July 2011

Del Mar Fair July 30th

After 4 days at Disneyland we decided it would be a great idea to go to the San Diego, or as we still call it, The Del Mar Fair.  While we were there we met up with Ali, Gracie, and Jack.  We fed animals, rode some rides and had lots of fun!

Summer 2011 sm cam 054

After meeting up with The Catillus Family we went into the petting zoo and fed some animals!  Layla was much more into it this year than last!  She fed the sheep and goats and really enjoyed it.

Summer 2011 sm cam 055

Layla feeding a goat.

Summer 2011 sm cam 058

Gracie feeding goats.

Summer 2011 sm cam 063

Layla and Ahta feeding goats.

Summer 2011 sm cam 066

Jack, wearing his pig nose, asking for more food to feed the sheep.

Summer 2011 sm cam 068

After the petting zoo area we walked through the barns.  Here is Layla petting the snout of a super sweet pink pig!

Summer 2011 sm cam 072

The young man that owned this pig was particularly friendly and let the kids go inside of the pen and pet the pig and have their photo taken too!

Summer 2011 sm cam 076

Next, it was off the the children’s area on the infield.  There was a huge school bus that Layla loved!  She sat in the driver’s seat and made the rest of us take turns riding in the bus while she pretended that she was taking us to school!  Of course she had to have her seatbelt on!  It was funny because she kept asking how to drive the bus.  She really got a kick out of it!

Summer 2011 sm cam 077

Layla and Gracie worked on milking a fake cow, the also shoveled hay, saddled pretend horses, tried to rope a pretend calf, and did all sorts of other things you would do on a farm.  Very fun and educational.

Summer 2011 sm cam 082

Next on our agenda was rides!  We split from Gracie, Jack and Ali and went on some kiddie rides in the infield kids area.  Layla rode the bumble bees, went in a fun house, rode a roller coaster and of course had her annual pony ride!

photo (67)

Here she is in the front of the roller coaster.

Summer 2011 sm cam 084

and on the bumble bee ride.

Summer 2011 sm cam 091

Last she went on her annual fair pony ride!

Summer 2011 sm cam 098Summer 2011 sm cam 103Summer 2011 sm cam 109

She rode Shorty this year!

Summer 2011 sm cam 119

Next it was some grown up fun and rides!  Nicole and Ellery went on the super fun forward and backward round and round ride!

Summer 2011 sm cam 123

Then Ellery and Guy rode the giant Ferris Wheel!  I was not going on any fair rides being pregnant and neither Nicole or I are fond of Ferris Wheels.  So we stayed on the ground!  They took this photo of us from up in the Ferris Wheel.

Summer 2011 sm cam 125

And the view from the other direction of the Ferris Wheel was Dog Beach! 

The fair was fun, even after 4 days of Disneyland.  We ate corn on the cob, I had a giant pickle of course, Nicole got her Tasty Chips, and we all enjoyed lemonade and ice cream.  The fair is a fun family tradition we look forward to every summer.

Oceanside 4th of July Parade  July 2nd

June July 2011 002

Another fun summer tradition is the super home-spun and very local Oceanside 4th of July Parade!  We all walked down, some of us in our red, white, and blue, waiving our flags!  Layla was all decked out in her most festive outfit looking adorable.  She even brought one of her baby dolls and was very concerned that the baby doll have her own flag to wave!

June July 2011 003June July 2011 005

“Wave that flag, wave it high, my oh my…”

June July 2011 010

We ran into some friends, Julie, Vivian and Wyatt.  Layla sat with Vivian and her friend to watch the parade.

Reading with my Peeps  July 3rd

Eric was home from Texas A & M for part of the summer and spent a few days hanging out with us around fourth of July.  You know that when you hang out with us reading to Layla is inevitable! 

June July 2011 013

Here is Eric reading Cowgirl Rosie to Layla in his very best country accent! It was so sweet to watch this “cool college kid” read in a country accent while Layla snuggled up in his arms!

June July 2011 019

Here is Ellery reading to Layla.  She did her share of reading to Layla and even putting her to bed at night!  Layla loves her Ellery and misses her so much!

