December 2011

It goes almost without saying that December was a crazy month!  The holidays and a baby due made this more crazy than any other December!  The baby decided to wait but that doesn’t mean we didn’t think he was coming a few times before he decided to come 4 days after his December 29th due date!

We tried to do as much as we could to celebrate the holidays as we normally would even with me being huge and very pregnant!  We had lots of fun and added a couple fun things to our list of family holiday traditions!  One of those being the play How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe Theater. 

I was wrapped and ready as I like to say for Christmas very early because the baby could have come at any time.  I had all presents wrapped, labeled and sorted.  Ready in case I was in the hospital for Christmas or had a brand new baby at home for Christmas!  All of the getting ready just in case was not quite necessary, because as we all know baby boy decided to wait until 2012 to make his long labor grand entrance!

Oceanside Tree Lighting  December 1st

We always go to the super home spun Oceanside Tree Lighting to enjoy a little neighborhood holiday cheer!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 105Winter 2012 Sm Cam 107Winter 2012 Sm Cam 108Winter 2012 Sm Cam 109

Santa arrived as he always does, on a big antique fire engine!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 111

Layla and Daddy with the Oceanside Christmas tree lit up behind them!

Holiday Cocktail Party  December 3rd

Some people thought I was crazy but I was not going to skip hosting “the party of the year!”  And it did live up to it’s name once again this year!  I was 36 weeks pregnant and put on a sequin cocktail dress for a night of delicious food, fun, and very drunk friends!

December 2011 006

WOW!  That is the belly in a cocktail dress!  Yes, sequin too!  Well. go big, (literally), or go home!  Me and my handsome husband at the Annual Zavodny Cocktail Party!

December 2011 013

The delicious spread!  Yum!

December 2011 001

Three wonderful ladies!  Nicole, Val, and Debbie.

December 2011 003

Me and Donna, both in sequins!

December 2011 008

Guy, Sean, and Darren!

December 2011 009

Dave T. and my dad!

December 2011 010

Guy and Brian.  I had to reprimand Brian for the red keg cup.  Dude, this is the only party we require a real glass!

December 2011 011

Mark and Angela!  I learned that Mark is quite the photographer!

December 2011 014

Ali, Gabby, and Nicole, AKA the CSGs!

December 2011 017

Mark and Guy.

December 2011 018

Shelly, Mario, and my dad.

December 2011 019

Dave T. and Nicole.

December 2011 023

Donna and Nicole.

December 2011 026

Donna, my dad, and Nicole.

December 2011 031

A very pregnant me!

December 2011 036

A great shot of the party happening!

December 2011 041December 2011 044

Diana, Guy and Deb.

December 2011 046

Notice the flip flops!  No heels for this girl this year!

December 2011 049

Lauren and Shawn.

December 2011 054


December 2011 056

The Bar!

December 2011 058

Guy with Kelly and Julia!

December 2011 059

Me and My Daddy!

December 2011 062

Tom and Diane!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 114

Quintessential cocktail party Guy!  A toast and shot before the story!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 116

The booze exchange!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 120

Me reading the story, the only sober one amongst the group!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 124

Another great holiday cocktail party!  We had someone fall off a chair and roll across the living room floor, then stuffed into a cab!  We had a couple people pin ball their way out of the house, a fall, a broken dish and lots of fun!  The poinsettias, which were the cocktail of the year, were common thing with the people who were wasted!  I think we have found the annual drink!

Santa December 8th

December 2011 001 Lay w Santa

Awesome!!!  Merry Christmas 2011

37 Weeks December 8th

Getting big!

December 2011 064December 2011 065

Guy’s Price Smart Holiday Party  December 9th

December 2011 001 (2)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas December10th

We had a wonderful time taking Layla to see The Grinch this year!  She was in awe and very well behaved!   I think we plan to make it a bi-annual tradition, working in the Nutcracker every other year!  She looked like a little Cindy Lou Who in her little red dress with her little piggy buns!  And of course we had to bring the Grinch with us for the show!

After the play we all went to The Corvette Diner and had a fun dinner.  Layla danced and made her way into the waitress’ and dj’s hearts! 

Grinch (3)aGrinch 2

Legoland December 11th

One day Daddy took Layla to Legoland, just the two of them to see the snow and let mommy rest!  I feel sad I missed her first sledding and snow ball throwing experience but this pregnant mama was tired!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 132

The poinsettia Christmas Tree.

