Hawaii 2012

We left for a fabulous Hawaiian vacation in the morning on August 19th and arrived in Kauaii in the afternoon!  It was a wonderful adventure, all of the flights went smoothly and the kids did well.  Sam was a wiggle worm but did well overall!


August 19th

Hawaii August 2012 001

As soon as we got to the resort Layla was chomping at the bit to go in the pool, so… off we went!  Sam went swimming too!

Hawaii August 2012 002

Layla was so happy!  She loves a hotel and a hotel pool!  Little mermaid girl!

Hawaii August 2012 009

For Hawaii, matching pink pedis!

August 20th

Hawaii August 2012 015

More fun pool time with my babies!

Hawaii August 2012 018Hawaii August 2012 021Hawaii August 2012 024

Happy to be hanging out in the time share with Nonna and Papa!

Farmer’s Market

Hawaii August 2012 031

Of to the local Koaloa Farmer’s market to gather up some amazing Hawaiian produce!  We were so looking forward to apple bananas and sugar loaf pineapples!  Delicious!!

Hawaii August 2012 035

Layla wanted a drink in a coconut!  She ended up not loving it but it definitely made for a cute picture!

Hawaii August 2012 038

Kisses in live outside of the Koaloa Fish Market!

Hawaii August 2012 039

Cute little beach buns on her way up to from the beach!

Hawaii August 2012 041

A little beach time for the boys!

Hawaii August 2012 045

More pool fun with Nonna and our new friends Logan and Riley.

Hawaii August 2012 047

The Boys

Hawaii August 2012 049

I LOVE this picture of my boys lounging by the pool, all smiles!

Hawaii August 2012 053Hawaii August 2012 057

Layla and Daddy having a little hang time in the hammock!

Hawaii August 2012 062

Sam and Papa!  Papa is workin so crazy after pool side lounging hair!

August 21st

Breakfast on the Lanai

Hawaii August 2012 064

Sammy enjoying some local Hawaiian fruit for breakfast!  Mango!  Juice all down the front of his belly!

Hawaii August 2012 066

Just kickin’ back, enjoying breakfast on Hawaiian time on the Lanai!

Hawaii August 2012 067Hawaii August 2012 069

Breakfast on the Lanai,  apple bananas, Sugar loaf pineapple, mango, papaya, star fruit, toast, Hawaiian coffee!  Perfection!

Pool Fun

Hawaii August 2012 070

Some fun in the pool with daddy!

Hawaii August 2012 071Hawaii August 2012 072Hawaii August 2012 076

Trying out her new pink snorkel from Uncle Dave T. in the pool!

Hawaii August 2012 080Hawaii August 2012 082Hawaii August 2012 083Hawaii August 2012 086Hawaii August 2012 101

Hawaii is my dad’s nirvana!  He is always so relaxed and peaceful here!

Hawaii August 2012 104

Sam is pretty peaceful too! Passed out poolside!

Hawaii August 2012 105

Layla running through the grounds!  She got really comfortable really fast!

Hawaii August 2012 106

Checking out some Kauai chickens!

Hawaii August 2012 109

Photo Shoot & Boys Barbequing!

Hawaii August 2012 118Hawaii August 2012 119

Hawaii August 2012 120Hawaii August 2012 122

Sweet Little Dude!

Hawaii August 2012 123

Happy family!

Hawaii August 2012 126

Silly faces!

Hawaii August 2012 131

Nonna with her grandbabies!

Hawaii August 2012 132Hawaii August 2012 134Hawaii August 2012 135

These two are trouble when they are together!  They went out to go grocery shopping for stuff for the bbq and stopped for beers more than once!

Hawaii August 2012 136Hawaii August 2012 137

Wine, Hawaii and smiles = so much fun!

Hawaii August 2012 139

August 23rd

Early Morning Walk

Hawaii August 2012 141

Sam and I went on a walk and were checking out the Koi fish wile Daddy sleeps in a little.

Hawaii August 2012 146Hawaii August 2012 149

We also stopped to watch the surfers and the beautiful morning sky above Poipu!

Hawaii August 2012 150

This little mermaid just couldn’t get enough of the pool!

Hawaii August 2012 155Hawaii August 2012 158

Sweet sleeping boy poolside!

Hawaii August 2012 159

With Layla in the pool making new friends and Sam asleep, Mommy got some reading done!!  I love my new Kindle Guy got me for the trip!

Hawaii August 2012 160

Making Friends

Hawaii August 2012 163

Layla and her new friends off to take a hula lesson!

