Babymoon October 2011

Our Trip to Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage

Guy, Layla and I went out to Palm Desert for a “Babymoon,” we relaxed, floated the lazy river and swam in the pool at the resort, spent time with family and even managed a romantic date night!

Baby Moon October 2011 001Baby Moon October 2011 005Baby Moon October 2011 007

Here we are at the view point heading down the mountain into the desert.

A Visit with Guy’s Family, “The Aunts”

Our first stop was Aunt’s Donna and Carol’s for a family visit with the Aunts.  We even got to see Aunt Diana, Aunt Lila, Uncle Richard, and Cousin Eric.

Baby Moon October 2011 009

Layla got to show off her skills on the iPad.

Baby Moon October 2011 014

Layla and the Aunts.

Baby Moon October 2011 018

Guy and Layla with the Aunts and Uncle Richard.

The Rancho Las Palmas Resort

We stayed at an awesome resort, the Ranch Las Palms in Rancho Mirage.  Layla loves staying in a hotel, what girl doesn’t!  She got into hotel mode right away, she searched the minibar, grabbed a bag of Pirate’s Booty and climbed into the huge cozy bed.  Crumbs, who cares about crumbs, it’s a hotel bed!

Baby Moon October 2011 027

We spent the next few days relaxing in our private poolside cabana, and enjoying the beautiful weather, the pools, lazy river, poolside beach, Splashtopia, and meals out!

Baby Moon October 2011 028

Baby Moon October 2011 030Baby Moon October 2011 031Baby Moon October 2011 034Baby Moon October 2011 044

The BELLY poolside!

Baby Moon October 2011 045

We also had fun playing with and watching Layla enjoy “Splashtopia"!”

Baby Moon October 2011 046Baby Moon October 2011 052Baby Moon October 2011 053Baby Moon October 2011 056

Layla was too little and I was too pregnant to enjoy the waterslides but that didn’t stop Guy!  Next time we go Layla will be tall enough to enjoy the waterslides too!

Baby Moon October 2011 059

Floating the Lazy River was a favorite!

Baby Moon October 2011 063

Layla also had fun playing in the sand at the poolside beach in front of our cabana!

Baby Moon October 2011 069Baby Moon October 2011 077Baby Moon October 2011 082Baby Moon October 2011 083

I love that sandy butt!

Baby Moon October 2011 097

She spent time teaching Elmo to swim!

Baby Moon October 2011 101Baby Moon October 2011 104

For me, feeling weightless while floating the lazy river was AWESOME! 

Baby Moon October 2011 111Baby Moon October 2011 112Baby Moon October 2011 118

We also indulged our sweet tooth and enjoyed Haagen Dazs poolside!  YUM!

Baby Moon October 2011 121Baby Moon October 2011 128

Belly shadow in the sand.

Baby Moon October 2011 132Baby Moon October 2011 135

Reading books and relaxing in the cabana.

Baby Moon October 2011 140Baby Moon October 2011 143

Ahh… floating the lazy river!  SO relaxing and comfortable!

Baby Moon October 2011 157

A family photo before Layla went off to spend the night at Aunt Donna and Carol’s while Guy and I went to  for a steak and lobster dinner at Flemming’s  Prime Steak House    We were going to go to a movie after dinner but we decided we were both too tired and joked the theater staff would be waking us up when the movie was over.  Instead we just enjoyed a night in our hotel room just us!  I think we were asleep before 9!

Baby Moon October 2011 160

Layla enjoyed her special couch bed at the hotel!  But, she now loves her Aunt’s Donna and Carol after some special time with just them!  She always asks, can we go back to the desert to see the Aunts?  We are going to take baby Sam when he is a couple months old for another visit and so Layla can have another sleep over at the "Aunts” house.

The Living Desert

On our final morning in the desert we stopped for bagels and had a beautiful, but very hot, adventure at The Living Desert with Aunt Donna and Carol.

Baby Moon October 2011 163Baby Moon October 2011 165Baby Moon October 2011 170Baby Moon October 2011 174

We spent some time in the petting zoo.

Baby Moon October 2011 179Baby Moon October 2011 182

Layla and Aunt Donna brushed some goats.

Baby Moon October 2011 186

We also arrived and waited for the giraffe feeding.  Layla got to feed the giraffes apples and carrots!

