June 2012

June 1st

Trying out my jumper again

May 2012 350

Family Photo Shoot June 3rd 2012


We decided it would be a great time to have family photos done of our family of four!  We were going to be out at Stone World Bistro and Gardens and had a photographer/friend come there to do our photos!  Some are very washed out and the lighting is not great but some turned out really good too!  It was fun and we ended up with some great pictures!


Aunt’s Day June 3rd 2012

Stone Brewery and World Gardens
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This would be our last annual Aunt’s Day

5 Months Old

June 2012 205June 2012 206June 2012 208June 2012 210June 2012 211June 2012 213June 2012 223June 2012 224June 2012 228June 2012 232June 2012 234

Sam’s First Rice Cereal!

June 2012 236

Sitting in his seat getting ready!

June 2012 238June 2012 239

It was very watered down (with breast milk), very, messy and very fun!

June 2012 240

He was trying to figure out the whole spoon thing!

June 2012 241June 2012 246June 2012 247June 2012 250

Of course big sister Layla wanted to try feeding her little brother rice cereal for the first time too!

June 2012 252

Having his big sister Layla feed him made him smile!

June 2012 253

So did being able to hold the spoon himself!

June 8th

June 2012 257

Layla wearing Todd’s glasses

June 9th

Tom and Brett (Brett needed to Borrow Guy’s Belt!)

June 2012 258

The San Diego County Fair June 9th

June 2012 001 sm (1)

The annual pony ride at the fair!  Layla loved it as usual and Sam was one month shy of being able to go!  Next year for the little dude!

June 2012 001 sm (3)

I love this beautiful face!

June 2012 001 sm (4)June 2012 001 sm (5)June 2012 001 sm (8)June 2012 001 sm (11)June 2012 001 sm (12)

After the pony ride Layla enjoyed some fun fair rides in the kid’s zone ride area!  The bumble bee ride was her first choice!

June 2012 001 sm (13)

The swings!

June 2012 001 sm (14)June 2012 001 sm (18)


June 2012 001 sm (19)

Guy and Layla enjoyed the Ferris Wheel together!

June 2012 001 sm (20)

And Layla and I enjoyed some more swings together!

June 2012 001 sm (22)


June 2012 001 sm (23)

June 2012 001 sm (24)

After the swings with Mom, Layla enjoyed the “Raging River” canoes!  The ride on the “river” was anything but raging!

June 2012 001 sm (25)June 2012 001 sm (27)

Finally Layla braved the Roller Coaster in the kid area!

June 2012 001 sm (28)June 2012 001 sm (29)June 2012 001 sm (30)


June 2012 001 sm (31)June 2012 001 sm (35)

Our two cute kiddo’s cruising The San Diego County Fair in style, side by side,  in the Double BOB!

June 2012 001 sm (37)

Guy enjoyed some crazy fried potatoes on a stick!

June 2012 001 sm (38)

The Petting Zoo!

June 2012 001 sm (39)

Another annual Zavodny Family Fair tradition is hitting the petting zoo to feed some fun farm animals!  Layla and I had fun feeding the goats and sheep!

June 2012 001 sm (40)June 2012 001 sm (41)June 2012 001 sm (42)June 2012 001 sm (49)

Petting some wooly sheep!

June 2012 001 sm (50)

Checking out the huge cows with Daddy!

June 2012 001 sm (51)

Passed out on the way home wearing her pig nose she got at the pig races!

June 2012 260

Enjoying more rice cereal!  I don’t know if more got on him, his face and bib or in his mouth!?

June 11th 23 Weeks!

June 2012 344June 2012 345June 2012 347June 2012 349June 2012 352June 2012 353

Layla and Guy sharing a wishbone!  Layla’s very first wishbone!

June 2012 354June 2012 355

Close your eyes, make a wish and pull!

June 12th  Children’s Museum

June 2012 001 sm (52)

We joined some of our Little Sprouts Play Group friends at the Escondido Children’s Museum for some exploration and some fun!

