3 Day Disneyland Trip

March 2011 Disney 098

On February 28th 2011 We took a mini family vacation to the “Happiest Place on Earth!”  It was our first time staying at The Disneyland Hotel, which was terrific, having a Dining with the Characters experience and having 3 days to soak in the magic that is Disneyland!  While we were there we celebrated Nicole’s Birthday, met tons of characters, we even filled a whole autograph book, and enjoyed lots of rides!  It is safe to say we are Disney junkies and proud of it!  We can’t wait for our next trip!

Checking in at The Disneyland Hotel

We were all so excited to stay at the Disneyland Hotel!  There is something extra magical about getting to stay there!  We loved all of the Mickey accents in the room, the magical light up headboard that played, “When you Wish Upon a Star,” was awesome, and getting into Disneyland early with Magic Mornings was another perk! 

March 2011 Disney 002March 2011 Disney 003

March 2011 Disney 004

March 2011 Disney 179

Here is that Magical headboard I mentioned!

March 2011 Disney 006March 2011 Disney 010March 2011 Disney 011

Our First Day in the Park

Monday February 28th


March 2011 Disney 013

We love entering the park and walking down Main Street USA to start any single day or longer trip to Disneyland!  A stroll down Main Street, walking towards Sleeping Beauty’s Castle just puts you in the proper frame of mind and prepares you for a magical adventure!  This picture is while waiting in line for Peter Pan! We usually always chose to ride Peter Pan first, as it is one of my favorite rides in the park, and once again puts you in the right frame of mind! At Disneyland, just like in Neverland  you don’t have to grow up!   Time to be a kid again!!

March 2011 Disney 019

Dumbo is another classic and family favorite!

March 2011 Disney 026March 2011 Disney 028

It’s  a Small World is a blast with Layla because now she sings along!

March 2011 Disney 030March 2011 Disney 032

Toon Town

We spent some time in Toon Town and had a blast!  Layla got to meet three of her favorite “guys,”  Donald, Daisy, and Goofy!  She was so excited to meet Daisy, she ran up to her and gave her a big hug!  It was classic!

March 2011 Disney 036March 2011 Disney 041

This is one of my favorite pictures of the entire trip!  That smile is priceless!

March 2011 Disney 044March 2011 Disney 046

After meeting some “guys” we walked through Mickey’s house and Layla wanted to try out Pluto’s dog bed!  Silly girl!

March 2011 Disney 048

She also rode her first roller coaster in Toon Town, The Go Coaster!  She wasn’t too sure about it when she got off!

March 2011 Disney 055March 2011 Disney 057March 2011 Disney 058

We also saw Ariel walking around near Sleeping Beauty’s castle and grabbed a quick photo and an autograph too!

March 2011 Disney 063

Layla even got to see Mickey and Pluto together and get autographs and hugs!

March 2011 Disney 070March 2011 Disney 072

Awwww!  That is a big hug for a big and very loved mouse!

March 2011 Disney 076

As she ran up to the Queen of Hearts, Layla said, “off with your head!” and the Queen loved it!  She gave Layla the thumbs up!

March 2011 Disney 079

That night we went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at the Rain Forrest Café!  Layla loved the atmosphere as we thought she would!  The food, not so much for any of us, it may have been the last dining experience there, unless Layla asks to go back of course!

March 2011 Disney 085

Layla and Ahta getting ready for The Bugs Life 4-D movie, which is one of Guy’s favorite things at California Adventure!

March 2011 Disney 089

Layla loved King Triton’s Carrousel!  It was pretty cool, a carrousel with all sea creatures!

March 2011 Disney 091

We also went on the huge Ferris wheel at California adventure, it was dark but that did not seem to help Nicole or myself enjoy it any more!  It is safe to say neither of us enjoy Ferris wheels!  We are both holding on for dear life forcing smiles as Guy laughed at us!  It was really high and a sensation that totally freaks us both out!  But since it was for Layla, we did it!

March 2011 Disney 093

Guy and Layla on the other hand loved it!

Day 2 Tuesday March 1st, Nicole’s Birthday

March 2011 Disney 100

My girl and I waiting to meet Minnie Mouse!March 2011 Disney 172

King Arthur’s Carrousel

March 2011 Disney 104March 2011 Disney 107

Me and my Prince Charming!

March 2011 Disney 110

She really did try hard to pull the sword out of the stone as she does every time we are there!

