20 Months Old

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All of a sudden Layla is no longer our baby, she is a little girl!  Guy and I both discovered this in the couple weeks before she turned 20 months old!  Layla Grace turned 20 Months old on February 25th 2010.  She is not a baby anymore she is a little girl!  She tells you what she wants, asks for things, points things out and is just an amazing little girl.  If I think about it too hard I get sad because it seems like it happened over night.  I guess it is another one of those wonderful bitter sweet parenting moments, when you discover your tiny little baby is a kid!  She is such a blast and we are enjoying this stage of her growth and development as we have with all of them.

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She loves to laugh and gets it when things are silly!  She loves to be zurberted (raspberries) on the belly and she zurburts back now too!  Every night before bed she kisses her “dado’s” goodnight and after stories when she is in her crib she lists off all of her characters and dolls she would like to snuggle with to go to sleep.  Layla also has a word she says as she plays, and wanders around the house, none of us know what it means, it may be a nonsensical word but it is so cute when you catch her saying it over and over again.  It sounds like “buckle.” Her word is “dukkle”  she says it a few times in a row so we hear her say, “duckle, duckle, duckle…”  Just one of those quirky little things we love!  For a while we thought she was saying what a rooster says, “Cocka doodle doo”  but we are still unsure!  She is speaking in sentences and asks us for things, “Mo cheese peas”  Her favorite thing to do is “PLAY.”  Layla also loves to talk on the phone.  SHe calls Ahta, Papa, Nonna, Nanny, and Poppy quite a bit just to say “Hi” and “bye bye.”  She is also repeating one word at a time for both “I, love, you” and I, miss, you!”  She keeps us smiling as well as shaking our heads!!

HULLABALOO is a super fun morning out!!  We go to the Encinitas Community Center on Monday morning a month to watch him play the guitar and sing along with lots of fun, silly, and classic children’s songs!  Layla even gets to play with scarves, shake shakers, and play small instruments!  We always have a blast.  It is so fun to people watch while we are there, both the kids and the moms!

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She loves going to the park and sliding down the slide.  We meet the Mom’s group I am in at Calavera Hills Park every Wednesday, weather permitting!This last Thursday, February 18th we went to a park we had never been to in Carlsbad, Hidden Canyon Park, It is a new favorite!  Here are some pictures from Hidden Canyon Park.


February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 023 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 025 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 030 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 032

February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 035 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 037 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 047 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 057 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 058   February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 055 February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 062February 18th 2010 Layla Misc 064

 PLAY WERX  On rainy days Layla also loves to go to Play Werx and climb, jump, slide and play in the balls.   The first time Layla went was with her Daddy and Auntie Nicole!  I was sad to miss it but I was having a wonderful time at the ballet with Donna!  I brought Layla the next time on my own on a rainy Wednesday instead of the park.  We had a blast, we climbed all over the toddler structure and the big structure!  She napped for 3 hours when we got home!  The latest trip to Play Werx was with Papa!  He had a great time watching her climb, slide, bounce, and play!

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WILD ANIMAL PARK  Layla and her BFF Arden also love adventures at the Wild Animal Park!  On January 29th Layla and Arden rode the Wild Animal Park carousel, saw the lions and elephants, and played hard at the playground!

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Layla is back at swimming and picked up right where she left off!  We go every Tuesday and Thursday for her lessons.  She is ravenous in the water and just loves going to swimming, being in the water and her swim teacher Brett!  We are looking forward to the beach this summer and going swimming at Nanny and Poppy’s, Courtney and Arden’s pool, in our little pools and in the Jacuzzi, at a reasonable temperature of course!

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MOPPING, LAYLA’S FAVORITE CHORE          More mopping, I tell you Layla loves to mop!!  Every time she sees the mop, “Layla mop!!”

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The new, sunglasses and a tutu look!  One day she wore her bikini top out over a long sleeve t-shirt to the post office!  She definitely has some hobo sheik style!

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Dogs in tiaras!

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 001 Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 006

Even the dogs play dress up with us, funny how neither of them look to stoked about wearing the pink tiara!!

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 007

I am sure she just finished saying “cheese” total cheesy squinty face!!


Friday February19th.  It was a great day to go to Sea World, it was drizzling on our way down so it was not crowded at all.  Once we got there the weather was perfect and we saw so much!

