May 2012

May 2nd

4 Months Old!

May 2012 001May 2012 003May 2012 004

Making pizzas at Round Table with my Nonna!

Spring 2012 176

First, docking the skin, or dough!

Spring 2012 178

Next spreading sauce,

Spring 2012 179


Spring 2012 181

and toppings!

Spring 2012 182

Then hanging out with Nonna and Papa while we wait to eat our pizza!

May 4th

I braved Disneyland with both kids by myself and it was pretty easy!  Go me!  Sleeping Sam in the Ergo at Disneyland!

Spring 2012 183Spring 2012 184

Layla in line for Dumbo

Spring 2012 185

Dumbo!  One of our favorite rides!

Spring 2012 186

Cheesy Layla and Mommy smiles on Dumbo!

Spring 2012 190

Layla’s big beautiful smiles on the teacups!

Spring 2012 191

It’s a Small World!

Spring 2012 194

Layla is kissing her new princess autograph book!

Spring 2012 196

Running up to see Ariel!

Spring 2012 199

The three of us with Princess Ariel!

Spring 2012 200

Running up to see Belle!

Spring 2012 205

Autographs from Princess Jasmine!

Spring 2012 208

Waiting to hear a story told by Sleeping Beauty!

Spring 2012 210

Story time with Sleeping Beauty!

May 5th

Michelle Ross’ Baby Shower!

Spring 2012 212

Angela with Sam!

Spring 2012 213

Me and my girl!

Spring 2012 214

Lauren with Sammy!


Sam and Diana


Here are some awesome shots Alicia took of Sam and Layla!


So cute!!


Mmmm Cupcakes!


Cousin hands on Michelle’s Baby Bump!


Cute cousin pic, gosh my legs are WHITE!!


Layla and Shad rolling around having a ball together!


Spring 2012 215IMG_1822

Sleeping Sam!

Spring 2012 216

Drunk Guy and Joe!

Spring 2012 218

Madison with Sam!

Spring 2012 219

Layla took this photo of Guy, Sam and I!

Spring 2012 223

Mr. and Mrs. Ross, Joe’s Parents!  Layla took this one too!

Spring 2012 232

The Onesie Layla made for Jackson!

Spring 2012 233

One of Diana taken by none other than Layla Grace!

May 6th

Junior Seau Memorial Paddle Out

We walked down to Wisconsin Street beach to watch the memorial paddle out.  It was extremely touching, a sad and joyful event all rolled into one.  May you finally be at peace Junior!  Thank you for always being such a good guy in our Oceanside community!    Every time I walked by your house pushing the Bob down the strand your smile and “good morning” “how’s it going” “hello”or “hey” made my day a little brighter!

May 2012 005

There were hundreds if not thousands in the water!  When they all started splashing and slapping the water it was an amazing sight!  Junior’s mom was even out there, in a boat, what an awesome thing!

May 2012 006May 2012 008May 2012 009May 2012 012

This was the front of his house, his drive way!  We picked some red roses from our rose bushes for our contribution to the growing memorial.  Layla got to put them on the pile of mementos, flowers, signs and charger gear!

May 2012 013May 2012 014May 2012 017May 2012 019

May 7th

18 Weeks Old!

May 2012 021May 2012 023May 2012 027May 2012 038

Hanging out in the play house!  Me, Louis, Layla and Sam!

May 8th

Spring 2012 246

Passed out on my lap after nursing at gymnastics waiting for his big sister!

May 2012 040

The outfit she chose for preschool!  Love the sombrero, which she was calling her cowgirl hat!

4 Month Old Photos

May 2012 044May 2012 046May 2012 049May 2012 051May 2012 063

Absolutely loving Sophie the giraffe!

May 2012 065May 2012 066

May 10th

Sharing Layla’s favorite Food with her Preschool Friends

Layla’s teacher asked if anyone would be interested in sharing a recipe and/or cooking demonstration of a favorite food for the students in the classroom.  This was going along with some of the teaching and learning happening in the classroom.  I signed up and asked Layla what she would like to make.  She said salad!  I love that kid!!  So, together we went to Trader Joe’s and gathered up all of the veggies she would want in her salad.  We also made a homemade salad dressing to share.  We brought the veggies to the preschool and prepared the salad as a group, letting the children cut and tear the veggies, lettuces and Kale!   Then we all shared a beautiful colorful salad together!  It was fun to teach a lesson but I am happy doing it once in a while and being a mom full time!

May 2012 067May 2012 068

Layla enjoying her plate full of salad!  It was also awesome to see the children eating and enjoying the salad after helping make it!

May 11th

Mother’s Day Playdate and Craft with                     The Little Sprouts Play Group!

Spring 2012 248Spring 2012 249Spring 2012 250

Mmm chocolate cupcakes!

May 12th

While Ho-Ho was in town Layla slept upstairs in her sleeping bag so that Ho ho could have her room!  Lou and Layla got pretty cozy!  So rad to see him snuggle up with her!

