April 2012

April 2012 001

Here is the annual “On The Easter Bunny’s lap” photo!  This year with two of our babies!

April 1st

April 2012 514 (3)

Just passed out on our bedroom floor!  She wrapped herself in a Louis Vuitton ribbon!

April 2012 514 (5)

Beautiful girl!

April 2012 514 (9)

Someone else was passed out too!

April 2012 514 (10)

Later that day we came home to find Uncle Dave T. had left a surprise in the front yard!  A mini snowman!  Thank you Uncle Dave T. you rock!

April 2012 514 (12)

Layla and her snowman!

April 2nd

April 2012 514 (13)

Some side walk chalk fun in the drive way!

April 2012 514 (14)April 2012 514 (15)April 2012 514 (16)April 2012 514 (19)

Our handsome little boy in his Bob Marley onesie which used to belong to his sister!

3 Months Old & 13 Weeks Old

April 2012 514 (21)April 2012 514 (26)April 2012 514 (31)April 2012 514 (35)April 2012 514 (36)April 2012 514 (46)April 2012 514 (47)

Awesome pic of a barf happening!  Mid spit-up photo!

April 2012 514 (51)April 2012 514 (74)

3 month old baby Sam and a very proud big sister Layla!

April 3rd

April 2012 514 (1)April 2012 514 (79)April 2012 514 (82)

Oh how we love those beautiful smiles!

April 4th

Layla at Preschool Story Time, today’s project was to make an Easter “basket” for the Library Easter Egg hunt!

Spring 2012 110

Layla’s bunny “basket” complete!

Spring 2012 111

The hunt is on!

Spring 2012 113

Found some!

Spring 2012 116

Discovering the treasures within the eggs!

Spring 2012 117

Dumping all of the eggs into our basket so the library can reuse the eggs for years to come!

Our next Easter project was to fill eggs for our play group’s annual Easter egg hunt!  We turned this into a fun math lesson, counting out the number of jellybeans and robins eggs she put into each egg she was filling!  Of course she ate some along the way, what would be the fun if you couldn’t eat any candy while filling the eggs?

April 2012 003April 2012 004April 2012 006

Counting out jelly beans and eating some too!

April 2012 008

Concentrating hard, counting and eating!

After all of the plastic eggs were filled for our play group hunt and after Daddy got home we started yet another fun annual Easter project, dyeing Easter Eggs!  Layla loves dyeing eggs I think for her it is a super fun form of creativity and self expression!

April 2012 012April 2012 014April 2012 015

Guy always gets super creative while dyeing eggs, two toned, stripes, half and half…

April 2012 016April 2012 018April 2012 019

She dyed her fingers in the process too!  We always start out with a tool to help dip the eggs in the die but that eventually just goes out the window and we end up with crazy colored eggs and fingers too!

April 2012 021

Look at all of our beautiful dyed Easter eggs!

The final Easter project for that day was a new one for Guy and Layla!  They made homemade peeps together!  They turned out delicious and adorable!  This will become another annual Easter tradition!

April 2012 024

Filling the bunny shaped mold with delicious homemade marshmallows!

April 2012 027

After filling the bunny molds Layla got to lick the marshmallow off of the beater!

April 2012 028

I think there is more marshmallow on her face that in the mold!

April 2012 029

Marshmallow face, dyed finger hugs for Daddy!

April 2012 030April 2012 031

Finished homemade marshmallow peeps!

April 5th

Getting ready for the Annual Little Sprouts Play Group Easter Egg Hunt!

April 2012 033April 2012 035

My beautiful Layla bunny

April 2012 039

Some of The Little Sprouts getting ready to hunt!

April 2012 044

Hunting and finding eggs!

April 2012 045April 2012 048April 2012 051April 2012 052April 2012 055

Showing off her loot!

April 2012 057April 2012 058

Sammy slept through the hunt but we had to have a photo with his little brown bunny ears on for fun!

April 2012 060

Me and my bunnies!

April 7th

Sammy sitting in his Prince Lionheart seat for the very first time!

April 2012 062April 2012 063April 2012 069

He figured out how to spin the toy very quickly!!  Hitting it to make it go around and around!

April 8th

The kids finished Easter baskets!

April 2012 071April 2012 078

Easter 2012  April 9th

Finding her Easter basket on Easter morning!

April 2012 083April 2012 085

A very happy girl!

April 2012 090April 2012 091

Both of our little bunnies on Easter morning!

April 2012 097

Ahta stopped by for a bit to see the kids get their baskets and to bring them Easter treats of her own!

April 2012 099

LOVE!  Happy First Easter Sam!  We love you and are so glad you are part of our rad little family!

April 2012 108

Easter treat bucket from Ahta!

April 2012 111

First bite of the solid chocolate bunny, always the ears!

April 2012 113

Our beautiful little family!!

April 2012 122

Totally in love with my little family!

April 2012 124

Our family with Nonna and Papa!

April 2012 130

Layla and Sam with Nonna and Papa!

April 2012 132

Nonna and the kids.

April 2012 134

Layla Bunny!

April 2012 137

Sammy Bunny on his first Easter!