Hawaii August 2012 166

Hula Lessons

Hawaii August 2012 170

The hotel offered activities and one of the ones Layla was interested in was Hula Lessons.  It was adorable and was the inspiration for her to become a hula girl someday.  When we got home from this trip I looked into hula in North County San Diego and found Kehulili O Kailani Polynesian Dance school and for that I am grateful!

Hawaii August 2012 176Hawaii August 2012 179Hawaii August 2012 182

Our beautiful little girl learning some Hula!

Hawaii August 2012 184Hawaii August 2012 186Hawaii August 2012 190Hawaii August 2012 193Hawaii August 2012 203

While Layla danced, Sam slept!

Hawaii August 2012 207

Such a cute picture with all of the sandals in the foreground of the girls learning hula.

Hawaii August 2012 234Hawaii August 2012 244Hawaii August 2012 245Hawaii August 2012 249

Layla with her first hula teacher!

Hawaii August 2012 250

After Hula treats!

Photo Shoot!

Hawaii August 2012 253

Another little photo shoot before we headed off to a beautiful dinner to celebrate Donna’s Birthday at Red Salt.

Hawaii August 2012 259Hawaii August 2012 267Hawaii August 2012 269

Layla and Nonna with her crazy cotton candy birthday cake desert!

August 24th

Rooster Watch

Hawaii August 2012 275Hawaii August 2012 280Hawaii August 2012 282

Vacation really wears a girl out!


Hawaii August 2012 285Hawaii August 2012 286Hawaii August 2012 289Hawaii August 2012 293Hawaii August 2012 295Hawaii August 2012 298Hawaii August 2012 299Hawaii August 2012 301Hawaii August 2012 303Hawaii August 2012 304Hawaii August 2012 305Hawaii August 2012 309Hawaii August 2012 310Hawaii August 2012 313Hawaii August 2012 316Hawaii August 2012 318Hawaii August 2012 322



August 25th

Hawaii August 2012 326


Our first cruise down the Kanapalii Beach boardwalk for dinner!  I believe we ate at The Hula Grill that night!  Layla ordered a plate of sashimi for dinner and would have powered the entire thing if we didn’t fight for a bite!

Hawaii August 2012 328

Here comes trouble!

Hawaii August 2012 329

Out in front of one of the hotels on our walk down to Whaler’s Village was a super cool Tiki so I had to stop and take some pictures of Layla!

Hawaii August 2012 333Hawaii August 2012 335Hawaii August 2012 342

A great picture of me my babies and my parents!

Hawaii August 2012 346Hawaii August 2012 350

Sam just chillin’ enjoying the sights of the walk!

Hawaii August 2012 354

Layla enjoying her her big girl drink complete with umbrella and a pineapple wedge!

Hawaii August 2012 355

Sam didn’t mind gnawing on some pineapple from the edge of the cocktails!

Hawaii August 2012 357

Aww!  Little dude passed out on his Nonna’s shoulder!

Hawaii August 2012 358

Me with 2 of my favorite boys!  My dad and

Hawaii August 2012 360

my Guy!

August 26th

The Banyan Tree

Hawaii August 2012 363

The afternoon of our Luau we went into Lahaina early to enjoy the cute shops and art galleries!  We also made a stop at the famous Banyan tree!  This Banyan tree is one of the largest in the world!  It basically takes up one city block!  It is amazing!

Hawaii August 2012 366Hawaii August 2012 367Hawaii August 2012 373Hawaii August 2012 375Hawaii August 2012 377Hawaii August 2012 381

While we were checking out the Banyan tree and the art exhibit set up around it, Layla and Papa cruised over to see another cool historic monument/memorial!

Hawaii August 2012 382Hawaii August 2012 383Hawaii August 2012 383


Hawaii August 2012 390Hawaii August 2012 387Hawaii August 2012 382Hawaii August 2012 393

A beautiful Maui rainbow!

The Old Lahaina Luau

Hawaii August 2012 394

Donna arranged for us to go to the Old Lahaina Luau which is the best Luau in Hawaii!  We took some photos before hand and had some wonderful pictures taken by the photographers on sight as well!  We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed an awesome dinner and a spectacular show!  Yet another inspiration for Layla to become a hula dancer!

Hawaii August 2012 395

The whole family before entering the Luau!

Hawaii August 2012 397

Layla enjoying her Lei greeting at the Luau!

Hawaii August 2012 399

Sam any I with our beautiful orchid leis!