May 2012 069May 2012 070May 2012 071

Awww some more super sweet sibling love!

May 2012 073

Back yard excersaucer fun!

May 2012 074

Layla making something delicious in the sandbox!  Complete with her apron and chefs hat!

May 2012 076

May 13th

Mother’s Day! 

My First as a Mother of Two!

May 2012 083

Super sweet cards and present opening with my babies on my lap!

May 2012 084May 2012 086

Presents that make a Mama cry!  Framed new born photos of Sam!

May 2012 087

My awesome Mother’s Day Trout chalk art in the driveway care of Tim (aka Ho-ho!)

May 2012 091

Tim left to get back on the road on Mother’s Day!

May 2012 095

We love his awesome Montana trout license plate!

May 2012 097

Layla giving Ho-ho a good bye hug!  It was fun having you Tim!  We will see you on the river soon we hope!

Mother’s Day Bruch

May 2012 100

My beautiful little family Celebrating Mother’s Day at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club!

May 2012 102

My beautiful family!

May 2012 104May 2012 105

Happy Mother’s Day to me!  I am so lucky to call these two beautiful healthy babies my own!

May 2012 114

My beautiful girl striking a pose!

May 2012 116

Guy with his sister.

May 2012 117

Nanny lovin’ on Sammy!

May 2012 118May 2012 119

Joe and Michelle, the soon to be Mama!

May 2012 120

Karen and Marty

May 2012 121

Diana and Karen

May 2012 122

Karen and her girls!

May 2012 123

Hayden and Diana

May 2012 124

The Sassano Family

May 2012 125

Linda and three out of her four girls!

May 2012 128

Sammy with Auntie Michelle

May 2012 129


May 2012 131

Layla and Nonna

May 2012 133

Me and my beautiful baby boy!

May 2012 134

Layla giving Auntie Michelle her “you’re going to be a Mother soon”  present!

May 2012 135

Auntie Michelle loved the coffee mug Layla painted for her at ceramics!

May 2012 138

Layla giving Nanny her Mother’s Day card and gift.  Instagram Magnets!

May 2012 142

Layla giving Nonna her Mother’s Day present, a travel picture mug with photos of Layla and Sam!

May 2012 143

Layla and Hayden

May 2012 147

Some after brunch family photos!

May 2012 152

Me. with my mom and my babies!

May 2012 163

Happy Mother’s Day Nonna!  Nonna with her Grandbabies!

May 2012 165

The perfect end to my day!  Snuggles on the couch with my son and daughter!  I am a very lucky mommy!

May 2012 166

My 2012 Mother’s Day Cards complete with handprints!

May 2012 169

May 14th

Strawberry Picking!

May 2012 171

Picking strawberries at the U-Pick Fields in Carlsbad is always a fun way to spend some time!  Layla loves to pick them and now that she is a  little bit older she is a pro at picking the really red ripe delicious ones!

May 2012 174

Showing off one of those red, ripe delicious ones!

May 2012 176


May 2012 177


May 2012 179

and filling her bucket!

May 2012 180

Mmmm, lots and lots of red, ripe delicious strawberries!  Now it is time to go home and make strawberry shortcake!  YUM!

May 15th

19 Weeks Old!

May 2012 181May 2012 184

May 16th

May 2012 188

Layla mimicking Mommy and nursing her baby doll, wearing the Hooter Hider and everything!

May 2012 189May 2012 190

She is a wonderful little mama!

May 18th

Spring 2012 253

Layla wearing Joel’s headphones playing on his keyboard.

May 2012 191

Friday night pizza night!  Before…

May 2012 194

and after!

May 19th

Beach Day

A day at the beach with the Bottoms Family!  Layla and Abby, South O beach girls!

Wine Night

May 2012 199

Wine on the front lawn with the neighbors!

May 2012 201

May 20th

Spring 2012 254

My beauty at brunch at Jake’s Del Mar!

May 2012 204

Layla reading to her brother!

May 2012 205

Sammy and Papa

May 2012 206May 2012 207

Layla, Nonna and Nanny!

May 22nd

Since Layla’s birthday is in the summer, when school is out we celebrated at preschool on May 22nd because the 24th was the last day!  I asked if I could bring in a treat and then asked Layla what she wanted to bring!  She chose to bring in mini banana muffins that we made together with grapes and bananas!  This same day was going to be the preschool outdoor water play day!  Layla brought her silly squirting caterpillar to share and had lots of fun outside splashing around before her preschool birthday celebration!

May 2012 208

Here is her beautiful birthday tray of treats to share with her preschool friends in her class!

May 2012 210

and of course a picture by the sign!

May 2012 214

Layla enjoying the outside water play!

May 2012 218

My sweet girl!

May 2012 221

Layla pulling up those adorable bikini bottoms debating on how wet she really wants to get!

May 2012 223

Sweet sweet sleeping baby boy!

May 2012 225May 2012 226

Celebrating her birthday a little early at preschool!