June 2012 001 sm (53)June 2012 001 sm (54)June 2012 001 sm (56)

June 2012 356

Layla recently got real interested in writing stories!  She would dictate to me and I would spell out what she wanted to say one letter at a time.  This story which she wrote on the white board on her easel was about Tinkerbell, it unfortunately got partially erased before I was able to take a photo documenting it!  I think it is adorable that she wants to write and retell stories while actually writing them down!  What a big girl and so smart too!

June 2012 357

Sweet sleeping Sam passed out on the couch!

June 14th

June 2012 359

Some tummy time for Sam!

June 2012 360June 2012 362

I melt when I see this smile!

June 2012 365

He is too cute!

June 15th

Kolton’s High School Graduation Party

June 2012 001 sm (57)

We were invited to our Friend’s son’s high school graduation party.  Layla ended up in the Jacuzzi and the pool in her panties with a bunch of high school students.  Mommy forgot to pack a bathing suit!  She hung with the big kids, no problem!  A few of these high schoolers, not ones graduating but freshman were kids I taught in the fourth grade!

June 2012 001 sm (58)

June 16th

June 2012 367

So handsome!  Sleeping (with drool) or awake and smiling!  And those lashes!

June 2012 371June 2012 372June 2012 373

Nicole and Joel’s Summer Kick Off Party

June 2012 001 sm (59)

Sam hanging out with Uncle Dave T.,

June 2012 001 sm (60)

Auntie Val,

June 2012 001 sm (64)

and Nonna!

June 2012 375

More rice cereal face pics!

June 2012 376June 2012 379June 2012 380


June 17th Father’s Day

June 2012 382

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

June 2012 387

Layla opening Father’s Day presents with Daddy!

June 2012 390

Layla made Guy a honey jar at ceramics and painted it like a bee!  He loved it!

June 2012 392

Guy with the two gifts that make celebrating this day possible!

June 2012 396

Guy asked for a new wallet, he got a beautiful new Ghurka!

June 2012 397

Father’s Day kisses!

June 2012 398

Hanging out with Uncle “Marky: on Father’s Day!

June 2012 400

Such a cute group of boys!

June 2012 401

Happy Father’s Day Papa!

June 2012 402

Layla helping Papa open his Father’s Day gift!

June 2012 410

Sam wearing the “My Dad is Rad” shirt that Layla wore on her very first Father’s Day!

June 2012 414

Papa with his grandkids!

June 2012 418

Nanny feeding Sam his rice cereal!  “Coo coo coo” she says.

June 2012 419June 2012 422

Another precious Sam and Nanny moment!

June 18th 24 Weeks Old!

June 2012 423June 2012 424June 2012 426June 2012 432

June 18th; Summer Reading Program at the Carlsbad Library Begins.  The Carlsbad Library Summer Reading Program is a summer tradition with Layla and will become one with Sam as well.  June 18th was the start date this year and we will earn our t-shirt, prizes all while we  have lots of fun reading!

June 19th Pennypickle’s Workshop

with Little Sprouts Play Group

June 2012 001 sm (66)

While at the museum Layla explored music,

June 2012 001 sm (67)June 2012 001 sm (68)


June 2012 001 sm (69)June 2012 001 sm (70)June 2012 001 sm (71)

and had some fun exploring in Penny Pickle’s crazy kitchen!

Lunch & Swimming with Melissa & the kids!

June 2012 001 sm (72)

After our fun at the museum, we had plans to head over to Melissa’s to have lunch and swim since we were already up in Temecula it made for a perfect afternoon!  Sammy enjoyed Avery’s bouncy seat and her floating lounger in the pool!

June 2012 001 sm (74)

Sam got to lounge in the shade in the pool in Avery’s fun floating lounger!

June 2012 001 sm (75)

It was also a nice break for mom to be able to have Sam in the floating lounger, free hands!

June 2012 433

Later that night Todd had Sam model his reading glasses!  I must say Sam looks much cuter than Todd ever could in readers!

June 2012 435

Adorable silly boy!

June 21st

June 2012 437

Just some morning snuggle time photos of my beautiful littles!

June 2012 440

Beautiful sleepy girl!

June 2012 442

Sam holding onto Layla’s finger, precious!

June 2012 446

My two beautiful babies!