Hawaii August 2012 400

Our awesome little family ready to enjoy a fabulous night!

Hawaii August 2012 403

Layla enjoying learning how to use and play the Puili, bamboo sticks!

Hawaii August 2012 404Hawaii August 2012 406

Learning how to play traditional Hawaiian games!  I think this game is similar to bowling and is called Ulu Maika!Hawaii August 2012 401Hawaii August 2012 409

The luau began with a dance using the puili!

Hawaii August 2012 408

Layla was also able to learn how to make a wrist sized Lei with the beautiful and fragrant plumeria flower!

Hawaii August 2012 414

Such a happy boy!

Hawaii August 2012 421

I am so lucky to call these beautiful Keiki mine!

Hawaii August 2012 410

Another performance using the uli uli!

Hawaii August 2012 437Hawaii August 2012 439

Sam enjoyed the festivities of the luau and passed out!

Hawaii August 2012 443

We were able to meet and greet some of the performers after the show!

Hawaii August 2012 444Hawaii August 2012 445Hawaii August 2012 444Hawaii August 2012 447

Layla absolutely loved it!  We all did, it was a wonderful night!

Our professional pictures from the Luau!



Hawaii August 2012 449

That night after we got back to the resort Layla dressed herself in her Grass skirt and coconuts!  It was adorable and hilarious rolled into one!  She is awesome!

August 27th

Hawaii August 2012 456

The view from our Lanai!  Not bad eh!

Feeding the Koi Fish

Hawaii August 2012 472

The Maui Marriott in Kananpali had some fun activities for kids, one morning Layla was able to participate in the Koi fish feeding!

Hawaii August 2012 466Hawaii August 2012 474Hawaii August 2012 476Hawaii August 2012 480Hawaii August 2012 483Hawaii August 2012 490

Our little beauty!

Hawaii August 2012 496

Me and my little wahine!

Hawaii August 2012 499

Later that same day Layla went to the kids club to make a candy lei!

Hawaii August 2012 502

Layla wearing her candy lei after she finished making it!

Hawaii August 2012 504

Our to keiki and a tiki!

Hawaii August 2012 506

Donna waving to us at the pool from the Lanai!

Hawaii August 2012 508

Layla the mermaid swimming laps!

Hawaii August 2012 512

Layla and papa hanging out in the pool together!

Hawaii August 2012 515Hawaii August 2012 517

Reading my Kindle and nursing my baby!  Poolside multitasking at its best!

Hawaii August 2012 522

The girls ready for a night of delicious food at Star Noodle!

Hawaii August 2012 523

Guy with his pineapple princess!

Hawaii August 2012 527

and his pineapple prince!

Hawaii August 2012 530

Papa with his pineapple princess!

Star Noodle

Hawaii August 2012 531

Dinner at Star Noodle was EPIC!!  So good we went back a couple of nights later!

Hawaii August 2012 537

August 28th

Maui Brewing Company Tasting Room

Hawaii August 2012 538

Donna was able to set up a tasting at the Maui Brewing tasting room.  We stopped there on our way out to the aquarium!

Maui Ocean Center Aquarium

Maui Ocean Center Group photo

We had a wonderful day at the Maui Ocean center enjoying all sorts of amazing sea creatures!

Hawaii August 2012 546Hawaii August 2012 551

The octopus was movin’ and groovin’ all over his aquarium and was such an amazingly beautiful sight to see!

Hawaii August 2012 555Hawaii August 2012 567Hawaii August 2012 573Hawaii August 2012 576Hawaii August 2012 578Hawaii August 2012 591Hawaii August 2012 594Hawaii August 2012 595Hawaii August 2012 604Hawaii August 2012 605Hawaii August 2012 606

After a fun and educational afternoon at the Maui Ocean Center we headed off toward the other side of the island for dinner at Mama’s Fish House!

Hawaii August 2012 609

We stopped to check surf and watch the surfers catch a few waves at a beautiful look out spot!

Hawaii August 2012 612Hawaii August 2012 613

Mama’s Fish House

Hawaii August 2012 618

An amazing dinner at at amazing location!

Hawaii August 2012 623

No pictures of dinner but one of desert!  Needless to say it was phenomenal!

Hawaii August 2012 625Hawaii August 2012 627Hawaii August 2012 628Hawaii August 2012 636Hawaii August 2012 641Hawaii August 2012 643

August 29th

Hawaii August 2012 648

More pool fun!