May 2012 228

My almost birthday girl in her shirt Mommy just ran to the mall to buy for this photo!

May 2012 231

Layla and her birthday snacks!

May 2012 234

Layla and her teach Yi Chen!

20 Weeks Old!

May 2012 237May 2012 240May 2012 245May 2012 249May 2012 254

Sibling Tubby Time!

This was one of the first time’s Layla and Sam took a bath together! 

May 2012 262May 2012 265May 2012 273


May 24th

May 2012 278

Sideways Sammy!  This is about when we figured Sammy was getting to big for the swing!  Every time we put him in it he ended up totally sideways!

Layla’s Last Day of her First Year of Preschool!

May 2012 279May 2012 281May 2012 286May 2012 287

Our end of the school year gifts to the teachers!  Starbucks travel cups and gift cards!  Layla colored the gift bags herself!  They turned out very cute and very homemade!

May 2012 288

Layla, Sammy and I at her end of year sandwich party!

May 2012 289

Layla with her monster sandwich!  I think she wanted every single meat there was on her sandwich!

May 2012 290

Um, you’ve got a little mayo and mustard on your cheek!

May 2012 292


May 2012 294

Layla’s first year of preschool class on their last day!

May 2012 298

Layla with her teacher, Yi Chen!  Yi Chen was an awesome teacher for Layla during this very important year in her life!  First year of preschool and becoming a big sister!  Thank you Yi Chen!

May 2012 301

Layla wearing some crazy bunny ears, a dress from the dress up area bouncing on the trampoline!  I guess this what you should do on your last day of preschool!

May 2012 302May 2012 303

Layla with the two mentor teachers from her classroom!  Ms. Shobon and Ms. Brianna!  Thank you both for what you do each day!

May 2012 305

Layla with all three of her teachers from her first year of preschool!

May 2012 307

Of course, in our house there are presents after successfully completing your first year of preschool!   Guy and I had a gift for her as did Ahta!

May 2012 308

Ahta’s gift was Hello Kitty themed!  A hello Kitty Balloon and some Hello Kitty panties and paper doll!

May 2012 309May 2012 311

Mommy and Daddy kept our gift educational!  A fun preschool workbook to work in over the summer break so we stay sharp!  Layla loves it and calls it “doing research!”

May 25th

She got up all amped the next morning to do some research in her new preschool workbook!

May 2012 313

Doing some “research”  Staying sharp over the summer with some fun preschool workbooks and activities!

May 2012 314

Awww  sweet sibling love!

May 26th

May 2012 318

Yet another awesome fashion selection!  The pose is awesome too!

May 27th

On Sunday May 27th we hosted a Memorial Day Barbeque after going to the beach!  Michelle and Joe joined us for the beach too.

May 2012 319

Layla in another awesome outfit waiting for us to go to the beach!

May 2012 320

Sammy and Guy beach ready!

May 2012 321

Uncle Joe with Sammy and Layla!

May 2012 326

Later that night the Bottom’s ended up over and I think this was the night Layla and Abby were jumping on the bed butt naked!  Crazy kids!

May 28th

Memorial Day!  Check out Layla’s fashion choices for the day!  Nothing but awesome!

May 2012 332Spring 2012 255

We joined Michelle and Joe at Nanny’s for a Memorial Day Barbeque!  Which made Nanny very happy!  Layla loved the hot dogs and drum stick ice cream treats!


May 29th 

Another Super Fun Day at Disneyland!

We spent another fun day at Disneyland just the four of us and had a blast!

Spring 2012 256

This was Sammy’s first time sitting in his big boy seat in his Uppa Baby Stroller!  He loved it!

Spring 2012 258

Daddy and Layla on the Rockets!

Spring 2012 260

Daddy and Layla waiting in line to meet the Hundred Acre Woods Characters and get autographs!

Spring 2012 261


Spring 2012 262

Hugs for Tigger!

Spring 2012 263

Family photo with Tigger!

Spring 2012 264


Spring 2012 267

Hugs for Eeyore!

Spring 2012 271

Piglet!!  We heard that it is extremely rare to see Piglet!  I guess he is never out!  We were lucky and were able to see him, get hugs and his autograph!

Spring 2012 274

Piglet’s autograph!

Spring 2012 278

Piglet was very sweet!

Spring 2012 279

Layla with her Minnie Mouse Balloon because Daddy is always a sucker at Disneyland!

May 30th

21 Weeks Old!

May 2012 335May 2012 339


Here is my little fashionista ready for bed, yeah, ready for bed!  Complete with sun hat, socks and leg warmers!

May 2012 341

May 31st

Layla was able to go to 3 YMCA camps this summer and her first one, “Fun and Messy Art Camp” started on Monday May 31st!  She was so excited and ended up loving it!

May 2012 343

Here she is dressed, sun blocked, lunch packed  and ready for summer camp!

May 2012 347

Here she is after camp, passed out!  I guess she had fun!