June 2012 450

Sleeping angel!

Party Prep for Layla’s 4 year old Birthday Party

June 2012 451

This year Layla decided on a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse themed birthday party!  It was a blast to put together and came out absolutely adorable!  Here are her cupcakes.

June 2012 452

Oreo pops!

June 2012 453

One of the visions that came to me in party planning were to make polka dotted carnation flower arrangements that looked similar to Minnie Mouse’s’ dress!

June 2012 456

Flower arrangements!

June 2012 457

Sugar cookie party favor bags!

June 2012 459June 2012 460June 2012 461

Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats!

June 2012 464

Food labels!

The party invitation! (front)June 2012 465

June 2012 466

Invitation (back)

June 2012 467

Thank you notes!

June 2012 469


June 2012 864

Framed photos!

June 2012 866


Pre Party Jump Test

June 2012 471

Guy and the kiddo’s testing out the jumpy!  Sammy’s first experience in a jumpy!

June 2012 475

Our little fam having some pre party jumpy time!

June 2012 479

Pre-party jumpy fun!

June 2012 480

Awww  the birthday girl having some pre-party jump time with her baby bro!

June 2012 484June 2012 487June 2012 488June 2012 497

June 2012 500

Layla opening her gift from Ahta.

June 2012 501June 2012 503

This year’s charm was a pink flower.

June 2012 507

Some pre-party jumpy time with Diane!

June 2012 508

Roerig Birthday present opening!

June 2012 509June 2012 511

Super cute pink checkered Vans!  She loved them!!

June 2012 513

Pre-party jump time with Todd!

June 23rd

Layla’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse                      Themed 4th Birthday Party

June 2012 515

Mmmm grown up watermelon lemonade!  (With vodka)

June 2012 517

All dressed in our Mickey gear ready to party!

June 2012 520

I love my awesome little family!

June 2012 523June 2012 526

Layla with Nonna and Papa!

June 2012 530

Layla and Sam with Nonna and Papa!

June 2012 532

Sam with Uncle Dosi!

June 2012 534

Happy 4th Birthday Party Day my Little Layla Love!  (look at her cute little bruised legs!  Like skinny ripe bananas!)

June 2012 535

Donna and Alicia!

June 2012 536

Jocelyn with Donna and Alicia!

June 2012 537

Sammy with Auntie Karen!

June 2012 539

Deserts and treats!

June 2012 540

Sammy with Auntie Michelle and Uncle Joe!  Michelle was due with baby Jackson in about 3 weeks when this photo was taken!

June 2012 543

Guy being a big kid in the jumpy!

June 2012 546

Anderson intrigued by the jumpy!

June 2012 549

Miss Abby Bottoms with a party smile!

June 2012 550

The gift table!

June 2012 554

Little Miss Isabella enjoying an Oreo Pop!

June 2012 556

Jack enjoying an Oreo Pop!

The next 34 pictures were taken by a photographer friend we had come to the party to take pictures!


Brian and Shannon!


Courtney holding Sam!  Aww!


Layla mid ju,p in the jumpy!


Me, in action, trying to manage the piñata!


Briana taking a swing at the piñata!


The awesome, super cute Minnie Mouse Piñata!


Brooklyn taking a wack at it!


The birthday girl having a go!


Elizabeth and Alexandra came dressed for the party in their ears!


Auntie Val Carrying out the cupcakes!


Cute little Isabella anxious for a cupcake!


A crazy little eye roll face!


and a silly little smirk!


And a beautiful giggling smile!


I don’t know if she is embarrassed or being shy here!  But I t is an adorable picture none-the-less!


Getting ready to sing “Happy Birthday!


Daddy lighting the candle!


Blowing out her #4 candle!


Holding up how old she is!  4!


Enjoying her birthday party cupcake!


Hayden enjoying his cupcake!


Layla and Uncle Marky!


Nanny admiring brand new baby Jack!


Sammy and Mommy smiles!


Guy holding baby Jack!


Michelle and Joe due in a few weeks with Baby Jackson!


Watching the jumpy, having a conversation and nursing my baby boy, multitasking mama!


The girls, Arden and Gracie, playing in Layla’s room!


