March 2012


March 1st                                                            On March 2nd Sam turned 2 months old!  At his two month baby well visit he weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces (44%), was 23 inches (55%) and his head circumference was 15 1/4 (23%).   At this point he was still battling the clogged tear duct and the infection that often times goes with it!  You will notice krusties and eye boogers on one of his eyes in some of the photos, this is caused by the infection and clogged tear duct.  He was sleeping through the night but loved to be right with his mama as much as possible!  He loves Layla and is just a happy and easy baby.  I did notice a distinct difference between he and Layla in that he is much stronger and more active than she ever was at this age!

March 2012 002March 2012 005March 2012 008March 2012 015March 2012 016

Sam  getting so much better at tummy time holding his head up for longer!

March 2012 017March 2012 018March 2012 022March 2012 023

March 2nd

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday by making and reading Green Eggs and Ham

March 2012 025

Layla helped scramble the eggs, put the green food coloring in the eggs and on the ham and she also helped sprinkle cheese in the eggs while they were cooking!

March 2012 027

Layla with her Green Eggs and Ham!

March 2012 030

Building block castles!

2 Months Old!

March 2012 033March 2012 036March 2012 041March 2012 189March 2012 192March 2012 196March 2012 048March 2012 050

March 3rd

March 2012 055

One of the best, sweetest and most wonderful bonding moments with our babies has been to shower with them.  Sammy with Daddy in Sammy’s first shower!

March 2012 062

Hanging out on the awesome new backyard “grass!”

March 2012 066

March 3rd was also the day of the amazing 40th Birthday Bash we threw for Nicole at Stone!  Layla also had her first ride in  a limo that day!  I was bummed to miss her first limo ride but was busy doing set up at Stone!

March 2012 069March 2012 074March 2012 076

She was very cool in her sunglasses and very concerned about wearing her seatbelt and buckling up for safety in the limo!

Spring 2012 001Spring 2012 008

The set up crew,  Me, Dave T. and Valerie enjoying a well deserved first beer before the guests arrived!

March 2012 081

March 2012 082

March 2012 086

March 2012 091

March 2012 100

March 2012 103

March 2012 105

March 2012 111

March 2012 112

March 2012 114

March 2012 117

March 2012 120

March 2012 124

March 2012 125

March 2012 131

March 2012 137

March 2012 143

March 2012 146March 2012 148

March 2012 154March 2012 156March 2012 158March 2012 166March 2012 171

Layla enjoying one of Mommy’s homemade red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!  Yum!

March 2012 172March 2012 174March 2012 175March 2012 176March 2012 178Spring 2012 013

The group that rode home in the limo.

March 2012 183

Jason came to pick people up and drive them home so he got to meet Sam!

March 2012 184

Guy and his babies after a beer infused day!

March 4th

March 2012 186

Layla washing Mommy’s car in a bathing suit that is still a bit big!

Spring 2012 014

Joel holding Sam for the first time.

March 5th

9 Weeks Old!

March 2012 203March 2012 209March 2012 211Spring 2012 015

Lauren was able to meet Sam on a lunch date at Ruby’s.  Lauren works in Carlsbad a few days a week so we decided to meet for lunch now and then so we get to see each other and spend some time!

March 7th


Nicole took Layla up to Disneyland for the day to meet up with her friend Alexis, who lives in Texas and her family.  Layla and Alexis’ daughter Olivia really hit it off and enjoyed spending the day together!  Here they are with Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  Which is currently one of Layla’s favorite shows!


Layla with Jake!  This was the first time she met Jake at Disney California Adventure!


Hugs for Dale!  I love that she was wearing her hat!


Layla with Chip and Dale!


Layla with Aviator Minnie!


Olivia and Layla with Woody!

March 2012 213

While sister was away at Disneyland Sam slept!

March 10th

March 2012 215

Daddy and Sam hanging out in the Roerig’s front yard!

March 2012 220

Hanging out in the Roerig’s front yard eating powdered sugar doughnuts!

March 11th

Park day with Daddy! We went as a little family to Hidden Canyon Park, played , rested on our picnic blanket and soaked up the sun!

Spring 2012 018

Daddy and Sam

Spring 2012 021

Some sister lovin’ for Sam!

Spring 2012 022

My three favorite people in the whole world!

Spring 2012 023

Layla showing off some of her balancing skills!  So much improved with all of the practice at gymnastics!

Spring 2012 026

Awesome job Layla!