Baby Moon October 2011 188

We spent some time in the children’s science center and took some fun pictures that look like we are out in the desert!

Baby Moon October 2011 196Baby Moon October 2011 198

Layla also got to spend some time playing in the play area.

Baby Moon October 2011 201

Layla spider on a huge spider web.

Baby Moon October 2011 209

Donna, Carol and I resting in the shade!

Baby Moon October 2011 211

Layla playing at the water table.

Baby Moon October 2011 220

We finished our morning at The Living Desert watching Layla, Donna and Carol enjoy a ride on the Carousel.

Baby Moon October 2011 222

It was a wonderful Babymoon get away!  I was able to relax, feel weightless and comfortable and have fun!  We look forward to our next trip out to the desert with our baby boy!

October 2011

Carlsbad Oktoberfest October 1st

We try to go to the Oktoberfest in Carlsbad every year!  It is a super fun family event.  Beers for the grown ups and the Chicken Dance, Bounce Houses, and face painting for the kids! 

October november 2011 sm cam 001October november 2011 sm cam 004

The Chicken Dance with my girl!  Layla had a ball!

October november 2011 sm cam 009

and with Ahta too!

October november 2011 sm cam 012

Layla and Auntie Val going to get in line for the bounce house!

October november 2011 sm cam 013

Layla getting her jump on!

October november 2011 sm cam 014

Sliding out of the Bounce House!

October november 2011 sm cam 016

And getting her face painted!

October november 2011 sm cam 017

Not the greatest face painting job ever but Layla liked it!

Sleeping in my Big Girl Bed October 1st 2011

October november 2011 sm cam 022

This was the first night Layla slept in her very beautiful, comfortable and big, “big girl bed!”  It was super exciting!  I think I was a little bit nervous, the bed is up really high and I didn’t want her to roll out or fall off!  She did awesome!  We are so very proud of our Big Girl!  Way to go Layla!

October november 2011 sm cam 026October november 2011 sm cam 028

Sleeping beauty in her big girl bed the next morning! 

October november 2011 sm cam 029

Bates Nut Farm  October 2nd

Our annual trip to Bates Nut Farm was a success!  We got pumpkins for every one, mini pumpkins and Indian corn for decorating, a huge pumpkin for Layla’s annual, “Layla in the pumpkin photo” and she got to go on a hay ride and in the hay maze!  It was a fun morning!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 101

Bates Nut Farm 2011 003

Layla picking out her giant pumpkin!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 009

She picked a good one!  Every year it gets bigger so she can fit inside of it!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 015

Our amazing little family!  It is funny to think that next year there will be another one of us!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 020

Layla and her awesome Ahta!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 024

The Zavodny Girls!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 032

Little Miss Layla

Bates Nut Farm 2011 035

Layla and Daddy wheeling the big pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch!  On our way to pick out our pumpkins for carving Jack-o-lanterns!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 042

Layla trying to pick the perfect pumpkin!  She realized that they are pretty heavy!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 052Bates Nut Farm 2011 055

and of course posing for some adorable pumpkin patch photos!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 058Bates Nut Farm 2011 064

Having fun climbing on the mounds of pumpkins!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 066Bates Nut Farm 2011 068Bates Nut Farm 2011 077

Throughout the farm there are scare crows, Layla found the Minnie Mouse one!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 080Bates Nut Farm 2011 085

Our beautiful girl with our haul for the year!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 091Bates Nut Farm 2011 099

Bringing back the wheel barrow with Daddy!  Ready for some more fun!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 100Bates Nut Farm 2011 109

More fun photo opportunities!  Layla and Ahta!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 112

Our Layla aka “The Booga Bean”

Bates Nut Farm 2011 116

Layla and Mommy

Bates Nut Farm 2011 123

Layla, Mommy and Daddy, and the Belly too!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 126

The Team!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 127

Layla with her ticket, waiting to go on the hay ride!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 139

Ready for the hay ride.

Bates Nut Farm 2011 153

The girls on the way back from our hay ride around the farm

Bates Nut Farm 2011 160

Layla and Daddy did the corn maze, they got all of their stamps and found their way out, thank goodness!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 162Bates Nut Farm 2011 165

Layla at a stamp station!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 167

Having fun running though the maze!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 181

Checking out all of her stamps!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 185

Running back to show Mommy and Ahta her stamps!