Me and my girl!  happy Birthday baby!


 love that they are looking at each other in this picture, it is so sweet!


Me and my two greatest accomplishments!


Shannon and Abby, beautiful Bottoms girls!


Craig and Jack.

June 2012 558

Sam hanging with Uncle Dave T.

June 2012 567

Some night time present opening with the people who stayed late!

June 2012 576

A mermaid cover-up towel from Ahta.

June 2012 578

Lots of fun Disney stuff!  A whole box full of Disney, princes and Mickey and Minnie stuff from Nonna and Papa!

June 2012 583

Some Disney Princes from the Catilus Family!

June 2012 588

Sammy passed out in Uncle Marky’s arms!  Too cute!

June 2012 593

Uh Oh time for the drunk adults to jump in the jumpy!

June 24th

Day after Party/Birthday Eve!

June 2012 594

Present opening!  This one’s from Mommy and Daddy!

June 2012 596June 2012 597

Monogrammed rolling big girl luggage!

June 2012 598

I swear she was more excited that she looks mid-yawn in this picture!  This was for not only our few day birthday Disneyland getaway but also for our trip to Hawaii later this summer and any future trips beyond that!  She was so excited to have her very own big girl luggage!

June 2012 599

She couldn’t wait to wheel it into her room herself!  Wheeling her luggage is one of her favorite parts of vacation!

June 2012 601

more presents…. it took us about 4 days to open presents!

June 2012 603

Abby and some other neighbors came over for the morning after jumpy sesh!

June 2012 605

Layla and Abby!

June 2012 607

Layla, Abby and Baltazar enjoying a morning pajama jump session!  Abby is the only one that is not in her p.j’s!

June 2012 619

Sammy passed out after a day full of partying!  Great pic of him in his, “mmm…boobs” onesie!

June 2012 621

Layla and Auntie Val reading the card from Auntie Val and opening her presents!

June 2012 623

Auntie Val got Layla a beautiful set of  hardcover Madeline books!

June 2012 627

and an adorable Minnie Mouse big girl watch!

June 24th through 27th:

Disneyland Trip for Layla’s Birthday

We took Layla up to Disneyland for a few days as a birthday celebration!  My dad and Donna met us, we had breakfast with Minnie in the park and made tons of fun family memories!

June 2012 628

Birthday morning in the hotel!

June 2012 630

A birthday morning present from Mommy, Daddy and Sammy!

June 2012 633

A mop!  Just like Cinderella!

4 Years Old Today!  June 25th 2012

June 2012 635

Happy fourth birthday to our beautiful, amazing, smart, fun. kind, generous wonderful daughter!  We love you so so much!

June 2012 640June 2012 644

Main Street USA Disneyland

June 2012 652

Layla giving Sammy kisses on his feet while waiting in line to see Merida!  What a super sweet big sister!

June 2012 658

Layla and Merida from Brave!

June 2012 660June 2012 664

A birthday snuggle from Ariel!

June 2012 667

Hanging with Daddy and Sam, autograph book open and at the ready waiting to see the next princess!

June 2012 673

Birthday hugs from Belle and Tiana!

June 2012 677June 2012 679

A birthday snuggle from my amazing now four year old girl!

June 2012 682

A cute picture of Layla posing next to the Mad Hatter on the fence of the Tea Cups!

June 2012 684

Tea Cups!

June 2012 686

Layla knocking on the White Rabbit’s door.  She likes to see if he is home.  He is never there, that silly rabbit!

Birthday Breakfast in the Park with Minnie!

June 2012 688

When we arrived for our Breakfast in the Park with Minnie, she was there to greet us!  Layla was sure to get a hug!

June 2012 692

Sam flirted a bit too!

June 2012 694

Sam was in awe of Capitan Hook!

June 2012 700

I absolutely love how Sam is intently looking up at Capitan Hook and has a tight grasp on his hook in this picture and the next!

June 2012 701

Layla did not want to take a picture with Captain Hook!

June 2012 704

Nonna and Papa sure did!

June 2012 705

Some precious moments with Dale!

June 2012 707

Layla gave Dale a super sweet kiss on the nose and it was captured in this adorable picture!

