Valentine’s Day 2010

Roses are red, violets are blue.                                                                                                    Layla wants you to know,                                                                                                           how much she loves you!                                                                                                     Happy Valentines Day!Vday 2010 076

This is the photo we used for this year’s Valentine’s.

Vday 2010 088 

Another great one!  This photo shoot was Guy’s idea  The black and white floor in Layla’s bathroom looks awesome with the red rose petals!  Great job babe!Review 206

Layla was waiting for her “Ahta” to come over!  Sitting in her cute little chair from Aunt Donna and Aunt Carol!

Review 214

Ahta brought special Valentine’s surprises!  Layla got little farm animal stamps that are easy for her little hands to use, a super cute, how “I love you”  is said around the world pop up book and play dough(which we will not bring out again until Layla is at least two!)  Ahta also brought the super cute doggie Valentine’s I love you balloon!  We think the balloon was cursed though because it lost air rapidly then just vanished?!?  Maybe one of the dogs drug it out the doggie door?  Maybe it just floated out of the dining room, through the breeze way and into the sky  We don’t know?

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My dad, Donna, Nicole, and Dustin all joined us for a wonderful Valentine’s Day meal!  For our family Valentine’s Day is a difficult day, one where being surrounded by family helps, red wine and good food don’t hurt either!  My dad and I made linguini with clam sauce!  Guy made homemade bread and a spinach salad with his homemade bacon and a homemade balsamic dressing!  Donna made delicious lemon bars.  Mmmm!

Review 232 Review 234 Review 241 Review 242

Thank you to our family for making this day special!  We love you all and are so lucky to have you in our lives!

Layla has More Adventures with Food

Xmas 2009 022

Some of our favorite photo opportunities are those where Layla is trying a new food for the first time or just that she is enjoying something so much she’s got it all over herself!  Here she is enjoying some tomato soup and grilled cheese, one of our favorite dinners on a cold or rainy or sick night!

Xmas 2009 023

Xmas 2009 027

If it has a bone you can pick it up right?  Here Layla is enjoying her very first pick up the pork chop experience!  She loved it!  and so did Guy, a girl after his own heart!  These are classic pictures!

Xmas 2009 028

Mmmm, get after it!

Christmas 2009 and Arden's 2nd Birthday Party 045

Pho!  We love to go out for Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup, Layla enjoys it too!  What could be more fun than tons of rice noodles and yummy broth, right?  Here she is slurping down some Pho!


Review 037

Cake for Papa’s Birthday on January 13th at the San Marcos Brewery!

Review 042

Ice cream with Ahta for Nicole’s schools  Mc Donald’s Night Fund Raiser!!  Layla has been to Mc Donald’s twice in her entire life, once per year for Auntie Nic’s School fundraiser!

Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 023 Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 025 Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 028

Pizza at Knockout!  Mmmm, New York style thin crust by the slice, life does not get much better than that!Days 1 355 Days 1 359 Days 1 360

Jelly Face!!

Vday 2010 002 Vday 2010 004 Vday 2010 008

Layla loves apples too!  She can’t quite handle an entire apple but she sure does try!  It is not all cake, ice cream, and pork!!

Layla’s favorites right now are ham, which she says in the cutes little way, “Ham!!” almost sounds like she has a little accent  She also loves eggs!  If you ask her what she wants to eat, the response is usually ham or eggs!!  Sometimes she’ll surprise you with “cheese.”  She calls tofu, “toe tu!” and loves to eat the broccoli that Nonna grows!  We give her yogurt, pudding, and ice cream for a treat occasionally and for some reason she thinks that all three of these are finger paints!  She dumps them out of their container or bowl and smears them into her placemat or the dining room table!  Then again, she dumps everything off her plate once she decides she is finished!  “All done!”

19 Months Old

Vday 2010 061

Vday 2010 065 Vday 2010 068

On January 25th 2010 Little Layla turned 19 months old!  She is running around, talking up a storm, and knows what she wants!  One of her favorite words is NO!  But she says it with personality, as she shakes her head side to side she says “No, uh uh” or “No, mm, mm,”  it is too cute.  Layla remains the happy, fun, easy going little girl she has always been! 