April 2012 142

Even some Easter lovin’ for the Loudog!

April 2012 145

Sammy passed out in Guy’s arms because having fun on his first Easter with the whole family is a lot of hard work for a baby!

April 2012 147

Layla with Alicia, Lauren and Shawn!


Best photo bomb picture ever!  Such a cute picture of Lauren and Shawn, then there is Layla Bunny in the background!

April 2012 151

Layla then took over the cameras and was telling people what to do, which bunny ears to wear, how to sit and even taking pictures!

April 2012 153

We made her be in some of the pictures too!

April 2012 164

We had a ton of fun taking silly pictures!

April 2012 167

My babies all tired out after a very happy Easter!

April 9th

April 2012 171

She loved dyeing eggs so much we did it again the next morning with the brown eggs we had in the fridge!

April 2012 174

This was the outfit she decided to sport after our morning session of egg dyeing!  Love the leg warmers with slaps and shorts!

April 2012 176

Little boy is getting much better at tummy time and starting to enjoy some toys on the play mat!

April 10th

April 2012 178

Both babies passed out in our bed one morning!  Love Layla’s little naked tush hanging out of her night gown!

14 weeks old!

April 2012 181

April 11th

April 2012 194

Wearing Daddy’s shoes

April 12th

Spring 2012 118

The outfit she chose to wear to a science experiment play date at the park!

Spring 2012 119Spring 2012 121Spring 2012 122

Vegetable or Canola oil, water, food coloring and Alka Seltzer!

April 13th

April 2012 196

Lou having some bonding time with Sam on the playmat!  So sweet, he wants to be right next to him!

April 2012 203

April 14th

Michelle, Joe, and Marty threw Karen a fabulous surprise birthday party for her 60th birthday! 

April 2012 204

Layla and Nonna.

April 2012 207

Nonna and Sam.

April 2012 209

Lauren and Sam.

April 2012 210

Steven and Hayden.

April 2012 215

Nanny and Sam.

April 2012 216

Layla looking fabulous!

April 2012 222

Me and my baby boy!

April 2012 224


April 2012 226

She was totally shocked!

April 2012 229

My boys are so handsome!

April 2012 231

Layla was having a ball running around the yard in her adorable pewter boots!

April 2012 234April 2012 241

Kisses for her brother.

April 2012 243

Layla and Bailey had a blast wresting!  Look at Layla’s hair!

April 2012 257April 2012 259

Nicole and Sam!

April 2012 265

Family photo!

April 2012 267

Steven and Sam.

April 2012 270

Dennis and Sam.

April 2012 271

The Birthday Girl!  Happy 60th Karen!

April 2012 275

At the end of the night Layla had fun jumping up and down on bubble wrap in her jammies!  What better way to end the night?

April 15th

April 2012 278

Layla has been really into Sid the Science Kid on PBS, a show about a boy who asks lots of questions and does investigations to find the answers to his questions.  So one day we did an investigation where we had her smell things she couldn’t see.  We covered things in red keg cups with foil and poked holes in the foil so she could smell what was inside.  We had her draw what she thought it was based on the smell!  It was a ton of fun!  She did really well guessing accurately too!

April 2012 279

Here she is smelling what it inside of the cup!

April 2012 282April 2012 285April 2012 287

and drawing what she thinks it is.

April 2012 288April 2012 289

and discovering what is actually inside of one of the cups when we revealed the contents by taking off the foil!  Some of the things we put in the cups were garlic, hard boiled eggs, chocolate, capers, cut up lemon…

April 2012 290

Later that day Layla did some naked beet peeling with Daddy after he roasted some beets from the CSA!

Spring 2012 123

Dinner at Joel’s

Spring 2012 124

April 16th

15 Weeks Old!

April 2012 295April 2012 299

April 17th

Layla loves helping cook dinner!  She wanted veggie kabobs and helped string all of the veggies and tofu onto the Kabobs!

April 2012 303April 2012 304

What a cutie workin’ so hard!

April 2012 305

Look at that face, so hard to get some of the veggies on the kabob!

April 20th

Sam hanging out in his seat!  He totally figured out how to spin the toy batting it with his hands!  Once he did it once he had it down!

April 2012 307April 2012 310

Celebrating Earth Day

I took Layla to the Earth Day project The Little Sprouts playgroup hosted where we made an awesome caterpillar in a stocking with soil and grass seed!

Spring 2012 128

Layla filled her stoking with soil and grass seed.

Spring 2012 129Spring 2012 131

Here is the finished caterpillar!  Now we just had to wait and watch it “grow”

Spring 2012 132

Finished caterpillar!  Pictures to follow of the fully grown caterpillar!

April 21st

Family Zoo outing!

Spring 2012 133

Flamingos and peacocks!

Spring 2012 134Spring 2012 135

We saw monkeys,

Spring 2012 137Spring 2012 138

and Layla monkeys too!

Spring 2012 140

Posing on the big hippo.

Spring 2012 142

Our first family photo at the San Diego Zoo documenting Sammy’s first trip!

