July 2010

July was an interesting, happy and very sad month all rolled into one.  We only had very little beach time, because there was really very little sun,  Opening Day at Del Mar, and Lunch at American Girl in LA but July 2010 will always be remembered because we lost Grandpa “Poppy” Eugene.  He is enormously missed!

Beach Day with ElleryMid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 029  Mid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 033

Ellery came out from Texas a few weeks early for Michelle and Joe’s wedding, she ended up talking her dad into extending her trip and staying thru the beginning of July!  We loved having her here.  She is a beautiful, smart, and very mature young lady and of course her and Nicole are BFF not too!!  We can not wait for her next trip out!

Fourth of July 2010Mid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 034 Mid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 046 Mid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 047 Mid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 052

The Fourth of July was the day after Layla’s Big Second Birthday Bash.  We had a little beach time and Layla wore her super cute new Roxy Bikini from KC and Dawn!

Big Girl Bed

On Monday July 12th Layla’s crib was converted into a “big girl bed” as per Dr. Woerpel. She started climbing out of her crib the week she turned two.  He said, once she started climbing out it was time to put her in a toddler bed!  I really wanted to hold out for a bit more time with the crib.   She did awesome with the transition and loves sleeping in her big girl bed!  Sept 17   ND 004

A Girl and her Willdog!

Sept 17   ND 010 Sept 17   ND 011 Sept 17   ND 013 Sept 17   ND 014

Layla loves to give and receive kisses from her Willdog!

Dinner with Family July 14th

Sept 17   ND 021 Sept 17   ND 023 Sept 17   ND 024 Sept 17   ND 027 Sept 17   ND 029 Sept 17   ND 036 Sept 17   ND 040

Dosi’s family came from Spain for Michelle and Joe’s wedding also.  They were able to drive from San Diego all the way north to see San Francisco and the red woods, to the Grand Canyon and even spent some time in Las Vegas.  When they returned to San Diego we were fortunate enough to spend some time with them at a beautiful dinner at my dad and Donna’s.  Dosi’s sister Ninez is a beautiful kind woman with a smile that illuminates the room and the best gazpacho I have ever tasted. ( I have tried to replicate it twice but have not even come close)  Teo her husband, Dosi’s brother in Law is the most fun, sweet, and warm man.  Neither of them speak any English but Teo does not care, he just keeps talking in Spanish and eventually we have to ask for help!  Thank you for spending one of your last nights in America with us!  We can not wait to get to Spain to spend more time with you both!

Beach Day with Carson July 15th

Mid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 062   Mid June to July 4th 2010 Legoland and beach 059

We had very few sunny beach days but were very lucky that one of them was spent with Melissa and Carson!

Movie Night July 16th

Sept 17   ND 055

So I had the super grand idea and a vision in my head of “Movie Night.”  I thought we would invite friends with kids over and have pizza in the back yard around the barbeque island and put on a movie in the indoor-outdoor room, the kids would all line up and lay on the floor with pillows, blankets, sleeping bags etc.  While enjoying a movie and popcorn the parents would hand out and enjoy an adult beverage!  Well it was not as grand and perfect as I had envisioned, after all they are two!  First of all everyone I invited ended up having a conflict except for the Marshall Family!  Which actually worked out well because it was great to spend time with just them alone!  But the girls, Layla and Arden did not really sit or lay and watch the movie, which ended up being Toy Story, for very long!  It was fun none-the-less and we will definitely try it again!

Price Smart Summer Picnic July 17thSept 17   ND 059   Sept 17   ND 065 Sept 17   ND 067

Layla had a ball at Guy’s work’s annual summer family picnic!  She got to jump in the jumpy with Daddy and get some face paining or tattoos on her arms which she just thought was great!

Opening Day at Del Mar July 21st

End of Summer early Fall 2010 001 End of Summer early Fall 2010 002 End of Summer early Fall 2010 006

The girls and their cups!  Cheers to Opening Day!

