July 2012

July 1st

We went to a really cool place called Free Flight in Del Mar with Todd and Diane our awesome next-door neighbors.  One of Todd’s former students works there.  We had a wonderful time holding, feeding, talking to and admiring all of the amazing birds!  Layla and Sam thought it was great and so did Guy and I!

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Later that afternoon Uncle Dave T came over to hang put after he and Layla went shopping for her birthday gift!  He took her to the sporting goods store to buy a snorkel and mask for Hawaii!

June 2012 887

Some cutes pics of the kids hanging out in the barbeque island bar stools!

June 2012 888June 2012 891June 2012 892June 2012 894

Uncle Dave T also introduced Layla to Chicharones!  She loved them!

June 2012 896June 2012 897

July 2nd

6 Months Old!

June 2012 901

Sam’s 6 Month Baby Well Appointment:

Sam weighed: 17 pounds 2 ounces.  Height: 27 inches.   Head Circumference: 17 inches.

June 2012 902June 2012 908June 2012 909June 2012 918June 2012 920June 2012 931June 2012 935

Layla having some fun with Play-Doh!

June 2012 936June 2012 937

Sammy was having some time on the floor playing on his play mat.  He figured out how to grab it and flip it over.  He ended up all tangled up in it!

June 2012 941

July 3rd

July 2012 (small Camera) 001

A play date with The Little Sprouts play group.   The kids made a fun fire work craft using paint and a bouncy ball on a paper plate!

July 2012 (small Camera) 002July 2012 (small Camera) 003July 2012 (small Camera) 005

July 4th

July 2012 (big camera) 002

Happy Fourth of July from the Zavodny kids!

July 2012 (big camera) 005July 2012 (big camera) 007

Mmmm Peach pie!

July 2012 (big camera) 011

Layla washing the French door windows getting ready for our Fourth of July Barbeque with our neighbor friends!  She begs me to wash the windows with Windex!

July 2012 (big camera) 013July 2012 (big camera) 014

Then a fashion show!  She sure a has good taste in shoes!

July 2012 (big camera) 019

A fun 4th of July photo shoot!

July 2012 (big camera) 021July 2012 (big camera) 025July 2012 (big camera) 027July 2012 (big camera) 034

Fourth of July necessities!  Bourbon and peach pie!

July 2012 (big camera) 035

Sam and Layla festive for the 4th!

July 2012 (big camera) 045July 2012 (big camera) 047

Sam and Mr. Tom!

July 2012 (big camera) 048July 2012 (big camera) 050

Having a game of backyard Bocce Ball!  Go Todd!

July 2012 (big camera) 052July 2012 (big camera) 053July 2012 (big camera) 055July 2012 (big camera) 057

Some swing time for Sam!

July 2012 (big camera) 066

Me and my boy!

July 2012 (big camera) 067

Daddy and Sam!

July 2012 (big camera) 072

Shadow and Louie

July 2012 (big camera) 074

Layla and Diane, sweet and silly faces!

July 2012 (big camera) 075July 2012 (big camera) 076

Layla getting a little crazy with the whipped cream for the peach pie!

July 2012 (big camera) 079July 2012 (big camera) 081July 2012 (big camera) 085

This is totally when Sam started doing the army man crawl on his belly!!  Go Sam!  One minute he was one place and the next thing, he had gotten to what and where he wanted to go!

July 2012 (big camera) 086

Two of my favorites!

July 5th

July 2012 (big camera) 088

Layla feeding Sam peas for the first time!  He was not too stoked!

July 2012 (big camera) 089July 2012 (big camera) 096July 2012 (big camera) 100

Still adorable even with a face covered in peas!

July 6th

July 2012 (big camera) 112

Layla enjoying some treats Todd brought over from the Mexican bakery!  Thanks Todd, that was super sweet of you!

July 2012 (big camera) 113

A photo shoot of my handsome little dude!

July 2012 (big camera) 115July 2012 (big camera) 118July 2012 (big camera) 120July 2012 (big camera) 121July 2012 (big camera) 123

That smile melts my heart!

Layla Enjoying her free birthday cupcake at Barnes and Noble from Kids Club!

July 2012 (small Camera) 008


July 7th

July 2012 (big camera) 125

Sammy sitting in his high chair for the first time!

Underwater Photography

@ Murray Callan Swim School

San Marcos 7-7-12-25San Marcos 7-7-12-32San Marcos 7-7-12-33San Marcos 7-7-12-34San Marcos 7-7-12-35San Marcos 7-7-12-51San Marcos 7-7-12-52San Marcos 7-7-12-56

July 8th

July 2012 (small Camera) 009

Nonna and Papa’s house!

July 2012 (small Camera) 011July 2012 (small Camera) 012

Nanny feeding Sam sweet potatoes!

July 2012 (small Camera) 015July 2012 (small Camera) 018July 2012 (small Camera) 019

July 9th

July 2012 (small Camera) 023

Layla off to YMCA Summer Camp!  Water Works Camp!

July 10th

July 2012 (big camera) 130July 2012 (big camera) 133

Senor sweet potato face!

July 13th


July 2012 (big camera) 134

Sweet sleeping baby boy!