June 2012 710

A hug from Chip!

June 2012 712

Some Hundred Acre Wood love from Eeyore.

June 2012 714June 2012 718

and Winnie the Pooh!

June 2012 721June 2012 725June 2012 727

Minnie finally made it to our table and spent lots of time giving hugs, posing for pictures and signing autographs!  Here is another super sweet moment, Layla loving on Minnie with an adorable hug!

June 2012 728

Layla and Minnie both holding up four fingers because Layla turned four today!

June 2012 730June 2012 732

Our whole crew with Minnie Mouse!

June 2012 734

The White Rabbit!

June 2012 738June 2012 739

Max!  (Goofy’s son)

June 2012 741

The Fairy God Mother from Cinderella!

June 2012 745

She was just as sweet as could be with Sam and he absolutely adored her!

June 2012 749

The smiles on the kid’s faces in this picture are priceless!

June 2012 753

Nonna and Sam!

June 2012 757

Sam wanted Minnie’s nose so bad!

June 2012 761

He finally got ahold of Minnie’s nose, he drooled on it as he tried to gum it or gnaw on it, it was hilarious!  Even Minnie seemed to giggle a bit!

June 2012 766

Some more Hundred Acre Wood love from Tigger!

June 2012 768

Tigger was the last character to stop by our table during brunch!  We had a wonderful time!  No cocktails because the Plaza Inn where Breakfast with Minnie is held is within Disneyland Park, but even so, we all had a great time enjoying how happy the kids were!

June 2012 771

Layla’s 4 year old Disneyland Birthday pin!

June 2012 772

Layla picking out a very special and long awaited treat!  A big lollypop!  She was not allowed to have one until she turned 4!

June 2012 774

She chose the big pink princess swirly lollypop, strawberry flavored I believe!

June 2012 775


June 2012 783

The lollypop did make for some adorable photos!

June 2012 789

Big licks!

June 2012 792June 2012 795

Both Papa and Nonna wanted to get in on some of the lollypop action too!

June 2012 796June 2012 799

The mountain climbers were also climbing the Matterhorn on Layla’s birthday, how special!

June 2012 809

Layla getting down with a big dill pickle!  Yum!

June 2012 811

Next we headed over to California Adventure to have some fun in Bug’s Land.  Here’s Layla and Guy on Tuck and Roll’s bumper cars!

June 2012 818

Sammy passed out in the Ergo on my back!

June 2012 820

Car’s Land!

June 2012 823

Tow Mater cruising down the street in Car’s Land!

June 2012 827

Some adorable pictures of Layla with Lightning McQueen!

June 2012 828June 2012 833

Layla enjoying a soft serve ice cream cone at The Cozy Cone!

June 2012 834

Nonna, Papa, Layla and I in Car’s Land!

June 2012 840

Layla up on Daddy’s shoulders showing a little plumber’s crack!  Cutes plumber’s crack ever!

June 2012 845

Me and my kiddos in line for Ariel’s Undersea Adventure!

June 2012 849

I rode on the Jumpin’ Jellies with my dad!

June 2012 851

and Layla rode on them with Nonna!

We had a wonderful few day getaway to Disneyland to celebrate Layla;s 4th birthday and feel so lucky that her grandparents joined us for the fun!  What a great few days!

June 30th

The Oceanside Freedom Day / 4th of July Parade

June 2012 867

Sam hanging out in the Double BOB for his first Oceanside Freedom Day Parade!

June 2012 869

Layla hanging out in her chair this year!  Whoever thought to bring the chair should get extra credit!

June 2012 870

Layla perusing through the  parade program!

June 2012 874

Me and my awesome two kiddos enjoying the parade!

June 2012 876

Guy and Sam getting patriotic!

June 2012 877

Guy and the kids enjoying the parade and waving their flags!

June 2012 878

or gnawing on the flag, as Sam is in this pic!

June 2012 882

I always get emotional when I see the Marine Corps band!  It reminds me how proud we should be to be Americans and how lucky we are to live in this town where these young men chose to serve their country with pride and honor!

June 2012 883

The parade wore this little man out!