End of Summer early Fall 2010 008 End of Summer early Fall 2010 015 End of Summer early Fall 2010 025

Reading the Racing Form and picking her horses!  Like father, like daughter!

End of Summer early Fall 2010 026

We love to go to Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track and used to go every single year.  We had not been in a few years, all of us together because of Nicole and my trip to Paris, a new born one year, then a one year old and the remodel the next.  But this year it worked out and we all went!  We have taken Layla to Day Break at Del Mar for breakfast every year but had not braved the track with her yet!  We sat in the infield where we always sit, brought our picnic lunch, and of coarse an Opening Day would not be complete without custom cups made by Nicole, Layla even got a “My First Opening Day sippy cup!!”  Layla is her father’s daughter, look at how intently she is “reading” the racing form and picking her horses!

Beach Girls July 23rd

End of Summer early Fall 2010 028 End of Summer early Fall 2010 041 End of Summer early Fall 2010 045

Layla and Sumatra spent a super fun day at the beach frolicking in the waves together!

In Memory of Eugene Capuozzo September September 1st 1928 – July 26th 2010

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 168

A man who I never remember with out a smile.  He always took your face in his hands when he gave you a kiss, and man who was always happy, gentle, and kind.  You are deeply missed but I feel you with us often!

9 months old March 15th through 25th 024 Aug 2008 2 038April 2010 21 - 22 months 105  Christmas 2008 126 Eugene's 80th 2008 003 Layla Grace's first few days 107 

This picture of Eugene holding Layla on the day she was born is so special to me. He was so apprehensive because he had never held a newborn baby before, not even his own and he got to hold ours.

 Nicoles Bday - Others 116

Michelle's Wedding 002 Zavodny Wedding 2

Lunch at American Girl Place                 Los Angeles  July 28th

Sept 17   ND 076   Sept 17   ND 085 Sept 17   ND 086 Sept 17   ND 095 Sept 17   ND 099 Sept 17   ND 100 Sept 17   ND 104 Sept 17   ND 111 Sept 17   ND 139 Sept 17   ND 127  Sept 17   ND 156

Layla has been to the American Girl Place in Manhattan and Chicago but never to the one right up the 5 in Los Angeles.  I had been wanting to take he up and do lunch in the American Girl Place Cafe and have a girls day.  Nonna was supposed to join us but being 2 days after losing her dad we decided we would go up again soon.  Nicole, Valerie, and I drove up to LA and made it just in time for our Brunch reservation.  It was absolutely adorable and brought smiles that were much needed!  She had to bring her Bitty Baby, of course, in the stroller too, of course!!  She was adorable pushing it through the store!  The cafe is precious, black, white, and pink decor and little high chairs for your doll that attach to the table.  Bitty Baby even got her own tea cup!  Lunch was fun, then we had to shop!  We bought Bitty Baby a few out fits one of which Layla got then, she chose the chef outfit with a little help (we told her that Daddy would love it) and the rest I slowly dole out throughout the year.  Layla will be getting a couple for Christmas!  We will definitely go again and bring Nonna and Nanny too!  Thanks for a wonderful day Nicole and Valerie!


Layla’s Second Birthday Bash aka Laylapalooza!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 058

We had a wonderful second birthday party for our Layla girl, which was attended by 80+ of the people whole love her, wow!  

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 008

The morning of Layla’s second birthday party was Oceanside’s super homespun 4th of July Parade, so in the midst of party prep we headed down to Coast Highway to enjoy the parade!

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 010

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 004    Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 007

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 020

Some pre party warm up jumping!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 001

Getting ready for my big second birthday bash! (or as some like to call it Laylapalooza 2)  She had just woken up from a nap and wanted nothing to do with her red, white, and blue tutu!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 002

We did get the headband in though!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 006

Until of course the birthday tiara arrived!  A girl has to have a tiara on her Birthday, it is an unwritten rule around here! (Right Nicole?)