June July 2011 020

Finally, Diana was up for some reading!  Layla loved hanging out with Diana too.  It is funny, whoever is the new exciting person she doesn’t see often trumps whoever else is around!  She was all about Diana and the rest of us could have been invisible!

Legoland with Ellery  July 5th

We took Ellery to Legoland on one of her last days here.  She had not been since she was a little girl.  The three of us had a great day!

 Summer 2011 sm cam 131

Layla and Ellery in line for the Fairy Brook boat ride.

Summer 2011 sm cam 132

Layla and Ellery on the Fairy Brook boat.

Summer 2011 sm cam 133

Layla got to ride in the front of the train in Duplo Village all by herself!

Summer 2011 sm cam 134

Ellery rode too, in the train car behind her.

Summer 2011 sm cam 138

This was Layla’s first ride ever on the cars in Funtown.  You have to be three years old to drive them and this was our first visit to Legoland since Layla turned three.

Summer 2011 sm cam 139

It was a bit rough!  Layla crashed and got turned around backwards quite a few times!  Ellery and I were laughing so hard, it was hilarious!

Summer 2011 sm cam 142

Next, was a ride on the helicopters.

Summer 2011 sm cam 149

Then the airplanes.

Summer 2011 sm cam 154

and finally the other airplanes!  We had a great day!

First Day of Gymnastics  July 12th

June July 2011 058

Layla started Gymnastics in July, she chose a red sparkly leotard and loved the foam pit the best.  The first day she had a hard time separating from me, which as everyone who knows her knows that is strange.  The male instructor has a thick Russian accent and Mommy had to leave the gym to watch from windows in the lobby.  She didn’t want me to leave which totally freaked me out, especially with preschool coming up soon.  I left explaining that I would be right through the windows, Mommy’s aren’t allowed to stay in the gym.  It took her about 10 minutes and she was over it!  She joined in and has been fine ever since!  Thank goodness because with preschool right around the corner I thought this would be a good transition for her since Mommy can’t be there with her!  She has done great and loves going to gymnastics on Tuesdays where she gets to swing from the rings and ropes, jump on trampolines, balance on beams, use the bars, do lots of summersaults, and run and jump in the big foam pit.

June July 2011 060June July 2011 064

Here she is in the big foam pit!

June July 2011 065June July 2011 066

Layla’s First Hair Cut  July 16th

Layla finally got her first hair cut!  She was three years old and so excited to get her hair cut at Mommy’s solon by Miss. Marci.  Marci gave her the entire experience!  Layla got her hair washed, cut and blow dried!  She was in heaven!

June July 2011 023

Sitting in the seat discussing what we were planning on doing!  Just a little trim is all she needed.

June July 2011 024

Combing out the tangles,

June July 2011 028

getting her hair washed in the sink

June July 2011 030June July 2011 033

combing it out getting ready for the trim,

June July 2011 036

getting her hair cut

June July 2011 040June July 2011 050

and what girl leaves the salon without a blow out!

June July 2011 053

She was very happy, she felt like such a big girl!

June July 2011 056

Here she is checking herself out in Marci’s mirror!  The big smile says it all!  She really enjoys being pampered!  What girl doesn’t?

Opening Day at Del Mar  July 20th

photo (41)

One of our annual traditions is Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track!  All of the usual suspects joined us!  Jenni, Gabby, Nicole, Schmidty, Guy, Myself, and Layla.  Ali joined us later!  It was a fun day in the infield, picnic lunch, cocktails, and even a few winning tickets!

Painting July 24th

June July 2011 068

Layla got a very cool Rapunzel painting set for her birthday from Nonna and Papa.  Here she is using it for the very first time.  She loves to paint!

June July 2011 069June July 2011 070

Legoland with Carson  July 25th

We love spending time with Carson and Melissa.  We took the kids to Legoland together one last time before Melissa had her baby girl.  We spent some time at Legoland, then had lunch and finished the day with some time at the Legoland Water Park.  The kids had a great time together!  Layla and Carson get along really well, as do their Mommas!   When we were leaving Legoland that day, we saw Jerry Springer and his family outside the main Lego store!

photo (42)

When we walked in the kids got a picture with one of the Lego guys!

photo (43)

And they took a ride on the train together!