Spring 2012 034

Me and my beautiful babies!

March 12th

We were so excited for Ellery’s trip out for her spring break!  Layla and I made a sign to hold up at the airport, that said, “Welcome back Ellery we missed you!”

March 2012 224March 2012 225

Here we are waiting for Ellery at the Orange County airport!

March 2012 227March 2012 229

Yay Miss Ellery is here!!!  We had tons of fun stuff planned for her spring break week with us!

Ellery Cam March 2012 Visit 002

A happy girl because Ellery is here!

Ellery march 2012 005

We went and had dinner with Nanny straight away the day Ellery got here!  I always try to make sure that Ellery gets lots of time with the family!  It is the right thing to do and it is important to us too!

March 13th                                                      Ellery has an awesome camera and takes amazing pictures!  She went for it while she was here and got some awesome ones of the kids!  Thank you photographer Ellery!  You can be our family “photog” any time you are in town!

Ellery march 2012 020Ellery march 2012 021Ellery march 2012 026Ellery march 2012 030Ellery march 2012 036Ellery march 2012 043Ellery march 2012 044March 2012 230

10 Weeks Old!

Ellery march 2012 055Ellery march 2012 061March 2012 240Ellery march 2012 071

OMG I love this one!


Ellery also made the rounds with us to all of the fun stuff we do every week!  She went with us to gymnastics, story time at the library and preschool!  Layla was so proud and excited to have Ellery with her at all of her special activities!

Spring 2012 035

Ellery taking a turn burping Sam while watching Layla at gymnastics!

Spring 2012 037

Ellery with Sam and Layla at Sam’s first ever SMART Babies baby storytime!

Spring 2012 039

Ellery posing with Layla outside of her preschool!

March 2012 245

Layla and Ellery cooking!  Something delicious I am sure!

March 2012 247

Kisses for the cooks!

March 2012 250

Bath time!

March 14th

A lunch date at Nanny’s and another awesome photo shoot by Ellery!


Me and my beautiful baby boy!


Sammy and Nanny!


Tummy time photos at Nanny’s




So handsome, even with boogers in your nose!

My beautiful babies!




Baby bliss!  I wished and hoped for him and love every single sleep deprived moment!


Nanny and Sammy were having a talk!  Nanny was talking in a very animated voice as only Nanny can do and Sammy was cooing and talking back!  It was precious!


I love his little folded hands!  So stinkin’ sweet!


Such a handsome boy!

March 15th


Ellery also accompanied us to Preschool Story time!


I believe the letter of the day was “S” and this is the spider Layla made with Ellery’s help!


Ellery also joined me to pick up our CSA!  These were the beautiful veggies we were stoked to find in our share this week!

Then we took Ellery out to sushi on a Thursday at The Love Boat!  Thursday is when the karaoke DJ is there!  Super fun!


Diana joined us for dinner and danced with Layla!  Layla requested The Jackson Five’s ABC-123!

March 16th

Disneyland with Ellery!


All geared up and ready for a day at Disneyland!



While the girls were in line for the tea cups Guy was messing around with Ellery’s camera and captured this one of Sam hanging out in his car seat!  We ended up blowing it up and having it put in canvas for our bedroom because it is such a great picture of him!


In line for the tea cups


We had a blast on the tea cups!  We were all laughing so hard!


Churro girl!




Somewhere under that Dale hat is a passed out Layla!


This is what she looked like when we got to the car!  It was a fun and tiring day at Disneyland!  Thanks for joining us Ellery!

March 17th

St Patrick’s Day  aka St. Jamison’s Day

Every year on St. Paddy’s Day the leprechauns come cause mischief in our house and play tricks on us!   This year they forgot to flush leaving green leprechaun pee in the toilets, trails of shamrocks, gold and chocolate coins all over the house!


Leprechaun pee in the pottys!


Shamrocks, gold, and chocolate coins!

After cleaning up the leprechaun’s mess we hosted the whole family for a traditional American St. Patrick’s Day dinner!   We wanted everyone to get an opportunity to see Ellery and we turned it into a fun cousin night after the “grown-ups” left.  We had corned beef (that Guy corned himself of course), potatoes, cabbage, rye bread(that guy baked), and the most amazing chocolate Guinness cupcakes with Jameson chocolate ganache filling and Bailey’s frosting!


Hayden came down from LA and met and held Sam for the first time!  He was a little freaked out but was pretty good with him!


Layla’s St. Paddy’s Day outfit!