Layla's 2nd Birthday 010

Goin’ in!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 011

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 071

We did of course get the tutu on eventually!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 029 

Dave T thank you SOOOO much for being the grill master for the day!  You totally rock!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 030

Some of the fam!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 033

At one point there was standing room only!  When we sang “Happy Birthday” to Layla it was an awesome amount of people singing!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 024 Layla's 2nd Birthday 026

The Craft at the party was decorating red, white, or blue foam visors with red, white, and blue stars!  Super cute and totally appropriate for 2 and 3 year olds!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 052 Layla's 2nd Birthday 053 Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 055 Layla's 2nd Birthday 055

80 some odd homemade red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and about a billion sugar cookie stars!  Thanks to Nicole, Ellery, and Donna for all of your help!

Round Table pizza mid october 2010 016

Goody Buckets!  We made red, and blue beach buckets into the party favors and filled them with red, white and blue candy, a red, white, and blue decorated sugar cookie, bubbles, a flag and an pinwheel!   Love to plan and execute a party!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 058

Though it was really 8 days earlier, we still had to take a picture with the sign!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 082Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 073 Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 082 Layla's 2nd Birthday 117 Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 087  Layla's 2nd Birthday 034 Layla's 2nd Birthday 038 Layla's 2nd Birthday 040 Layla's 2nd Birthday 079 Layla's 2nd Birthday 104 Layla's 2nd Birthday 113Layla's 2nd Birthday 130 

Thank you to everyone who made Laylapalooza a very special day for our family!  So many great people, so many great pictures!  One of the best has to be my dad and Jack bonding over a huge bag of Swedish Fish!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 086Layla's 2nd Birthday 088 Layla's 2nd Birthday 096 

Birthday Girl Cupcake Kisses have to be the best kisses ever!

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 038 Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 049 

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 100

And of course more presents!  They lasted for days and days and days!  We unwrapped a few that night with the friends and family still at the house, the next morning a few more and for a few days after that it continued!

Layla's 2nd Birthday 137

Layla's 2nd Birthday 152

A tired birthday girl with her amazing Nonna and Papa!

Laylapalooza II July 3rd 2010 117

Then the day after the party, The Fourth of July!  We jumped all morning long until the bounce house got picked up!  What an awesome weekend!  Thank you everyone for being a part of our little girl’s life, she is so lucky to have each and everyone of you in it!

Wedding Week!


The weekend of June 26th was the wedding of Michelle and Joe.  Layla was the flower girl and had a ball dancing at the wedding and filling a bag of candy at the wedding reception’s candy bar!  It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for The Ross’!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 397 

Wedding Rehearsal at the Immaculata Chapel at USD Friday June 25th (Layla’s 2nd Birthday)


061_Michelle_062610  079_Michelle_062610  070_Michelle_062610112_Michelle_062610151_Michelle_062610 316_Michelle_062610 302_Michelle_062610 Michelle's Wedding 061Michelle's Wedding 074

 375_Michelle_062610 356_Michelle_062610 362_Michelle_062610 363_Michelle_062610  

 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 420 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 427 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 432 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 451 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 455 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 463  Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 471 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 483 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 485 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 491 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 503 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 505 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 526 Michelle's Wedding 158Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 537 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 553 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 565     854_Michelle_062610

Michelle's Wedding 192 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 593Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 595

2 Years Old

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 390

I am 2 years old today!

Layla turned two on June 25th!  She had a super fun birthday which we spent at Sea Port Village, got to be in a big beautiful wedding the next day, and have a super fun party on the 3rd of July  Talk about a party girl!!  It feels like she has been opening gifts for a month!  At her 2 year old well visit she weighed 23 pounds and 8 ounces which places her in the 9th percentile (still a petite princess) and measured  34 inches tall placing her in the 74th percentile.  She did great at her appointment!  Everyone of the questions Dr. Woerpel asked about vocabulary, “Does she have a 50 word vocabulary?”  YES, she certainly does!  “Is she forming 3 and 4 word sentences?”  Yeah, try 8 to 12 word sentences!  Her gross motor development is also great, running, jumping, climbing…  Layla is growing and learning and doing it all well!  We need to make her a dentist appointment and get her eye looked at because it still tears up but other than that he was very happy as were we!  She is such a big girl!  Some of her recent phrases have been, ‘I want Mommy HOLD ME…………. for a little bit”  the “HOLD ME” is stretched out and, “for a little bit” is said really quickly, it is super cute and makes us all giggle!  She has also learned to say , “I do it all by myself,”  “I don’t like that”  and “I’m so funny/silly!”   She keeps us laughing!  She can sing her ABC’s and loves to “check her email and her facebook” on my laptop!  “Mommy I checking my email on you laptop”  or “Mommy, I checking my facebook on you laptop.”  She does have some pronoun reversal and confusion but it is cute and totally age appropriate!  Him, her, he, she, I, me and you!