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 135Winter 2012 Sm Cam 136

A ride on the train!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 140

Playing in the snow!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 141

Sledding for the first time!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 142


Winter 2012 Sm Cam 143

She loved it  Next year, a much needed trip to the mountains to play in the real snow!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 145Winter 2012 Sm Cam 146

Throwin’ snowballs!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 150

A fun day in the snow at Legoland!

Layla’s Preschool Rainbow Party            December 15th

Layla’s Preschool decided to let the children pick a theme for  an end of the semester party.  The school does not do and holiday themed parties or activities so the children brainstormed and came up with the idea of a “Rainbow Party.”  At the party the kids made fruit kabobs out of a rainbow of different fruit and rainbow toast with food color dyed sweetened condensed milk!  Layla had fun and enjoyed the treats she made.

December 2011 070

Making rainbow fruit kabobs

December 2011 074


December 2011 086

Another one!

December 2011 077

Painting rainbow toast!

December 2011 079December 2011 083

Enjoying rainbow toast!

December 2011 087

And another one!

Jake’s Holiday Dinner with Guy’s Assistants  December 15th

Every year Guy and I take his assistants out to dinner at Jake’s for the holidays.  After Layla’s preschool rainbow party her and I ran to the coaster in the rain, got her changed on the train, left my phone in my car in the meantime.  Guy didn’t think we were taking the train due to the rain so I had to borrow a cell phone from a stranger on the train!  Thank you stranger!  Guy was at the coaster station waiting to pick us up and off to Jakes we went!

(38 Weeks)

December 2011 088

All dressed up and on the Coaster!

December 2011 090

Guy with his girls!

Book Exchange Play Date December 16th

I suggested a holiday play date idea for my play group and it was a huge success.  I mentioned our holiday cocktail party and said we should do the same thing for the kids except exchange books!  Each child will end up with a new book, what is better than a new book!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 153

Layla enjoying some treats with Alex and Addie.

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 154

Ready for the book exchange!  We sang a song and passed the books!  It didn’t exactly go smoothly but each child ended up with a book that was not the one they came with and they were all so excited!  It was very cute!

False Alarm Number 1!  December 17th

Our first visit to the hospital for a false alarm!  I thought my water may have broken because with Layla I felt a little tiny leak and it had!  With that in the back of my mind I was a bit paranoid.  So on the morning of Saturday December 17th while I was sitting on the bedroom floor wrapping some last minute Christmas gifts I felt a little “leak!”  Then again when I got up from sitting down a bit later.  I told Guy and he asked what I wanted to do.  I was super unsure and did not want to spend the afternoon at the hospital for a false alarm but because of the way my water broke and I didn’t really know with Layla we both felt it was best to just go to the hospital and get checked.  My water was not broken and a couple hours later after a few tests, the ‘strip came back inconclusive, so a more in depth test was run and it came back negative. Dr. Fenton, my OBGYN came in, he was on call that day.  He asked if I wanted to have the baby today, he had nothing to do, he could just induce me!   There was NO WAY I wanted to be induced!  I wanted this little boy to come when he was ready!  I also really needed to shave my legs!  That is all I kept saying to Guy.  “I am not ready for this today, I need to go home and shave my legs.”  When we got to the hospital I even asked the nurse, “if this is really happening will you guys let me take a shower and shave my legs?”  Of course it depended on the situation!  and of course it was the one day I hadn’t showered or shaved!  From that day on I shaved my legs EVERY SINGLE DAY until baby was born!  Needless to say, we went home and I showered, shaved my legs and went to the Thomas’s for an excellent dinner! 

Aunts Visit  December 18th

Aunts Donna and Carol came out for a visit and to drop off Layla’s Christmas gifts!  Layla was so excited to see them!  They got her a princess blanket which was a huge hit of course!  And a stuffed animal Meer cat from the Living Desert!  Layla loves him!  We named him Mortimer Meer Cat and call him Meer Meer!

December 2011 092December 2011 096December 2011 097December 2011 100December 2011 101

Holiday of Lights December 20th

Every year we drive through the Holiday of Lights at the Del Mar Race Track!  We get Layla in her jammies and stop for hot chocolate on our way down.  It is a super fun Zavodny Family holiday tradition!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 158

Layla striking a pose ready to leave and see the Holiday of Lights!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 162

Since you drive around the race track at 5 mph or less, we let Layla out of her car seat and she “drives” on Daddy’s lap!  Guy did really let her steer this year, not the best driver, yet!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 165Winter 2012 Sm Cam 166

Remember I am due any day, nine days to be exact and pregnant ladies have to pee!  I couldn’t wait to go into a restaurant or business so we pulled into the neighborhood across the street and I peed in Layla’s portable potty in the car!  Classic pregnant moment!  Thank goodness for the car potty!

