February 2012

Feb 2012 002

February 2nd

One Month Old!

Weight 9 pounds 8 ounces 42%, Height 22 1/4 inches 78%, Head Circumference 15 48% on 2/6/2012.  Sam also started smiling about 4 to 5 weeks old which for a mama is one of the best feelings in the world!

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This is the way she came home from school?!  Awesome blue armpits!

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February 3rd

Feb 2012 036Feb 2012 039

How we found Layla sleeping all snuggled up under her sleeping bag!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 001

Getting dressed in his very first Mickey Mouse onsie for his first trip to Disneyland!

Sam’s First Trip to Disneyland!                   (1 Month Old)


First family of 4 photo at the Disneyland entrance!

Photo0027FourBySixFeb 2012 Sm Cam 002

Popcorn in line waiting for the princesses!


I love this picture of Layla and Minnie Mouse!  We used this one for her Mickey and Minnie themed 4th Birthday Party Invite!

Photo0057FourBySixFeb 2012 Sm Cam 018

Minnie was loving Baby Sam!


Mickey so sweetly brushed Layla’s hair out of her face!


Mickey Mouse was also totally into Baby Sam!

Photo0070FourBySixPhoto0073FourBySixFeb 2012 Sm Cam 028Feb 2012 Sm Cam 032Feb 2012 Sm Cam 036Feb 2012 Sm Cam 038Feb 2012 Sm Cam 041Feb 2012 Sm Cam 042Feb 2012 Sm Cam 045

Ahta being silly with Sam!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 049

Ahta waited with Sam so I could go on the rockets with Layla!  It had been so long since I was able to go on them with her and I couldn’t wait!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 052

Layla and Mommy on the Rockets together again!

February 4th


Nicole got tickets for self to go see an amateur production of Pinkalicious!  Layla loved it!  It was very cute!  Layla got a little present before the play, a Pincalicious plush doll and a Pinkalicious wand too!

Feb 2012 045Feb 2012 Sm Cam 056Feb 2012 Sm Cam 057Feb 2012 Sm Cam 060Feb 2012 Sm Cam 061Feb 2012 Sm Cam 064

Layla with her surprise Pinkalicious plush doll!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 066

Standing in front of the stage!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 068

With Pinkalicious after the play!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 069

With the rest of the cast after the play!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 070

Enjoying Pinkalicious’ favorite, pink cupcakes, after the show!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 073


February 5th

Feb 2012 050

Sam and Papa!

February 6th

5 Weeks Old!

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My boys!

Feb 2012 064

Poor baby boy had shots at his 1 month appointment!

Feb 2012 067

Feb 2012 068

Feb 2012 069

Tubby time!  Sam always pees as soon as he is placed in the warm water! so to avoid getting a pee shower I had to be quick to cover up the little boy hose!

February 7th

Feb 2012 070

February 10th

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 075

Legoland with our friends Hayden and Arden!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 077

February 11th

Sam’s Open House

As we did with Layla, we hosted a huge Open House for Sam.  We invited friends, family, and neighbors to come meet Sam, mingle, eat and drink!  It was a very special day.  Sam is so lucky to have so many people want to come and be a part of his life!

Feb 2012 074

Baby Sam with Jill!

Feb 2012 076

Abby holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 077

Shannon with Baby Sam!  She is expecting a baby boy in June too!

Feb 2012 079

Layla and Arden!

Feb 2012 084

Kacen, one of my former 4th grade students holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 085

Eileen holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 088

Dawn holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 089

Layla, party ready in her Little Mermaid costume with her baby dolls in their stroller!

Feb 2012 091

Jocelyn holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 092

Alicia holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 093

Andrew holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 094

Brenton holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 096

Layla getting her soccer groove on all princessed up!

Feb 2012 098

Joe holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 100

Linda holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 101

Aleksandra holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 103

Kelly holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 104

Sydney holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 105

Brenda and Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 107

Hank and Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 110

Kisses from Kim for Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 111

A proud Nonna with her Baby Sam!

February 13th

Feb 2012 114Feb 2012 115Feb 2012 116

Working hard making homemade Valentines!

6 Weeks Old

Feb 2012 118Feb 2012 120

Beautiful Sam Smiles!

Up close photos of our precious boy!

Feb 2012 123Feb 2012 124

Tiny ears,

Feb 2012 126


Feb 2012 127

and fingers!

February 14th

Valentine’s Day!

January 2012 219 Vday Card

Our 2012 Valentine’s Card picture!

Feb 2012 131

The three loves of my life!

Feb 2012 139

My two littlest Valentine’s!

Feb 2012 142

Layla and Ahta on Valentine’s morning!  Ahta stopped by to drop of some Valentine’s treats for the kiddos!