Bates is always fun!  We look forward to next year with our baby boy!

Picture People Maternity and 3 year Photos October 3rd



Family and Maternity Photos October 4th


Escondido Children’s Museum with Arden October 7th

We always have fun when we spend time with our friends Arden and Anderson!


Playing on an old tractor in Grape Day Park!

photo (2)

Playing school and teacher at the Children’s museum.

photo (3)

Tinkering like a tinker fairy!

photo (4)

Playing dress up!

Layla’s Preschool Open House October 7th

Guy, Nicole, and I  were able to enjoy an Open House at Layla’s preschool where she got to make a fun instrument and dance and sing with her classmates and teachers!  It was fun to go see her show off her school!

October 2011 004

Coloring her paper plate for her instrument.

October 2011 006

Picking out different shaped and sized objects to place in her shaker instrument.

October 2011 007

Dancing and singing with Yi-Chen, her teacher!

October 2011 010

Getting her groove on, shaking her shaker instrument, and having fun!

October 2011 011October 2011 013

Here she is singing along and doing the hand motions for the shark verse of the song “Slippery Fish.”

October 2011 015

Making one more craft before we go!

photo (5)

After the preschool Open House we all went to “That Pizza Place” for dinner and a ride on the old pony!

Painting Sam’s Bedroom October 8th and 14th

October 2011 019

Once Layla was all moved into the front bedroom and settled in her big girl bed we started on the baby’s room.  Since it was all pink, the first thing we had to do was paint!  We painted all four of his walls a really nice periwinkle blue and then added a band of a darker blue above the wainscoting!  I was concerned that the wainscoting would make it look to feminine but I was pleasantly surprised!  It looks very boy and very cute!

October 2011 058October 2011 062


Disney on Ice Treasure Trove October 8th

We love our Disney around here and go to see the On Ice shows whenever we can!  We got front row seats to Disney on Ice Treasure Trove, the first, On Ice show that Tangled and Flynn Ryder would be in!  It was very fun.  Layla enjoyed a girls day out that included , Mommy. Ahta, Nonna, and Jocelyn.  We all met for lunch at PF Changs, then headed down to the show!

October november 2011 sm cam 030

Nothing but the best, front row!!

October november 2011 sm cam 035

Always so in awe and so excited for the show!

October november 2011 sm cam 040

Layla and Mommy.

October november 2011 sm cam 041

Layla and Nonna.

October november 2011 sm cam 042

Layla and Jocelyn.

October november 2011 sm cam 043

Layla and Ahta!

October november 2011 sm cam 045

And of course, Mickey and Minnie right in front of us!  It was a very fun girls day out!

Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies for Daddy & Doing the Dishes October 10th

Guy had been asking for chocolate chip cookies for a couple of days so Layla and I decided to bake some and surprise him!  She always has fun in the kitchen!  She helped add ingredients and mix, she even wanted to help do the dishes!


Mixing the batter!

photo (2)

Washing the dishes!  Such an awesome helper!

Layla in Her Cute Monogramed Pumpkin Shirt from The Carroll Family

photo (3)

So cute in her monogrammed shirt from the Carroll family!  Thank you, we miss and love you all!

Penny Pickle Children’s Museum in Temecula with Carson October 12th

We had a very fun day at the Penny Pickle Children’s Museum with Melissa, Carson and Baby Avery!  What a fun place, we will have to go back and visit again someday!

October november 2011 sm cam 047

The museum had really cool, hands on activities and exhibits.  Layla is trying to figure out how to move the lever to get the toilet to flush!

October november 2011 sm cam 049

There is even a room where the kids do experiments with the people who work at the museum!  They learned about electricity and displacement!

October november 2011 sm cam 053October november 2011 sm cam 054

Everyone had fun climbing through what they called the basement tunnel!

October november 2011 sm cam 056

After the museum, since it was so stinkin’ hot out we decided to walk to ice cream!

October november 2011 sm cam 057  The kids enjoyed their ice cream cones and looked adorable after eating it!