Gifts with Carson  December 21st

I love when “my teachers” are off school for holiday vacation! Melissa came down from Temecula, brought lunch and we exchanged Christmas gifts! 

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 167

Happy kids with presents!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 168

Layla got a super fun new game called S’Match!  Soon to be Baby Sam got a little musical panda bear toy!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 169

Carson got a fun car that drives on the walls and a Star Wars Lego carrier/organizer!  Avery got a Sophie!  Thank you Casady Family!

39 Weeks  December 22nd

Christmas Cookies  December 23rd

You cant have a holiday season without baking and decorating holiday sugar cookies, even at 39 weeks pregnant!

Christmas 2012 (1)

We had fun making the dough!

Christmas 2012 (3)

Licking the batter off the beater!

Christmas 2012 (6)

and decorating the cookies with Daddy after they were baked!

Christmas 2012 (9)Christmas 2012 (11)

Mmmmm sprinkles!

Christmas 2012 (13)

And Yes, there were sprinkles EVERYWHERE!  Happy cookie decorating!

Christmas Eve December 24th

Nonna and Papa’s

Every Christmas eve we join my parents at their house for an awesome dinner that somewhat pays homage to the Italian Catholic tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes.  Nanny, Nicole, Karen, Marty and this year Dennis joined us!  I was super pregnant and still just hoping to make it through Christmas!  Dinner was awesome, after dinner on our way home we drive through one of the most awesome neighborhoods of San Diego  where almost every house has Christmas lights and rad decorations!  Layla loves it every year and so do we!  This year, Santa was even walking down the street handing out candy canes to the kids in cars riding through Story Book Lane!

Christmas 2012 (23)

My beautiful girl all dressed up and ready for the Christmas Eve celebrations to begin!

Christmas 2012 (26)

Sitting on Daddy’s lap opening a couple early Christmas presents from Nanny, Aunt Karen and Uncle Marty!

Christmas 2012 (34)

An awesome personalized insulated lunch bag decorated with cupcakes from Nanny!

Christmas 2012 (36)

Layla, Daddy and Ahta! 

Christmas 2012 (38)

Layla, Daddy, and Mommy!  You’ve got to love Layla’s silly face and my HUGE belly!  Due in 5 days at this point, so really any second!  We were all waiting and hoping to make it through Christmas!

Christmas 2012 (44)

Awe, Layla with her Nanny!   Such a sweet picture!

Christmas 2012 (46)

Layla opening a couple early Christmas presents from Nonna and Papa!  A glowing ladybug nightlight that reflects stars on the ceiling!

Christmas 2012 (48)

At Home Christmas Eve

When we returned home after a full meal and drive through Storybook Lane Santa had to come and put out all of his presents!

Christmas 2012 (52)

Santa Mommy, sitting on the stairs filling stockings.  The two boxes on the floor in front of the coffee table are Santa Nicole’s to unload!  Too much as usual!

Christmas 2012 (53)

The living room is starting to get filled up…

Christmas 2012 (56)

Now everything is out!  Stocking hung from the stair railing with care and Layla all nestled snug in her bed with visions of Christmas morning dancing in her head!   Ho Ho Ho, to all a good Christmas!

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012 (58)

We were so excited we went in and woke her up!  She did not want to get up and said, I just want to sleep!”  We then asked her who she thought came last night and she said so excited and so sweetly, “SAMMY?!?!”  It was the sweetest thing, she thought first of her soon to be born baby brother before Santa and presents!  The next couple photos are the progression of Layla realizing it was Christmas morning and that Santa came!  She is sort of a slow riser, kind of like her Mommy!

Christmas 2012 (61)Christmas 2012 (62)

Realizing that Santa came and the living room is filled with presents!

Christmas 2012 (64)

Out in the living room, taking it all in!  Just look at that crazy hair!

Christmas 2012 (65)

Seeing what Santa left out and unwrapped!  A princess arts and crafts set!

Christmas 2012 (68)

Eating some delicious Nutella filled beignets for a early morning present opening snack before brunch!  YUM!

Christmas 2012 (72)Christmas 2012 (74)

On to hours of opening presents, yes, it literally took hours to open all of the gifts!

Christmas 2012 (75)

Opening presents!

Christmas 2012 (77)


Christmas 2012 (79)Christmas 2012 (80)


Christmas 2012 (85)

a stoking filled with Little toys and treats,

Christmas 2012 (94)

and an awesome cash register!

Christmas 2012 (100)

Ahta’s turn! 