March 2011 Disney 112March 2011 Disney 115

This photo of Nicole, Layla, and I on the tea cups is another of my absolute favorite pictures of the entire trip!

March 2011 Disney 117March 2011 Disney 119

How cute are all of us in our ears!!  Cheesy I know, but if you can’t act like a dork at Disneyland where can you do it?

March 2011 Disney 120

March 2011 Disney 123

Another favorite picture!  My two favorite people sporting their ears!

Princess Pathways

March 2011 Disney 129

Layla and Princess Tiana

March 2011 Disney 132March 2011 Disney 134

Princess Ariel

March 2011 Disney 140

Princess Belle

March 2011 Disney 145

Jasmine and Aladdin

Some Tomorrow Land Fun

March 2011 Disney 150

The rockets with Ahta

March 2011 Disney 156

Autopia with Daddy!  Layla laughs so hard while riding Autopia because she gets to drive and she drives like a crazy maniac!! 

March 2011 Disney 159

We rode the Monorail back into Downtown Disney for a special surprise that was waiting in our hotel room for Ahta!

Happy Birthday Nicole aka “Ahta”  We love You!!

March 2011 Disney 161

The special surprise was a Belle cake and a balloon bouquet

March 2011 Disney 173

This was Layla’s first time on the Matterhorn and she loved it!  She didn’t want to go on it again but every time we go back to Disneyland she wants to ride it and says it is her favorite ride when she talks about Disneyland!!  That’s my roller coaster loving girl!  She takes after her Mommy and her Papa!!  We can’t wait until she is tall enough for Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain!

Day 3, Our Final Day Wednesday March 2nd

March 2011 Disney 180March 2011 Disney 184

We were up and out early this morning because we had reservations at Ariel’s Grotto to dine with the princesses!  Here we are waiting in the lobby, all of the girls we so excited!!  Guy was excited too but just to see Layla enjoy the magic!

March 2011 Disney 185

When we were called in Layla was greeted by Ariel and gave her a huge hug!

March 2011 Disney 187

Our waiter was great, he loved us because we ordered one bottle of champagne after another for mimosas!  He wanted to sit down and join our table!  We were the only table what ordered 4 bottles of champagne! The under the sea theme in the restaurant  made it even more special!

The Royal Family Zavodny

March 2011 Disney 193

We have no idea if it is because we made our reservations so far in advance, because we were the first ones seated, or because it was Nicole’s Birthday but when the squire came out to make his royal proclamation, he asked for Nicole Zavodny of the “Royal Family Zavodny” to please join him to announce the arrival of the first princess!  This of course made Nicole’s entire trip, she was thrilled to go up in front of the entire restaurant bringing Layla with her to read the  announcement of Princess Belle’s Arrival!  ( This special treatment brought Nicole and I back to the special treatment we received when we were in Paris at the Moulin Rouge)

March 2011 Disney 197

Layla and Princess Belle

March 2011 Disney 199

Layla and Snow White

March 2011 Disney 202

Layla and Cinderella

March 2011 Disney 210

Layla and Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

March 2011 Disney 217

One final photo at Ariel’s Grotto

Meeting More “Guys”

March 2011 Disney 222

Layla and Jessie

March 2011 Disney 235

Layla with Woody and a Green Army Man

March 2011 Disney 239

Layla with Chip and Dale!  She was thrilled to meet Chip and Dale, we have no idea how she knows about them but she was insistent that we meet them!

March 2011 Disney 244

Mater and Lightening McQueen

March 2011 Disney 251

Layla loves her villains and was stoked to meet Vidia at Pixie Hollow!

March 2011 Disney 258

Tinkerbell and Layla

March 2011 Disney 265

Layla with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider!  He is giving his “Smolder”

March 2011 Disney 270

Time for some crazy driving at Autopia with Mommy!

March 2011 Disney 272

One last spin on Dumbo until next time!

A Magical Trip!

We had a blast as we always do at Disneyland!  Staying at the Disneyland Hotel was special, breakfast with the princesses was awesome, and three days was almost not enough!  Thank you for the magic and the memories Disneyland!

March 2011 Disney DVDPhoto (48)

Here are a few of the professional photos on our Photo Pass!

March 2011 Disney DVDPhoto (52)

You can barely see it, but Layla is holding Tinkerbell in this photo!

March 2011 Disney DVDPhoto (148)

Another favorite!!