Mopping the floor with Danelia when she comes to clean the house is definitely a favorite activity. 

reading books is also a love of hers! 

Xmas 2009 018 Xmas 2009 019

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of this yet, but I will work on it, Layla loves to put purses on her arm (like Mommy) and carries shopping bags around with her(Nordstrom’s bags are a hit.)  When I am getting dressed in our closet (yes, it is that big now) Layla likes to get into the shopping bags, she puts them on her shoulders and walks around!  It is funny to watch, I guess she is just mimicking Mommy:)!

We go to the Calrsbad Library every Monday for Toddler Time and every Tuesday for Movers and Shakers and each week we check out about 15 new library books (not that she doesn’t have TONS of books of her own or anything) and she absolutely loves to choose, check out and read her library books. 

February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 001

February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 003 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 006

February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 005

When I tell her we are going to the library she gets very excited and says “books, Layla books!” and of course she just loves all of the people that love her.  She likes to name the people who love her, it is always amazing to us that she names them in the pairs they belong in, like “Mommy, Daddy, and Nonna, Papa, and Nanny, Poppy.  “Ahta” (Auntie Nicole) is always said with excitement and emphasis, and she just adores her Uncle Dustin too!  She is also really starting to adore kids her age and babies too!  She can’t get enough of baby Ella, next door and loves our play dates with our moms group.  We also love spending time with Arden!  Recently we went to Lake Poway to feed the ducks with Arden!

Layla and Arden Ducks Jan 8 2010 (23)

Layla and Arden Ducks Jan 8 2010 (1)

 Layla and Arden Ducks Jan 8 2010 (8)  

Layla and Arden Ducks Jan 8 2010 (21) 

Feeding the ducks at Lake Poway with Arden Friday January, 8th.  The two of them are so cute together!  They get along so well!  They hug, hold hands, and play, it is adorable to watch!  It is so fun to be a mom right along side my high school best friend!  Thanks Courtney, I love you!

Xmas 2009 160 

Xmas 2009 168 Xmas 2009 173

Xmas 2009 174 Xmas 2009 177

Xmas 2009 164

Layla loves the bath and has discovered that splashing is a blast!!

We celebrated Papa’s birthday with him a couple different ways!  Since he is retired now, we got to meet him for lunch on his birthday, we met at The San Marco’s Brewery, enjoyed lunch and received a huge piece of chocolate cake!!  Layla loved the cake, chocolate ganache, and the whipped cream!  We even brought Papa an Elmo Happy Birthday balloon.  The next time papa came over, the Sunday following his birthday, he brought the balloon back for Layla. Every time she saw it she pointed to it and said “Papa!”

Review 037

We also had a birthday celebration at our house for my dad, the only bummer was that it was the day the Chargers lost and were no longer in the playoffs.  It seems we always celebrate my dad’s birthday and mourn a Chargers loss on the same Sunday!  At least there was cake!

Vday 2010 048

Peanut butter and chocolate is my dad’s favorite!  Guy found an amazing peanut butter cake with a peanut butter frosting and a chocolate peanut butter ganache on Smitten Kitchen, one of our favorite food blogs! The cake was amazing, thank you Guy!  It was rich, delicious and unforgettable!  Definitely a “Got Milk” moment!

Vday 2010 043 Vday 2010 044

Happy Birthday Dad/Papa, we love you!

 Vday 2010 035 

On January 11th we went to the pediatrician for her 18month baby well visit (yes it is almost closer to a 19 month baby well visit  but it counts as her 18 month check up!  At the appointment she weighed 21 pounds and 12 ounces (the 11th percentile) and her height was 31 and 1/4inches(the 28th percentile)  Her head circumference is 19inches.  She is still in her infant car seat!  Layla is still just a little petite peanut! 

Vday 2010 036