Feb 2012 143Feb 2012 144Feb 2012 146

Valentine’s Day cheek kisses!

Disneyland on Valentine’s Day!

One day a year, on Valentine’s Day, the princes are with the princesses!  Nonna, Layla, Sam and I went together to meet some princes!  It was adorable!


We met Ariel’s prince, Prince Eric.


The Prince from Snow White!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 095

and Cinderella’s prince, Prince Charming!


After a group photo with Prince Charming and Cinderella we were off to Pixie Hollow!

Photo0101FourBySixFeb 2012 Sm Cam 102

At Pixie Hollow we saw Vidia!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 103Photo0102FourBySix

And Tinkerbell of course


We had a wonderful day at Disneyland!  Then we went home to meet our princes, Papa and Guy to have a traditional linguini with Clam Sauce Valentine’s Day dinner!  It is our way of turning a sad day for our family into one where we can be together and enjoy each other’s company!

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 107

Lots of Valentine treats for our Valentines!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 109

Papa with his little Valentines

Donna cam Jan 2012 032Donna cam Jan 2012 035

Our little heart breaker giving Papa some much needed Valentine’s Day loving!

February 15th

Dentist Appointment

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 111Feb 2012 Sm Cam 112

Layla did awesome and remains in the “No Cavity Club!”

Visiting Nanny

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 118

After the dentist we all went out to visit Nanny at the Rehab center at Casa de Las Campanas where she was healing and doing amazing getting better from her back surgery!  We spent a few hours and played a board game with Nanny!  The kids sure do brighten her day!

February 16th

Preschool Story Time at the Library!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 119

The owl Layla made at Preschool Story Time!

February 17th

Visiting Daddy at Price Smart

We finally took Sam in to meet Guy’s co-workers, boss, and assistants at Price Smart!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 121

Sammy with Hazel!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 122

Daddy with his kiddos at work!

February 18th

Watching Dax Play Baseball

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 124

A Visit to Nonna & Papa’s House

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 125

February 19th

Feb 2012 150

Louie resting his head on Sammy while Sammy sleeps on Guy!  So sweet!

Feb 2012 152

My boys!  I love being able to say that now!

Feb 2012 155

Making Fried Chicken with Daddy and Uncle Joe!

Feb 2012 156Feb 2012 158Feb 2012 160

Me and my sweet baby boy!

Feb 2012 161

So handsome!

Feb 2012 164

Teaching Uncle Joe how to give a baby a bath!

Feb 2012 168Feb 2012 172

Playing Dress-Up with Uncle Joe and Bailey!

February 20th


Feb 2012 Sm Cam 126

Legoland with Carson, Avery and Melissa!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 127Feb 2012 Sm Cam 128Feb 2012 Sm Cam 129

7 Weeks Old

Feb 2012 176Feb 2012 180

February 21st

 Feb 2012 183

February 23rd

Feb 2012 185

Beautiful Lana holding Baby Sam!

Feb 2012 188

Big Sammy holding Baby Sammy!

Feb 2012 189Feb 2012 190

A visit from Lana and Sammy!

February 23rd

Feb 2012 193

February 24th

Open Gym

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 130

Layla practicing her skills and having fun!  Balancing,

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 132


Feb 2012 Sm Cam 143

and rolling around being silly!

Watching El Camino High School Playoff Basketball!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 145Feb 2012 Sm Cam 147

It was fun to “style” Sammy in his basketball beanie for the basketball playoff game!

February 25th

Working in the Garden with Daddy!

Feb 2012 194Feb 2012 195Feb 2012 197Feb 2012 198Feb 2012 199

Messy fun with potting soil!

Feb 2012 205

What Sammy was doing while sister was gardening!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 150

Popcicles & Barbeque at the Bottoms’

February 27th

Meeting the Illustrator of Fancy Nancy

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 156

On a very rainy February night we went to Barnes and Noble to meet Robin Preiss Glasser the Illustrator of the Fancy Nancy books!  She was quite fancy herself!  She read the newest Fancy Nancy book Fancy Nancy and The Mermaid Ballet and talked to the kids about what it takes to become an illustrator or anything you want to be, practice!  Then she autographed all of our Fancy Nancy books!  It was a fun family night out!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 158

Talking about becoming an illustrator and reading the book.

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 161

Autographing Layla’s Fancy Nancy books!

Feb 2012 Sm Cam 165

8 Weeks Old

Feb 2012 209Feb 2012 213

February 29th

Backyard Synthetic Lawn Installation

After years of battling to have a nice green lawn in the back yard we decided it was time to go to a synthetic turf!  Here are the pictures of the process!  we love the final product!  It is green and beautiful all year around with really no maintenance at all!

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Happy boy and happy Mama!

Feb 2012 238