September 2012

September 3rd

Hawaii August 2012 833

Letters Layla wrote to Belle and Minnie at Disneyland in response to the cards they both sent her!

8 Months Old!

Hawaii August 2012 836Hawaii August 2012 840Hawaii August 2012 842Hawaii August 2012 846Hawaii August 2012 847

September 4th

Hawaii August 2012 850

Layla’s first day of her second and last year of preschool a The Mira Costa Child Development Center!

Hawaii August 2012 852Hawaii August 2012 855

She missed her first day of preschool this year because we were in Hawaii!

Hawaii August 2012 862

She is in room 4 again this year, same room as last year!

Hawaii August 2012 864

This year her teacher is Ms. Laura!

Hawaii August 2012 865

September 5th

Hawaii August 2012 868


Hawaii August 2012 869Hawaii August 2012 870

September 6th

September 2012 Big Camera 001September 2012 Big Camera 003

September 7th

September 2012 Small Camera 001

An after preschool park stop!

September 2012 Small Camera 002September 2012 Small Camera 010September 2012 Small Camera 011September 2012 Small Camera 012

September 8th

September 2012 Big Camera 004

Our first ever trip to Julian to go apple picking!  We went to Raven Hill Orchards for organic apples.  We had a wonderful time and will definitely do it again!

September 2012 Big Camera 010September 2012 Big Camera 014September 2012 Big Camera 015September 2012 Big Camera 016

We were told that we could taste and eat as we picked and since they were organic we went for it!   I think we ate about as many as we brought home!  I was FULL of apples when we left!

September 2012 Big Camera 020September 2012 Big Camera 021September 2012 Big Camera 025September 2012 Big Camera 031September 2012 Big Camera 039September 2012 Big Camera 043September 2012 Big Camera 048September 2012 Big Camera 049September 2012 Big Camera 052September 2012 Big Camera 055September 2012 Big Camera 057September 2012 Big Camera 058September 2012 Big Camera 061September 2012 Big Camera 062September 2012 Big Camera 063September 2012 Big Camera 064September 2012 Big Camera 067September 2012 Big Camera 075September 2012 Big Camera 077September 2012 Big Camera 078

It was a super fun, really hot day in the orchard!  We had a great little family day!

September 2012 Big Camera 080

Next stop was the Julian Brewery and BBQ joint for lunch and beers!

September 2012 Big Camera 081

and a tall lemonade of course!

September 2012 Big Camera 082September 2012 Big Camera 084

My boys!

September 2012 Big Camera 087

My little loves!

September 2012 Big Camera 089

And this beauty!

September 2012 Big Camera 091September 2012 Big Camera 093

We had to stop at the Julian Pie Company for some apple pie before heading out of town!  Yum!

September 2012 Big Camera 095September 2012 Big Camera 098

Enjoying some apple berry pie with Daddy!

September 2012 Big Camera 100September 2012 Big Camera 102

Our Haul!

September 9th

September 2012 Small Camera 015

A trip to The San Diego Children’s Museum downtown after dropping Guy off at the airport!

September 2012 Small Camera 016September 2012 Small Camera 017September 2012 Small Camera 018

Layla creating a “building or house” out of trash to join a town being created out of other children’s buildings and houses!

September 2012 Small Camera 019September 2012 Small Camera 020September 2012 Small Camera 021

Layla’s completed project!

September 2012 Small Camera 022

Climbing, sliding and having fun!

September 2012 Small Camera 025September 2012 Small Camera 028September 2012 Small Camera 030

Even Sam got in on some of the fun!

September 2012 Small Camera 032September 2012 Small Camera 033September 2012 Small Camera 034September 2012 Small Camera 035September 2012 Small Camera 036September 2012 Small Camera 037September 2012 Small Camera 040September 2012 Small Camera 041

Making creatures out of trash!

September 2012 Small Camera 042

Painting an old car! 

September 2012 Small Camera 046September 2012 Small Camera 050September 2012 Small Camera 051

She had a blast but unfortunately her dress was never the same after this!

September 2012 Small Camera 053

Next Layla made a clay pot!

September 2012 Small Camera 054September 2012 Small Camera 055

We had a lot of fun at the children’s museum!  It was a good way to stay busy the  Sunday Guy left on a trip!

September 2012 Big Camera 108

Some play kitchen fun for Sam at home!

September 2012 Big Camera 110September 2012 Big Camera 111

Hanging out with Toddles!

September 11th

September 2012 Big Camera 117

September 12th

8 Months Old!

September 2012 Big Camera 121September 2012 Big Camera 124September 2012 Big Camera 130September 2012 Big Camera 140September 2012 Big Camera 143September 2012 Big Camera 145

September 13th

September 2012 Small Camera 058

Layla’s preschool held a very fun family night on September 13th.  We went and had a wonderful time exploring art, music, and science!

September 2012 Small Camera 060

Layla’s classroom had a craft to make that you then twirled and swirled to music!

September 2012 Small Camera 062

another classroom had really fun slimy flubber to play with!

September 2012 Small Camera 063September 2012 Small Camera 065

Another classroom had watercolors to mix and experiment with making colors out of the primary colors, like the Book Mouse Paint.

September 2012 Small Camera 067September 2012 Small Camera 068

Layla was even able to visit Ms. Yi-Chen, her preschool teacher from the previous year!

September 2012 Small Camera 069

She showed me her fun rolly pollie clay sculpture she made in class too!

September 2012 Small Camera 070September 2012 Small Camera 071

Finally in the last classroom we had fun with science, exploring magnets!