Fire Fighters at Nanny’s October 12th

Later that night we went to Nanny’s for Dinner, after dinner there was a fire truck and an ambulance out in front of the retirement community.  We asked if everyone was okay, the fire fighters assured us that everyone was fine now and then invited Layla up into the fire truck!  She got to sit in the front passenger seat, press a button that told the fire station they were done on the current call and ready for the next call  and  even try on the fire fighter’s helmet!  They were super nice, loved Layla and gave her cool fire fighter badge stickers!  She was so stoked and kept talking about how she was going to tell everyone at school the next day and show them her stickers!

October november 2011 sm cam 058October november 2011 sm cam 060

Legoland Brick-or-Treat October 15th

So far, the past two year that we have had Legoland passes we have done “Brick-or-treat” at Legoland!  It is always fun, another chance to wear our costume and trick-or-treat!

October 2011 090

All dressed up and ready to go!  This is the first time she got to wear her Alice in Wonderland costume this year!

October 2011 094October 2011 096October 2011 099October 2011 104October 2011 106October 2011 108October 2011 111

And of course Mommy in her Jack-o-lantern shirt, actually looking like a Jack-o-lantern with the belly!

October 2011 113

“Trick-or-treat”  We worked on saying thank you and she was very good about saying it at every station and every time we had an opportunity to trick-or-treat throughout the Halloween season!  I was very proud of our polite girl!

October 2011 114October 2011 117

Jack-o-lantern belly!October 2011 122

Our beautiful Alice in a rose garden at Legoland!

October 2011 125October 2011 127

A seriously cheesy grin driving the cars!

October 2011 129October 2011 134

Making music.

October 2011 138

Playing on the play ground!  Every time she slid down this slide the skirt of her dress blew up into her face!  It was hilariously adorable!

October 2011 144


October 2011 145

A ride on the air planes with Daddy!

October 2011 148

A super tall beautiful pumpkin princess!

October 2011 153

Layla posing with another cheesy grin and the Lego kid in the parking lot!

Pajamas and Pancakes at Preschool October 20th

Layla’s preschool had “Pajamas and Pancake Day” instead of celebrating Halloween and having kids in crazy costumes.  All of the kids, teachers, even a crazy parent wore their pajamas to school and brought something to share for the luncheon.  We were in charge of bananas.  One of the interning teachers even did face painting!  It was a very fun afternoon!

October 2011 001 (2)October 2011 004 (2)October 2011 006 (2)

Yum pancakes and fruit!

October 2011 010 (2)

Layla getting her face painted!

October 2011 011 (2)October 2011 013 (2)October 2011 015 (2)October 2011 016 (2)

And finally showing off some of her mad painting skills!  What an artist!

October 2011 017 (2)October 2011 018 (2)

Disneyland Spooktackular October 21st

This year we bought tickets to the Disneyland Spooktackular Trick or Treat with Mickey!  It was super fun!  Layla wore her costume, got to meet and greet with villains, trick or treat at Disneyland and see a special Halloween parade!

October 2011 019 (2)

The entrance to Disneyland all decked out for Halloween.

October 2011 022 (2)

Ahta joined us for Disneyland Spooktackular!  Even the big Mickey had on a “mask.”

October 2011 025 (2)

Layla and Mommy

October 2011 031 (2)

Our little Alice in Wonderland.

October 2011 035 (2)

October 2011 038 (2)October 2011 039 (2)October 2011 050 (2)

Here she is meeting the villains.  She got to meet

October 2011 052 (2)October 2011 055 (2)

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland,

October 2011 060 (2)October 2011 063 (2)

and Dr. Facilier aka The Shadow Man, the bad voodoo guy from Princess and the Frog!

October 2011 065 (2)

Next, it was time to trick-or-treat!

October 2011 067 (2)

Getting ready to Trick-or-Treat! 

October 2011 070 (2)

They gave out huge handfuls of candy!  I kept thinking that if Nicole, Guy, and I had bags, which we could have and were offered since we paid for tickets, most adults there were trick-or-treating too, I would not have to use any of the candy I bought to pass out for our Trick-or-treaters and could return it all to Target! 

Layla was so sweet, she kept telling the people passing out candy, “Just one” holding up her one little finger!  I think at one point I said something about needing just once piece per station and she took it very seriously and was absolutely sure to tell ever person passing out candy from that point on that she only needed one piece!  Too cute!

October 2011 072 (2)


October 2011 078 (2)

Layla and Daddy waiting for the parade to start!

October 2011 080 (2)

Daddy, Layla, and Ahta!