Beauties in green!


Hayden and Layla!


Sam and Uncle Joe!


Angela and Mark in their Irish gear!


Nanny, Sammy and Uncle Joe!


Michelle powering her cupcake!  We had to make hers a virgin being  pregnant!


Here they are!  AMAZING!  We will definitely be making them again!


Layla and Papa!


Nonna and Layla!


Super cute picture of Layla with Uncle Joe


A family St. Paddy’s Day picture of all of us in our green!


This is what happens after too much Jameson!  Joe got a Z shaved into the back of his head!  The boys all got pretty ridiculous!  LOTS of Jameson was consumed.  LOTS!

March 18th

The next morning Layla, Sammy, and I went up to Temecula for Carson’s Star Wars Themed Birthday Party!

Spring 2012 040

Helping to bring order to the galaxy!

Spring 2012 041Spring 2012 042

After bringing order to the galaxy, Layla earned her Jedi robe!

Spring 2012 044

Once she was ready in her Jedi robe she had to search for asteroids!  Each asteroid had a treat inside!

Spring 2012 045

Then she got her rad homemade pink light saber!

Spring 2012 048

Pizza, “Obi Wan Kabobi” fruit kabobs, and some “Yoda soda”  fueled the Jedis.

Spring 2012 050

Then it was time to sing “Happy Birthday” to Carson!

Spring 2012 051

And have some cupcakes and light saber pretzel rods!

Spring 2012 053

Layla with the birthday boy, Jedi Carson.

Spring 2012 054

Carson and Sam!

Spring 2012 057

Jedi Carson is also a baby whisperer!

March 19th                                                     Sadly we had to drop Ellery off at the airport for her journey home!   We had a wonderful week with her and can’t wait to see her again soon!  We love you “teenager!”

11 Weeks Old!

March 2012 270March 2012 273March 2012 275

Such a happy boy!  I love his beautiful smile

March 2012 277

Perfectly precious!

March 2012 278

March 21st

March 2012 285

Sammy loves bath time!

March 2012 286March 2012 289

March 22nd

March 2012 292

I need to carry a load of laundry and Sammy, so I put Sammy in the laundry basket, problem solved!

March 23rd

A Mini Vacation Getaway to Palm Desert

We wanted to get out to the desert to take Sam and Layla to see the Aunts.  Aunt Lila had not seen Layla in a long time and we wanted her to meet Sam as well.  We also wanted to spend some time with Aunt Donna and Aunt Carol!  When we go to the Desert Layla loves to go to the Children’s Museum!

March 2012 295

Using a pulley

March 2012 296March 2012 300

March 2012 301March 2012 304

Digging for fossils and taking some field notes.

March 2012 307March 2012 310

And Painting the Volkswagon bug pink!  She started out clean, had so much fun and ended up covered with paint!  She had pink paint up to her elbows, on her face, in her hair, on her dress and all over her shoes!  It was classic!  She was pink for 2 days!

March 2012 311  March 2012 312March 2012 317March 2012 319March 2012 322March 2012 326

Awesome!!  Pink IS one of her favorite colors!

March 2012 332

Climbing the rock wall!

March 2012 333

Grocery shopping,  ringing up groceries, and restocking groceries in the grocery store.

March 2012 338

Making pizzas, taking orders for pizzas as a server and ordering them as a customer.

March 2012 343

Driving the police motorcycle.

March 2012 348

And playing dress up are all part of an epic day at the Children’s Museum of the Desert.

March 2012 350March 2012 352

Then some fun outside in the yard of the Children’s Museum in the sun with Daddy!  Guy was beaning her with the ball, literally pegging her in the head!

March 2012 354

Throwing her up in the air,

March 2012 356

and flying her like an air plane!

Spring 2012 059

After dinner at the Yardhouse we took a stroll around The River shopping center and spotted this awesome gigantic pig statue!

March 24th

Nothing like a good night sleep in a cozy hotel bed!

March 2012 360March 2012 365

Peaceful, beautiful, sleeping boy!

March 2012 367

Aunt Donna presented Guy and I with two absolutely amazing, touching gifts.  She made quilts for each of the kids.  One representing Janet for Layla with cooking and recipe material and a piece of one of Janet’s shirts in the shape of a book, because like Layla Grandma J loved to read.  It says, “Layla Grace Keeping you warm & close to us, though unseen, we are always near you, Grandma J & Grandpa Sam”

March 2012 368

And one for Sam that represents Sam, Guy’s Dad with Marine Corps fabric, waves and a fish because Grandpa Sam liked to fish.  It says,”Samuel Charles, Keeping you warm & close to us, though unseen, we are always near you.  Grandpa Sam & Grandma J”

Thank you Aunt Donna for the beautiful touching gifts!  We will treasure them always!

