February 2011

February was a mellow month.  We had fun baking banana bread, finger painting, and playing in the snow.  We also had a fun trip to Disneyland for three days to look forward to at the end of the month!

A Day at Disneyland with Mommy Feb 4th       On February 4th Layla and I spent a wonderful day at Disneyland just the two of us!  We went up to get my pass taken care of before our big three day trip at the end of the month!  We had a fabulous day.  The weather was perfect and we saw so many special characters!  It was such a fun day with my little princess!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 001

Layla in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  We have to get this photo every time we go to Disneyland!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 005

At Pixie Hollow we saw Terrance

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 009

and Tinkerbell

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 012

We also got to meet Rapunzel for the first time too!  She has her own house in Fantasyland, we waited a long time to meet her but it was well worth it because she was adorable and just loved Layla, and Layla just loved her right back!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 014

Layla striking a pose with a cheesy grin while we waited at Princess Fantasy Fair to visit with the princess’

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 023

It was a special treat to meet Jasmine for the first time!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 028

We always love seeing Belle!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 032

And Tiana’s southern charm is infectious

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 034

Mommy even got to get in on a photo with Princess Tiana!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 038

Just as we were about to get in line to see Minnie at her house in Toon Town, Goofy came out of a cast member’s doorway and ran up right behind Layla.  He surprised her and gave her hugs and even had time to pose for a few photos!  It was a special day indeed!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 041

Next, we saw Minnie at her house in Toon Town and boy was she sweet!

Disneyland Feb. 4 2011 045

Our Next stop was Mickey’s House right nextdoor to Minnie’s house.  Layla ran up to him, gave him a huge hug, posed for photos then, turned around and said, “I love you!”  It was the sweetest thing in the world!  I almost cried!  She was so sweet and sincere, it tugged at my heartstrings!  Don’t we all love Mickey Mouse though!

Baking Banana Bread February 5th 2011              Layla helps in the kitchen all the time!  She loves to place cucumbers, peppers, etc in salads after they are cut.  She loves to sprinkle cheese on her scrambled eggs while they are being cooked, helping daddy make bread dough is also a favorite!  We decided to bake some banana bread with some extra ripe bananas and Layla got to help!  She helped by squishing the bananas with her hands although I am not too sure she enjoyed the feeling of mushy bananas between her fingers!  She also helped to combine the premeasured dry ingredients for me!  She is a wonderful kitchen helper!  Our little Sous Chef!

Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 007 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 008  Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 010Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 012

Valentine’s Photos                                        Every year we take photos and make Valentines for our family and friends!  Here are some of the photos from this year’s Valentine Photo Shoot!

January 2011 087 January 2011 092 January 2011 096 January 2011 098

Finger Painting February 25th 2011

Layla loves to finger paint!  Some days she uses her whole entire hand instead of just her fingers!

Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 023 

Nap February 26th 2011                                                                                                  I’m not tired!” is what we heard just minutes before this picture was taken!  This is how we found her sleeping when we checked on her at nap time!  I would say definitely NOT tired, wink, wink!

Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 026 

Layla’s First Snow February 27th 2011                                       Uncle Dave T. is an avid snow boarder and a wonderful and thoughtful guy!  After a day of snow boarding in the local mountains he thought that a cooler full of snow might be a great surprise for Layla!  He was right!  She got to touch it, taste it, have a little snow ball fight, and even build a mini snowman!  This was her first “trip to the snow” brought to her own front yard where she was able to play in the snow barefooted!!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness Uncle Dave T.  We love you!  Next year we will definitely go to the local mountains to play in lots of snow!

Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 029 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 032 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 035 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 040 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 042 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 048 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 049 Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 050  Planting Fingerpainting Dave T Snow 054