Hawaii August 2012 649

Hawaiian Shave Ice

Hawaii August 2012 650

Pool side Hawaiian shave ice!

Hawaii August 2012 655Hawaii August 2012 656Hawaii August 2012 658Hawaii August 2012 662

Waterslide Fun

Hawaii August 2012 667

So the Marriott Kananpalii has an amazing water slide and Layla wanted to go down it of course!  She climbed the stairs to the top and the life guard said in order to be able to continut to go down she had to swim from the bottom of the slide to the side of the pool to prove she was a competent swimmer!  Layla of course took this very seriously!  So, she went down the slide and swam epic free style, using perfect stroke/form to prove she was a good swimmer!  The life guard then told Guy that she was the best swimmer of any kid her size they had ever seen!  The swim lessons have paid off!!

Hawaii August 2012 668Hawaii August 2012 670Hawaii August 2012 678Hawaii August 2012 688Hawaii August 2012 691Hawaii August 2012 733Hawaii August 2012 734Hawaii August 2012 737Hawaii August 2012 756Hawaii August 2012 762Hawaii August 2012 767Hawaii August 2012 773Hawaii August 2012 766Hawaii August 2012 776Hawaii August 2012 780Hawaii August 2012 785Hawaii August 2012 792Hawaii August 2012 797

Mmm… poolside pineapple out of daddy’s cocktail!

Torch Lighting

Hawaii August 2012 800

We went down to the torch lighting ceremony at the last hotel on the Kanapalii strip to see what we were told was a super cool sight to see!

Hawaii August 2012 803Hawaii August 2012 804Hawaii August 2012 806Hawaii August 2012 809

Layla was beat after a full day at the pool and fell asleep in my lap in the sand and Sam fell asleep in the ergo on Guy!

Hawaii August 2012 811Hawaii August 2012 810Hawaii August 2012 813

The torch lighting ceremony begins.

Hawaii August 2012 814Hawaii August 2012 816Hawaii August 2012 818Hawaii August 2012 820Hawaii August 2012 822

and ends with the torch lighter diving from the cliffs into the ocean!

Hawaii August 2012 823

Football season started at the end of our trip to Hawaii so Sam and Guy had a little football and beer bonding time!

Hawaii August 2012 826

Layla showing off her traditional temporary Hawaiian tattoo the last night of our trip!

It weas an amazing family vacation!  One none of us will ever forget!  We had so much fun making memories with my dad and Donna, eating amazing food, hanging out at the beach and the pool, seeing amazing sights and just enjoying the spirit of Aloha!  Mahalo and aloha until Hawaii 2014!

August 2012

August 1st

July 2012 (small Camera) 095

Story time fun!

August 2nd

August 2012 001

Sandy toes

August 2012 004

and a sandy nose!

7 Months Old!

August 2012 006August 2012 012

August 3rd

August 2012 015


August 2012 018

A fun summertime play date at Sea Port Village with Courtney, Arden and Anderson!

August 2012 021August 2012 023August 2012 024August 2012 029August 2012 036

It was awesome, we went into a super cool kite store and the girls were instantly drawn to the “devil sticks.”  This is the name we knew them as.  They even gave them a try!  It brought  back memories for both Court and I!  So cool to see the girls interested in something we used to spend hours trying to master when we were teenagers!

August 2012 038August 2012 039August 2012 040August 2012 041August 2012 043August 2012 046August 2012 047August 2012 050August 2012 054August 2012 055

The girls also had fun dancing around to some Frank Sinatra style music in the open plaza area before we went on the Carrousel.

August 2012 057August 2012 058

Sea Port Village Carrousel fun!

August 2012 061August 2012 063

Mmmm Ben and Jerry’s!  Ice cream doesn’t get much better than this!

August 2012 065August 2012 071

Sir spinach face!

August 2012 077

Aww sibling love!

August 5th

August 2012 080

Making pancakes with Daddy

August 2012 082

Building block castles with my kiddos!

August 2012 085August 2012 092August 2012 094August 2012 099

August 6th

August 2012 Small camera 001

The Carlsbad Library “End of Summer Reading Program Party”

August 2012 Small camera 002

Dora and Boots Tatoo!

August 2012 Small camera 003

The ring toss

August 2012 Small camera 004August 2012 Small camera 005August 2012 Small camera 006

Jumping through the Olympic ring obstacle!

August 2012 Small camera 007August 2012 Small camera 008

Crafting a book mark!