Spring 2012 144

The doodle at Elephant Odyssey

Spring 2012 146

Layla enjoying a soft serve ice cream cone!  Guy and I couldn’t even help her lick the drips because we were on the 12 day cleanse!  We brought our healthy snacks and made it through the day at the zoo!

Spring 2012 148

Layla and Guy checking out the giraffes, Guy’s favorite!

Spring 2012 152

Me and my kiddos checking out the zebras!

Spring 2012 153

Some change for a good cause!

Spring 2012 161

A photo by the San Diego Zoo sign to commemorate Sammy’s first trip to the zoo!

Spring 2012 162

After the zoo we walked over to take a ride on the rails!  My first ride on the Balboa Park Railroad with Layla and Sam’s first ride ever!  Fun day of firsts!

Spring 2012 154Spring 2012 155Spring 2012 156Spring 2012 158Spring 2012 160

On our way home after the zoo and the Balboa Park Railroad we stopped at Trader Joes where Layla got to push her very own little shopping cart for one of the very first times!

Spring 2012 163

Layla and her little cart!

Spring 2012 164

There she goes!

Spring 2012 165Spring 2012 166

All full and waiting in line!

Spring 2012 168

One last pose with her little cart!  I cant remember if this is just before it got knocked over or right after!

Layla’s pajama choice for the night because she and Daddy were going camping in the backyard!

April 2012 313

Layla and Daddy in the tent!  Books, a Tupperware full of popcorn and flashlights!  Yep, they are all set!  Guy is such a good daddy!  Sweet dreams!  Mommy and Sammy slept in the warm house, Sam is still to little to tent camp!

April 2012 314

April 22nd

April 2012 318

So darn cute in his dino jammies!

April 2012 325

April 23rd

Spring 2012 169

Out to lunch with Lauren at The Corner Bakery!

16 Weeks Old!

April 2012 326April 2012 330April 2012 336April 2012 338

My loves!

April 26th – Ho-ho came to town!

Our very good friend Tim Moslof aka Ho ho, or the fish whisperer, came into town and stayed with us!  It was awesome to have him here and to get to spend some time with him.  It was also great  for him to see Layla, he hadn’t seen her since she was 4 months old and to meet Sam for the first time!

April 2012 341

Sam and Ho ho!

April 2012 343

Layla, Sam and Ho ho!

Spring 2012 170

Ho-ho got to come with us to all sorts of fun places, preschool, Sam’s first swim lesson, and date night with Guy and Sam and I!

Spring 2012 171

Date night with my boys and Ho-ho too!

April 27th

Painting ceramics at Clay ‘n Latte is one of Layla’s favorite fun things to do!

Spring 2012 172

I think today’s ceramics project was to paint some Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts for people we love, I can’t remember which!

Spring 2012 173

Painting mugs and giving cheesy grins!

April 2012 344

Our finished Earth Day Project, the Caterpillar!

April 28th

Spring 2012 174

The Vista Farmer’s Market with Ho- Ho!

Spring 2012 175

Mmmm  fresh watermelon lemonade!

April 2012 347

Dog pile on Daddy!

April 2012 349

We got the excer-saucer out of storage for Sammy and Layla had a blast cleaning it with bleach wipes for me!  That’s my girl!

April 2012 350

Cleaning away, just like her Mama!

April 2012 353

Next, a little balance bike riding!  Love the shirt!

April 2012 355

and the face!  She was eating something chocolate…

April 2012 356

then got into Diane’s mascara!

April 2012 358

Diane and Sam!

April 2012 360

Dog pile on Daddy!

April 29th

First time in the Excersaucer

April 2012 362

Sammy’s first time in the Excersaucer!

April 2012 366

And loving it!!

April 2012 368

Awww look at those little feeties in the bottom of the excersaucer!!  Oh, how I just love them!

April 2012 373

Of course Layla wanted to show her baby brother how everything worked!

April 2012 375

He was just taking it all in!  So many fun new toys, colors, sounds and things to touch!

April 2012 376

Some Layla and Louis lovin’

April 2012 377

Awww!  A girl and her dog!

April 30th 

Sam’s First Swim Lesson, 17 weeks Old

April 2012 382

Layla and Sam were both going to have lessons, Layla was returning to swim after a little break and Sam was starting lessons for the very first time!  I had to have swim stuff for everybody, including myself since I was required to get in the pool with Sam!  Layla was a huge help, she was able to get her self ready and help by carrying the swim bag, and me things I needed, and throw away wet diapers…

April 2012 384

Getting Sam into his swim diapers for the first time!

April 2012 385

In the pool!

April 2012 390

Sam and Mommy in the pool!

April 2012 396

Sam, Layla and Mommy with Mr. Nick their swim instructor!

April 2012 397

Nick taking Sam for a spin in the water for the first time!

17 Weeks Old!

Watch the progression of these photos!  It is hilarious! 

April 2012 398

In this first one he seems to be fine, his adorable little self!  Then…

April 2012 401

Big boo boo lip, he starts to lose it,

April 2012 402

he has totally lost it!!  Then…

April 2012 403

Fine again!!  Classic!

April 2012 407

and happy in the arms of his awesome big sister!