July 2012 (big camera) 137July 2012 (big camera) 139

Sweet sleeping baby girl!  Summer Camp at the YMCA really wears a girl out!

July 2012 (big camera) 140

July 14th

July 2012 (big camera) 142

Layla helping Daddy out with a little landscape irrigation leak!  Stripped down to her panties and knee deep in the mud!  She is awesome, I love this kid!

July 2012 (big camera) 143July 2012 (big camera) 147

July 15th

July 2012 (big camera) 148July 2012 (big camera) 151July 2012 (big camera) 154July 2012 (big camera) 157

Holiday Park Photo Shoot

Dayspring sent the most awesome shirts for the kids, Layla’s said Big Sister Layla and Sams’ said, Lil Brother Sam!  We did a photo shoot in the park on Sunday to capture them both in their shirts  for fun!

July 2012 (big camera) 170July 2012 (big camera) 187July 2012 (big camera) 192July 2012 (big camera) 200July 2012 (big camera) 201July 2012 (big camera) 206July 2012 (big camera) 208July 2012 (big camera) 211July 2012 (big camera) 215July 2012 (big camera) 223July 2012 (big camera) 225July 2012 (big camera) 228July 2012 (big camera) 231

Then we had some fun park time!

July 2012 (big camera) 234

July 2012 (big camera) 238July 2012 (big camera) 245July 2012 (big camera) 250July 2012 (big camera) 251July 2012 (big camera) 253

July 16th

July 2012 (small Camera) 025

Guy took the day off to take the kids to swim lessons and get in the pool with Sam!

July 2012 (small Camera) 026July 2012 (small Camera) 027July 2012 (small Camera) 039July 2012 (small Camera) 041July 2012 (small Camera) 045

Layla’s freestyle is phenomenal and she is also working on perfecting her backstroke!  She is an amazing swimmer!

July 2012 (small Camera) 046July 2012 (small Camera) 049July 2012 (small Camera) 052July 2012 (small Camera) 059July 2012 (small Camera) 061July 2012 (small Camera) 062

I was able to go to the hospital to meet Baby Jackson Ross for the first time!

July 2012 (small Camera) 064

July 17th

July 2012 (small Camera) 069

Sam’s first time sitting in the shopping cart/ high chair cover at Love Boat Sushi!

July 18th

July 2012 (big camera) 256

Sam studying up on his animals!

July 2012 (big camera) 260July 2012 (big camera) 261July 2012 (big camera) 264

Layla meeting and holding Baby Jackson for the first time!

July 2012 (big camera) 269

July 2012 (small Camera) 071

Sam having some fun with the other baby at Preschool story time with his big sister!

July 2012 (small Camera) 072


July 2012 (small Camera) 073July 2012 (small Camera) 074

July 20th

Green beans day one, I can safely say, he was not a fan!

July 2012 (big camera) 271

July 22nd

July 2012 (big camera) 278

Slip n’ slide fun at The Roerig’s with Little Joey!

July 2012 (big camera) 279July 2012 (big camera) 280July 2012 (big camera) 281July 2012 (big camera) 284July 2012 (big camera) 285July 2012 (big camera) 288July 2012 (big camera) 289July 2012 (big camera) 291

Beautiful sleeping baby boy.


July 23rd

July 2012 (small Camera) 075

Cereal Breakfast and pajama play date at the park with The Little Sprouts.  It was a perfect morning play date, I did not have to get anyone dressed!

July 2012 (small Camera) 077July 2012 (small Camera) 078July 2012 (small Camera) 079July 2012 (small Camera) 081

July 24th

July 2012 (big camera) 293

Playing under the excersaucer is more fun than playing in it!

July 2012 (big camera) 294

July 2012 (small Camera) 082

Hugs for Shad at this fourth birthday party!

July 25th

Little mister is on the move and is starting to get into everything!  He found his way to the toy basket!

July 2012 (big camera) 301

July 26th

July 2012 (small Camera) 083

A little summer time Legoland Water Park fun!

July 2012 (small Camera) 085July 2012 (small Camera) 086

July 2012 (small Camera) 088

Mmmm a nice cool summertime treat before leaving Legoland!

July 2012 (big camera) 305

Tubby time!!  Even Daddy’s in the tub!

July 2012 (big camera) 307

Happy boy!

July 27th

July 2012 (big camera) 311

Broccoli for the first time, and her seemed to like it!

July 29th

July 2012 (big camera) 313

A sleeping baby boy and a tired daddy!

July 2012 (big camera) 314

July 30th

July 2012 (big camera) 317


July 2012 (big camera) 318

Sam attempting to climb out the doggy door!

July 2012 (big camera) 319July 2012 (big camera) 323July 2012 (big camera) 324


July 2012 (big camera) 327

The little stinker did it!  What trouble will he get into next?

July 31st

July 2012 (big camera) 329July 2012 (big camera) 331

Little mischief maker got himself stuck in the toy basket up stairs in our bedroom!

July 2012 (big camera) 333

July 2012 (small Camera) 093

Slip n’ slid and popsicle play date at Jane and Wyatt’s house!