy kept trying to steer her towards the “good candy!”

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 084

She was pretty serious!  Maybe she thought she was cleaning up!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 086

What a great picture of Daddy and his little girl.  A perfect shot to end the day!  Thanks for inviting us to your 2nd birthday party Arden, we had a wonderful time!!