Christmas 2012 (105)

Even Lou gets gifts!

Christmas 2012 (106)

Swollen and happy!  Coco Channel!  Still hoping to make it through the day without going into labor!  So happy though that I had made it to Christmas morning to watch Layla run out of her room, see what Santa left her and open her presents!

Christmas 2012 (108)

A little blue box!  Tiffany and Co. is always good!

Christmas 2012 (114)

A huge Louis Vuitton box is always good too!!  I was shocked!  Guy was so incredibly good to me!  Can you say spoiled?

Christmas 2012 (117)Christmas 2012 (119)

Todd, Diane, and the boys came over for mimosas, beignets, and presents too!

Christmas 2012 (121)

Auntie Val came over!

Christmas 2012 (125)

and Nonna and Papa too!

Christmas 2012 (126)


Christmas 2012 (128)Christmas 2012 (129)

More play-doh sets!  Notice her super cute mermaid slippers, those are from Ahta!

Christmas 2012 (132)

Our little Christmas beauty!  All dressed up on Christmas ready to go to Michelle and Joe’s for Christmas dinner with our entire family!

Christmas 2012 (134)

Layla, Daddy, Mommy and the belly (soon to be baby boy)

Christmas 2012 (141)

Merry Christmas from The Zavodnys!  The fam with Louis!

Christmas 2012 (144)

Layla and Ahta!  Beautiful girls all dressed and ready for our Christmas dinner party!

Christmas 2012 (146)

Opening presents from Auntie Michelle and Uncle Joe!

Christmas 2012 (148)

Oooh La La!  So fancy!  All dressed up in her Princess Ariel accessory kit!

Christmas 2012 (154)

Our little fam in front of Michelle and Joe’s HUGE Christmas tree!

Christmas 2012 (158)

With Nonna and Papa!

Christmas 2012 (159)

With Ahta!

Christmas 2012 (163)

With Nanny!

Christmas 2012 (167)

Layla, now dressed in her princess Tiana accessory set waiting to watch Nanny open her Christmas presents!

Christmas 2012 (169)

Nanny opening the door hanger Layla made for her at the at the paint your own ceramics shop!

Christmas 2012 (174)

Guy helping in the kitchen!

Christmas 2012 (176)

Sitting back and relaxing!  I am trying at least!  I have a huge belly on my lap and guy has a cup of delicious home made Capuozzo egg nog!  So not fair!  But all worth it in the long run!  I was just hoping that someone would be able to drive me to the hospital if my water broke!  And with that Capuozzo eggnog around that might be a tough call!

Christmas 2012 (177)

In her new Mulan night gown already and hanging out with Papa!

Christmas 2012 (182)

A cuddle with Nanny!

Christmas 2012 (187)

And a snuggle with Uncle Joe in her new princess sleeping back from Lauren and Shawn!

Christmas 2012 (188)

The best news on Christmas is that Michelle and Joe are expecting a baby in July!!  SO SO SO happy for them!  Congratulations Michelle and Joe!  We can’t wait to meet Baby Ross! 

Layla got to spend the night at Michelle and Joe’s on Christmas night, she was super stoked!

The only time my ankles and feet got super swollen was the couple days around Christmas!  All of the rich food, stress, and being on y feet a bunch!  A couple baths and the swelling went down.  Nothing like the end of my pregnancy with Layla!

At some point a couple days after Christmas I got a brutal little cold, we think someone was sick on Christmas because a few of us got sick!  Not what I needed to go into labor with!

December 28th                                                2pm two contractions in a row within 13 minutes!  Guy came home from work but they stopped!

December 29th Baby Sam’s Due Date 40 Weeks

HUGE!!! and Due today!  Dr. appointment today!  Baby still hadn’t dropped, cervix still high and thick.  Doctor wanted me to walk!  Guy went back to work, so I went to Target on the way home from my appointment.  I parked FAR away and walked, walked the entire store and then when I got home took a walk around the two blocks surrounding our house in our neighborhood twice that afternoon!

Sam First 10 days Jan 2-2012 Jan 12-2012 191Sam First 10 days Jan 2-2012 Jan 12-2012 192Sam First 10 days Jan 2-2012 Jan 12-2012 193Sam First 10 days Jan 2-2012 Jan 12-2012 194Sam First 10 days Jan 2-2012 Jan 12-2012 195

A Trip to the Hospital or two

December 31st 2011

To the hospital at 7:37am then home again at 9:41 

10:12pm on our way back to the hospital, signed in the hospital at 10:25 pm then home again at 12:27am on January 1st…