Cookie Face!  July 25th

We baked chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed them for an after dinner treat!

June July 2011 072June July 2011 074June July 2011 075

Trying out the New Tent  July 26th

We had an upcoming camping trip in the beginning of August with The Calitigerone Family.  So Guy went to REI and bought a new tent!  All of our old tents are two man tents, we now need a family tent!  It is HUGE compared to our old tents!  So Guy brought it home and set it up in the back yard!  He and Layla slept in the tent that night.  I slept upstairs in our cozy bed!  I wasn’t sleeping in the tent if we weren’t really camping and our bed was upstairs!  Hello, I’m pregnant!  Layla and Daddy had fun testing out the tent, poor Guy had to get up and go to work the next day, breaking down then tent before he went!

June July 2011 078

Sea World July 27th

Layla, Ahta and I always go to Sea World toward the end of Ahta’s summer break.  We spent a lot of time in Elmo’s bay of play because Layla really wanted to see her “guys.”  While we were there we saw Jerry Springer and his family again!  We played, rode rides, and were lucky enough to get to see the beluga whales being fed in the Wild Arctic exhibit!  Then we saw Layla’s “guys.”  It was a very fun day at Sea World!

Summer 2011 sm cam 156

Playing with Ahta.

Summer 2011 sm cam 161

Tentatively checking out the big jumpy, but ultimately deciding she was not up for it!

Summer 2011 sm cam 163

Riding the Abby Cadabby ride

Summer 2011 sm cam 167

and the Elmo ride!

Summer 2011 sm cam 169

Watching the beluga whales being fed was awesome!

Summer 2011 sm cam 172Summer 2011 sm cam 175

Layla in front of the beluga whales.

Summer 2011 sm cam 177

After Wild Arctic it was time to head back to Elmo’s Bay of Play to see the guys!  First, they all came out and put on a show.  We got to watch them sing and dance.  Here are Layla and Ahta dancing along with them!

Summer 2011 sm cam 182

We were the first people in line and Layla got huge hugs from Zoe!

Summer 2011 sm cam 191

Our great group photo!  We were lucky we got four guys!  Usually at the very most you get three!  Cookie Monster, Elmo, Zoe, and Bert were all there!

photo (5)

Hugs from Cookie Monster!  Remember when she used to call him “Num num” when she was a baby?

photo (6)

Hugs from Bert.

photo (25)photo (7)photo (8)

More hugs from Zoe,

photo (10)

and Bert!

photo (22)

I think she was telling Zoe she loved her here!  How cute is Bert?

18 Weeks  July 27th

June July 2011 079June July 2011 081

Getting bigger!

Park Play Date with Arden  July 29th

We met Arden, Courtney and Baby Anderson at Sunset Park for some fun at the play ground, the splash pad, and a picnic lunch!

June July 2011 085

They are both such beauties!

June July 2011 087June July 2011 090

Some splash pad fun for Arden

June July 2011 094June July 2011 093

and Layla too!

June July 2011 097

So cute!

Daybreak at Del Mar July 30th                                                   We also love our Annual Day Break at Del Mar breakfast tradition.  We go every year at least once!  We get up super early and go to the track for breakfast while watching the horses train!  This year the Catillus family joined us!  The kids had a blast at the buffet breakfast and watching the horses train.  The training staff who rides the horses are always so nice, they wave and talk to the kids, saying good mornings as they trot by!

photo (27)

Here are Gracie, Layla, and Jack hanging out watching the horses train!

Washing Mommy’s Car  July 30th                                  Later that day Layla wanted to wash Mommy’s car!  She had so much fun, especially sticking her head in the soapy bucket of water!  Silly girl!

June July 2011 099June July 2011 100

Here is her head in the bucket!

June July 2011 102June July 2011 103June July 2011 104June July 2011 106

Washing Mommy’s car with all her might in her saggy, too big bikini!