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 023 

I LOVE this picture of Layla watching the Pilot whales! 

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 052 Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 048

Auntie Nic and Uncle Dustin joined us because both of them had the week off!

We saw the Manatees, the sharks…

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 043Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 060

the penguins,

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 074

the polar bears,

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 089

the walrus’  which was the highlight of the day for me at least!  They were being examined when we arrived, the trainers then told one of them to swim up to us on the glass, the walrus swam right up to us a spit a huge mouthful of water on the glass!  They were both very playful, which seems like an oxymoron when you think of a walrus!  Usually they are asleep or very still!  The one in this picture was playing, swimming, spitting, splashing, and putting on a very cool show for us!!

Feb 18th 19th 2010 Sea World 104

Finally we saw the Beluga whales!  I love this picture of Layla too!  She looks like she is having fun! 


Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 001 Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 004


Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 014 Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 017 Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 018 Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 019 Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 022

Elmo’s Birthday Party at Boarder’s !Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 031   

Guy and I even try to get out once in a while!  Just the two of us or with friends and or family!

Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 034


Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 037Feb. 20 thru 22 2010 Layla bubble beard in bath 036

Coloring with Daddy!

I love to color but I still eat the crayons!!  For some reason they are just irresistible!

Lunch at Nanny and Poppy’s with Papa!

We go to Nanny an Poppy’s for lunch about twice a month and we always have a good time!  We enjoy playing in their big beautiful backyard.  Sometimes we bring a ball, our princess car, or even Elmo Bubbles!

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Layla kisses for Poppy!

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Nanny and Poppy have lots of grass to run around on!

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When we go to Nanny and Poppy’s I always get to pick something whether it be tomatoes, oranges, tangerines…

Nicoles Bday - Others 142

I also love to “help” Poppy walk when he uses his cane!

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On this particular day I smelled all of the flowers in Nanny and Poppy’s yard!

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Hangin’ out with Papa!

Nicoles Bday - Others 167

Chasing my red ball in Nanny and Poppy’s big yard!

Nicoles Bday - Others 169

and riding on my princess car!  We always have fun at Nanny and Poppy’s when we go for lunch!

Dayspring and Cormac’s California Visit

DAYSPRING AND CORMAC’S VISIT   Here are some fabulous park pictures Dayspring took when she and Cormac came for a visit to escape the Virginia cold!   The first day she came to stay with us we met at Calavera Hills Park, the kids had a great time and the moms did too!

Days 1 307 Days 1 306 Days 1 309

 Days 1 324 Days 1 337  Days 1 334   Days 1 339  Days 1 304  

They were here January 30th through February 13th and we had a great time! Layla and Cormac get along so well, lots of hugs and kisses were shared!  Days 1 370

Day and I joke about planning the wedding, which photo of the two of them in the bathtub we can use as the wedding announcement photo, and the fact that the in laws will get along great!!

 Days 1 351 While Cormac and Day were in town we went to the Wild Animal Park and the Sea Life Aquarium at Legoland!  It was great to have them here, we hope they come back to visit soon!

Wild Animal Park with Cormac, Dayspring, Faye, Murphy, Shanna and Madden!   Here we are looking out at the giraffes!

  DSC_0542 DSC_0543 DSC_0544


The next three photos of Layla are stunning!  Boy is she beautiful, I do have a biased opinion though!

DSC_0549 DSC_0548

WOW!  What a picture!

DSC_0550 DSC_0567                             Cormac is quite a handsome little dude too!!


Layla insisted she hold Murphy’s hand!


She loves to hold the boys hands, were in trouble, or maybe it is just that she is so sweet!

Here are some cute ones of her just frolicking in the open grassy area at the Wild Animal Park!  (It kills me that the hat does not match the outfit!)

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Legoland Sea Life Aquarium

Day 2 007 Day 2 009 Day 2 014 Day 2 021

This picture looks blurry but Layla, Cormac, and I are actually in the aquarium!!  There are bubbles you can climb into and put your head up so you are in the middle of the aquarium with the fish surrounding you!

Days 1 362

Cormac even got some Louie Lovin’ while he was here!!

Here are two jelly face pictures Day took, she is talented with the camera!   She always says, “It is easy when your subject is gorgeous!”

Days 1 354Days 1 360

We had a great time and can’t wait for them to come back for another visit, maybe we will head out for a Virginia visit ourselvesDSC_0460