Opening Gifts on The Morning of her Second Birthday!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 252

Layla and her mountain of birthday morning presents!  (she got to pick out her own wrapping paper and chose Paul Frank’s Julius the Monkey)

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 255

Layla with her cousin Ellery and Ahta on the morning of her second birthday

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 256 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 259 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 260  Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 261 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 263

Layla and her peeps!

Layla opening her gifts!  She got a Melissa and Doug alphabet puzzle, two outfits for her Bitty Baby, and a dress me Abby Cadabby ( which has a button, a snap, a zipper, Velcro etc… from Mommy and Daddy and from Ahta Toy Story figurines and her traditional birthday Tiffany charm!  (what two year old has a little blue box to open?)  She also got to open Small Paul Julius pajamas from The Fowler Family, Clothes from The Carroll Family, and big flower jammies and a super cute addidas outfit from her Aunt Bette and Uncle Tom!  Thank you for loving our little girl, she is SO lucky!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 265 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 267 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 278 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 270 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 272 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 275 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 284

Sea Port Village

After opening gifts at home we all piled in the car, packed for the weekend (It was the Ross Wedding that weekend) and went downtown to Sea Port Village for the day!  Layla rode the carrousel, ate Ben and Jerry’s, and danced!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 286

She insisted on pushing Bitty Baby around in her new Bitty Baby Stroller that she got as a flower girl gift for being in Michelle and Joe’s wedding!Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 303 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 292

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 301

Layla had a ball making Birthday wishes with Ellery, Mommy, and Ahta throwing pennies in the pond!  We also watched some ducks!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 314 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 322

Layla on the Carrousel at Sea Port Village on her second birthday!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 335 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 343

Mmmm… Layla enjoying her Ben and Jerry’s!  Her favorite flavor is still mint chocolate chip even though Guy and I try to steer her in another direction every time we get ice cream!  I love the pictures of her!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 353 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 357

Everyone got a kick and a giggle watching Layla “dance” (running and hopping around in little sideways leaning circles) to the man playing the flute music, it wasn’t even live but she didn’t  care!  “I dancin’ Mama"!”

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 360 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 376 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 371

A beautiful place to spend beautiful girl’s second birthday!  Thank you Nicole and Ellery for being with us to celebrate!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 379

Of course we had to go on the carrousel one last time before we left!

Rehearsal Dinner Birthday Celebration!

After Michelle and Joe’s Rehearsal at the church everyone who was staying at Liberty Station for the wedding met up at Oggi’s for dinner.  We had gotten an ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins and dropped it off prior to the rehearsal so we could sing Happy Birthday to Layla and have her blow out her candles!  Thank you, Michelle and Joe for sharing your night!Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 401

More gifts!  An adorable outfit from Nonna and Papa, an Elmo who swims in the pool and bathtub from Michelle and Joe, and a Roxy beach towel and bag from Lauren!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 402 

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Layla, happy birthday to you!”

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 404

Blowing out her 2 candles!  Happy Birthday baby girl!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 410

The Birthday Girl and the Bride!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 411 Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 412

Just some of Layla’s peeps at Oggi’s!

Laylaz 2nd Bday Rosses Wedding 413

A happy girl!  Happy Second Birthday Layla Grace!!  We love you more than you will ever know!  You have made the last two years of our lives filled with more love and happiness than we could have ever dreamed of!