October 2011 083 (2)

Daddy, Layla, and Mommy!

October 2011 101 (2)

Someone passed out waiting for the parade!

October 2011 102 (2)October 2011 104 (2)October 2011 107 (2)October 2011 115 (2)October 2011 120 (2)October 2011 126 (2)October 2011 130 (2)

More trick-or-treating

October 2011 136 (2)October 2011 091 (2)

You’ve got to love all of the Halloween decorations at Disneyland!

October 2011 138 (2)

Good night Mickey Mouse! 

October 2011 139 (2)

Passed out after a full night of Halloween fun!

Pet Store Preschool Visit October 24th

Kahoots Pet Store came to Layla’s preschool and brought some animals to share with the children.  Layla’s preschool classroom has two mice or rats and a Guinnea pig.  The philosophy of the school is to have child led projects, the children show interest in topics and the teaching and learning is extended from there.   The children had shown quite a bit of interest in the classroom pats, asking questions and wanting to learn more about them.  The teachers decided to have the pet store come to show the children some other animals as an extension of the classroom pet project.  Kahoots brought a rabbit which the children were able to pet, and a bird and tadpole which the children just looked at.  They asked and answered questions. learned and had fun!

October november 2011 sm cam 063October november 2011 sm cam 065

Preschool Halloween Story Time at the Carlsbad Library  October 27th

Our local library is wonderful, there are all sorts of fun events around the year for the kids to enjoy.  The week of Halloween at preschool story time the children heard Halloween stories and made trick or treat bags.  Then they trick or treated around the library, stopping at the different desks for treats, the reference desk, the children’s desk, the front check out desk etc.  It was very fun!

October 2011 141 (2)

Layla dressed in her Alice costume listening to  Halloween stories during story time.

October 2011 143 (2)

Layla making her haunted house trick or treat bag during craft time.

October 2011 144 (2)

proudly sharing her haunted house trick or treat bag!  We made it upside down, oops!

October 2011 145 (2)

off to trick or treat around the library!

October 2011 146 (2)October 2011 148 (2)

Trick or treat!  and we always say thank you!

October 2011 151 (2)

Halloween Party  October 29th

I have always wanted to host a kids Halloween party!  This year, 8 months pregnant, I decided was the year for the Zavodny Family first annual kids Halloween party!  Layla helped by licking the batter off of the rubber spatula when we made cup cakes!

October 2011 154

YUM!!  Life does not get much better than licking chocolate cup cake  batter off of a rubber spatula in your jammies!

October 2011 155

We had a very cute ghost piñata.

October 2011 156October 2011 158

We also had a couple fun crafts.  The first craft was to paint and decorate your own pumpkin.  The kids all brought a small pumpkin to decorate, they turned out awesome and the kids had fun doing it!

October 2011 160October 2011 165

Gracie helped Layla decorate her pumpkin while I ran around and took pictures!

October 2011 167

Layla’s pumpkin turned out awesome!  Feathers, paint, foam stickers, just awesome!

The next craft was making a lollypop ghost out of a tootsie pop, a tissue, and a twist tie!

October 2011 159October 2011 186

Gracie helped Layla make her lollypop ghost!  Cute and delicious, a craft I remember making as a kid.

Next, the kids stuck their hands into boxes with spooky, creepy and gross contents.  Broken bones, eyeballs, bloody brains and warty witch fingers!  The broken bones: broken pretzel rods, eyeballs: peeled grapes, bloody brains: cooked pasta, and warty witch fingers: gherkin pickles!  some of the younger kids dove right in, others were quite timid.  Some of the older kids were figuring out what the contents were and had a hard time keeping the spooky secrets to themselves, which helped some of the little ones who were freaked out be a bit more brave!

October 2011 157October 2011 171

Hayden reaching in to feel the broken bones.

October 2011 172

Brooklyn feeling the bloody brains.

October 2011 173

Sammy reaching in for a feel.

October 2011 174

Arden’s reaction to the eyeballs!  That face is adorable!

October 2011 177

Shad, I mean, “The Green Lantern”  reaching in for a feel.  He was so funny he would not respond unless you called him “Green Lantern”

October 2011 188

Beautiful little ladies having a snack!

October 2011 189

Layla loves a piñata!  Here she is having a good whack at it!

October 2011 191

Go Layla go!