March 2012 374

Sammy with Aunt Donna.

March 2012 376

Sammy with Aunt Diana.

March 2012 386

Reading bedtime stories with Aunt Donna the night Guy and I went out on a Date night!

March 25th

March 2012 388

Soaking him in!

March 2012 394

Sam wearing his, “I love my auntie” onesie with his auntie.

March 2012 400

Nicole, myself and the kids with Aunt Lila and Cousin Eric during our visit.  It was a nice trip out to the desert!  Being able to see and spend time with the aunts means a lot to us!

March 26th

Legoland with The Casady’s

Spring 2012 060Spring 2012 063Spring 2012 064Spring 2012 065

This was Layla’s first time on the jousting horses!  We had to fib about her age a little, shhhh don’t tell anyone!

Spring 2012 066Spring 2012 068Spring 2012 069Spring 2012 070Spring 2012 072

Let’s hope this is the only time she is ever on the hood of a limo!

12 Weeks Old

March 2012 402March 2012 409March 2012 410March 2012 413

First trip out in the Double BOB!

Guy brought home the Double BOB or the BOB Dualie  I was super stoked!  Thanks babe!

March 2012 416March 2012 420

March 28th

March 2012 423

Play time on the play mat!

March 29th

Layla Gets Her Library Card!

One day after Preschool Story Time at the library I told Layla that I had a surprise for her!  She was very excited of course.  We walked up to the area where you fill out the application for a library card and I had her write her name on the line which said “name!  Then I told her what the surprise was!  She was so happy!  She has been waiting a long time for her own library card! The library’s requirements to obtain a library card is to be able to write your own name, which Layla can do very well now!  She knows how special this is, she loves books and loves the library!  Congratulations on your own library card big girl!  We are very proud of you!

Spring 2012 074

Writing her name like a big girl on the library card application!

Spring 2012 075

So proud and excited!

Spring 2012 076Spring 2012 077

Her complete library card application!

Spring 2012 078

Waiting for her application to be processed!

Spring 2012 079

Signing her name on the back of her very own library card!

Spring 2012 081

Layla’s first and very own library card!  Such a big girl!

March 30th

The San Diego Safari Park with Melissa, her mom Sharron, Carson and Avery!  This was Sam’s first ever trip too!

Spring 2012 082Spring 2012 083

Layla and Carson really enjoyed the new bat exhibit!

Spring 2012 084

It was also butterfly time at the park!  The kids were really into the butterflies!

Spring 2012 085Spring 2012 087

This man had two butterflies sitting on his head!

Spring 2012 089Spring 2012 090

Layla was into it, searching for butterflies and trying to find them on the informational card with the pictures

Spring 2012 091

One butterfly loved Melissa’s Petunia Pickle Bottom baby bag!

Spring 2012 092Spring 2012 093Spring 2012 097

We also enjoyed watching the elephants! There were two very little baby elephants, one was staying right with mom and the other was off getting into trouble rolling around in and throwing elephant poop with its trunk!  The kids thought it was hilarious!

Spring 2012 098

Checking out the sights!

Spring 2012 100

Taking a little break!

Spring 2012 103

Carson and Layla pose for a photo opportunity on the big rhino!  You have to  love Carson’s face in the next picture!

Spring 2012 104


Spring 2012 106

Layla, Sammy and I stayed for a ride on the carousel.

Spring 2012 107

This was Sam’s first carousel ride!

Spring 2012 108Spring 2012 109

A photo of the three of us on Sam’s first trip to The San Diego Safari Park!  It will always be The San Diego Wild Animal Park to me!

March 31st

Layla’s preschool The Mira Costa Child Development Center hosts and annual art show where each child gets to show his or her family artwork they have done.   It was held on a Saturday afternoon on the day of  one of Guy and my Broadway plays.  Nonna and Papa joined us at the art show  after babysitting for us while we were at the  play.  Layla was very proud to show off her beautiful piece that was displayed!

March 2012 426March 2012 429March 2012 431

The one piece of Layla’s art that was displayed was a clay and mixed media vase that she made!

March 2012 432