August 2012 Small camera 009August 2012 Small camera 010August 2012 Small camera 011August 2012 Small camera 012

Finding both of the kids names up as part of the Library Summer Reading program!

August 2012 Small camera 013August 2012 Small camera 015

She was not so sure about throwing the wet sponge balls at the teen volunteers!

August 2012 101

Sammy trying bananas out of the fun mesh feeder!  He was not super into it!  I think he had more fun throwing it than he did eating from it!  Boys!

August 2012 102August 2012 104

August 7th

August 2012 Small camera 016

Beach day with Melissa, Carson, and Avery!

August 2012 Small camera 017August 2012 Small camera 018August 2012 Small camera 019August 2012 Small camera 020

I don’t know who ate more sand, Sam or Avery!

August 2012 Small camera 022August 2012 Small camera 024

Beach Day with my babes equals bliss! (and a lot of sand to clean up!)

August 2012 Small camera 025

Sacked out in the stroller after some fun in the sun and sand!

August 8th

August 2012 105

This silly boy loves to climb into the shower and play, wherever he can find some water to play in!

August 2012 107August 2012 109

August 9th

August 2012 112

First day eating peaches!  Yum!  One of the things he actually ate and enjoyed!

August 2012 113

He found somewhere else to play in the water!

August 10th

August 2012 Small camera 026

Zoomar’s play date with Jane and Wyatt.

August 2012 Small camera 027August 2012 Small camera 029

Goofy grins and loving feeding the Guinea pigs!

August 2012 Small camera 032August 2012 Small camera 034

Feeding the goats!

August 2012 Small camera 035August 2012 Small camera 037August 2012 Small camera 038

Petting sheep!

August 2012 Small camera 039

Playing in the corn box!

August 2012 Small camera 041August 2012 Small camera 042August 2012 Small camera 044

Train rides and holding Jane’s hands, so sweet!

August 2012 Small camera 046

More guinea pig love!

August 2012 Small camera 047August 2012 Small camera 051August 2012 Small camera 054

This little animal lover sure does love Zoomar’s!  We had a fun day with play group friends and enjoyed a fun  lunch at Ruby’s Diner!

August 2012 117

This boy is definitely a Zavodny, finding his way to the bar!  We may have to lock it up sooner than we had anticipated!

August 2012 120

Good thing there is a lock on the wine refrigerator!  We started locking it after this little exploration.

August 11th

August 2012 122

A boy and his dog!

August 2012 128

August 2012 Small camera 057

Jillian’s Birthday Party!  I unfortunately had to miss it, I had a play to go to with Donna.  But Guy took both kids and had a fun day!  Always someone to hold a baby in the Herrera Family!   Vince’s mom did not mind holding Sam one bit!

August 2012 Small camera 060August 2012 Small camera 063

Passed out on a picnic blanket in the shade!

August 2012 Small camera 065

Waiting patiently in line to pull a string on the Barbie Piñata!

August 2012 Small camera 070

Go Layla!

August 2012 Small camera 073August 2012 Small camera 077

Gathering goodies!

August 2012 Small camera 079

Sweetie girl, taking a break to snuggle up to her sleeping brother!

August 2012 Small camera 080August 2012 Small camera 081

Excited for pin something on Barbie!?

August 2012 Small camera 082August 2012 Small camera 083August 2012 Small camera 086

Mmm, cupcakes!  What birthday party is complete without cake in some form or another!

August 12th

August 2012 134

Louie and Raider hanging out after a play date of their own!  Best buds!

August 2012 Small camera 095

Guy and Layla met Joel’s horse.

August 2012 Small camera 098

A beautiful day for the beach!

August 2012 Small camera 099August 2012 Small camera 100August 2012 Small camera 101August 2012 Small camera 103August 2012 Small camera 105August 2012 Small camera 107August 2012 Small camera 108August 2012 Small camera 110

Mmmm sand!  One of nature’s delicacies for babies apparently!

August 2012 Small camera 115August 2012 Small camera 117

Post beach, laundry room sink bath!

August 2012 137

Baskin Robbins summertime scoop!

August 13th

August 2012 143


August 2012 Small camera 120

Layla’s First Day of YMCA “Let’s Get Cooking” Preschool Summer Camp!

August 15th

August 2012 146

Seven Months Old!

August 2012 150August 2012 152August 2012 154August 2012 155August 2012 159August 2012 164August 2012 165August 2012 169

August 16th

August 2012 179

Apple Sauce!

August 2012 181August 2012 183

My two beautiful creations!  I am so lucky!