October 2011 194

Hit it Abby!

October 2011 195

A big hit for Sumatra!

October 2011 196

Get it Arden!

October 2011 205

Whack it Green Lantern!

October 2011 213

Most of them out of their costumes by now getting ready to grub on carne asada and squash tacos for dinner!  Many of our friends had left the party but some stayed for some dinner and more fun!

October 2011 224

Lotus and Bilandra, beauties!  The Halloween party was a huge success, we all had lots of fun and look forward to next year!

Carving Jack-O-Lanterns October 30th

Carving Jack-o-lanterns is always a fun part of our Halloween traditions!

October 2011 229

Guy getting the guts out of his pumpkin!

October 2011 230

Nicole getting out the guts!  She takes pumpkin carving very seriously, even in her cat ears!

October 2011 231

Auntie Val even came by for some pumpkin carving fun!

October 2011 232

Layla getting out the guts!  What a great face!  YUCK!

October 2011 236

Layla even got to help design her Jack-O-Lantern’s face this year!

October 2011 238

Baby Sammy’s pumpkin was the one with the polka-dots this year!

October 2011 237

Some serious planning and carving going on!

Halloween October 31st

Trunk-or-Treating with the Little Sprouts  October 31st

This year we participated in our play group, “The Little Sprouts” annual “Trunk-or-Treating” play date!  It was the first time either Layla or I participated in a trunk-or-treat but from what I hear it is a huge thing!  The kids played on the play ground while the adults took turns setting up and decorating the trunks or backs of cars.  Then once we were all set up, the kids went from car to car in the parking lot of the park and trick-or-treated!  A very cute idea and we had fun!  and it was another opportunity to wear the Halloween costume!

October 2011 240

Layla running after her friend Alex.

October 2011 241

My beautiful little Alice!

October 2011 244

Having a snack and listening to the rules for “Trunk-or-treat!”

October 2011 248

Trick or treat!

October 2011 247October 2011 250October 2011 253

Here she is handing out candy from the back of our decorated car!

Trick-or-Treating  October 31st

As it is every year, Nonna and Papa, Ahta and some others come over to have dinner, green chili enchiladas , and watch Layla trick-or-treat!

October 2011 255

Our Layla Girl                                                                                                                                 Of course we have to get some photos with our Jack-o-Lanterns!

October 2011 258

Layla and Ahta!

October 2011 264

Layla and a very pregnant Mommy!

October 2011 265

Layla and Uncle Marky.

October 2011 267

Layla with her Nonna and Papa!

October 2011 274

Layla in the giant pumpkin!  We have her pose in a pumpkin every year and every year the pumpkin and the girl get bigger!  She says this is it, that next year Sammy gets to go in the pumpkin, she does not want to get “yucky, dirty, and wormy!”  We will see if that is true,  I hope we can get her in the giant pumpkin for a couple more years or until Guy cant lift a pumpkin large enough for her to fit in!

October 2011 277

What a cutie!

October 2011 282

Our happy little family!

October 2011 286

Layla in her costume, posing for another round of pictures!

October 2011 291

Our expanding little family!

October 2011 293

Layla with Ahta,

October 2011 296

Auntie Val,

October 2011 298

and Nonna and Papa!

October 2011 301

Aww, and a big sweet hug for Papa!

October 2011 304

Sweet Layla in her costume with all of the Jack-o-lanterns lit!

October 2011 310

The Jack-o-lanterns of 2011.

October 2011 311

Passing out candy to a few of the early trick-o-treaters.  Passing it out always seems to be one of her favorite parts!

October 2011 312


October 2011 313

First stop, next door to The Roerig’s.

October 2011 315


October 2011 316

Dianne, Todd, and Chase were the first to help fill her trick-or-treat bag!

October 2011 317

Leaving the Roerig’s on to house number two!

October 2011 318October 2011 322October 2011 324

Layla ran into Abby while we were trick-or-treating!  It was super cute, they gave each other a huge hug! 

October 2011 328

She had a blast this year and we went to more houses that we ever had!  She was also happy to get home, eat a few pieces of candy and pass out some more candy too!

October 2011 329

Yum, a Tootsie Pop!

October 2011 332

Bedtime stories with Nonna and Papa to end a great October and Halloween season!

October 2011 334

Sweet dreams Layla, until next Halloween!