September 15th

September 2012 Small Camera 072

A fun family day at Legoland and the Legoland Water Park!

September 2012 Small Camera 074

Driving the cars!

September 2012 Small Camera 075

Flying helicopters!

September 2012 Small Camera 078September 2012 Small Camera 080

Splashing in splash pads!

September 2012 Small Camera 081September 2012 Small Camera 083

Just kickin’ back!

September 2012 Small Camera 084

Going on the fun water squirting pirate ride for the very first time!  Once with Daddy then again with Mommy!

September 2012 Small Camera 085September 2012 Small Camera 086September 2012 Small Camera 087September 2012 Small Camera 089September 2012 Small Camera 090September 2012 Small Camera 092September 2012 Small Camera 094September 2012 Small Camera 099

Layla and Guy also went on the Log ride for the very first time!

September 2012 Small Camera 101September 2012 Small Camera 103September 2012 Small Camera 106

We had tons of fun splashing and playing in the water areas of Legoland!

September 2012 Small Camera 113

and in the Water Park too!

September 2012 Small Camera 115September 2012 Big Camera 152

Sam passed out in the backyard swing after a fun and busy day!

September 2012 Big Camera 155September 2012 Big Camera 164September 2012 Big Camera 168September 2012 Big Camera 177

My boys!

September 16th

Our 12th Wedding Anniversary

September 2012 Big Camera 178September 2012 Big Camera 179

Happy 12 year anniversary to my love!  We celebrated by going to The Marine Room, which I had never been to!  It was a wonderful night, a phenomenal dinner and a great way to celebrate our 12 year anniversary!

September 18th

September 2012 Big Camera 180

A creative place to sleep for both her and her mermaid bath toys!

September 2012 Big Camera 181September 2012 Big Camera 182

September 19th

September 2012 Big Camera 183

Family beach picnic dinner!

September 2012 Big Camera 184September 2012 Big Camera 188

Layla loved to eat sand and so does Sam apparently!

September 2012 Big Camera 192September 2012 Big Camera 193September 2012 Big Camera 195September 2012 Big Camera 196September 2012 Big Camera 197September 2012 Big Camera 198September 2012 Big Camera 199

September 22nd

September 2012 Big Camera 203


September 2012 Big Camera 206

Chillaxin’ with Diane.

September 23rd

September 2012 Small Camera 121

Another fun day at Disneyland!

September 2012 Small Camera 124September 2012 Small Camera 126September 2012 Small Camera 128September 2012 Small Camera 129September 2012 Small Camera 131September 2012 Small Camera 134September 2012 Small Camera 135September 2012 Small Camera 136September 2012 Small Camera 139September 2012 Small Camera 140September 2012 Small Camera 141September 2012 Small Camera 142September 2012 Small Camera 144September 2012 Small Camera 145September 2012 Small Camera 147September 2012 Small Camera 149September 2012 Small Camera 150September 2012 Small Camera 152September 2012 Small Camera 155September 2012 Small Camera 156September 2012 Small Camera 157September 2012 Small Camera 160September 2012 Small Camera 161September 2012 Small Camera 164September 2012 Small Camera 165September 2012 Small Camera 166

September 25th

September 2012 Big Camera 208

Another creative place to nap, wedged between her dresser and her chair on the floor, at the foot of her bed!

September 2012 Big Camera 212

Layla’s first day of Polynesian Dance class!  She was inspired by our trip to Hawaii and the Hula she did and the Luau we went to.  I found Kehulili O Kailani and singed her up!

September 2012 Big Camera 213

Practicing Poi balls for the first time!

September 2012 Big Camera 214

September 26th

September 2012 Small Camera 168

A fun family dinner at Nonna and Papa’s with Nanny!

September 2012 Small Camera 171

A little skinny dip in the blow up pool!

September 2012 Small Camera 179 

September 28th

Sam’s First Padre Game!

September 2012 Small Camera 180September 2012 Small Camera 181September 2012 Small Camera 182

Layla’s first at bat in the Park in the Park at Petco Park!

September 2012 Small Camera 183September 2012 Small Camera 184

Go Layla, running the bases!

September 2012 Small Camera 191September 2012 Small Camera 195

She loved it and waited to get up to bat again!

September 2012 Small Camera 196September 2012 Small Camera 198September 2012 Small Camera 199September 2012 Small Camera 200

Layla even got to see the Petco Park dog and cat! 

September 2012 Small Camera 201September 2012 Small Camera 202

Me and my kiddos!  This was after a trip to the Padre store to buy Sam a Padre onesie!

September 2012 Small Camera 209

Daddy with his kiddos!

September 2012 Small Camera 213

Sam in his Padre jammies, they used to be Cormac’s!  Thank you Fowlers!

September 2012 Small Camera 214September 2012 Small Camera 215September 2012 Small Camera 217September 2012 Small Camera 218

It was a super fun family night at Petco watching the Padre game with my favorite people!

September 29th

September 2012 Big Camera 215

On September 30th we spent the day at The San Diego Zoo with Michelle, Joe and Baby Jackson!

September 2012 Big Camera 217September 2012 Big Camera 218September 2012 Big Camera 221September 2012 Big Camera 222September 2012 Big Camera 224September 2012 Big Camera 226September 2012 Big Camera 230September 2012 Big Camera 232September 2012 Big Camera 233September 2012 Big Camera 234September 2012 Big Camera 240September 2012 Big Camera 243

A cute picture of Joe and Guy pushing the boys in their strollers through the parking lot!

September 30th

September 2012 Big Camera 244

First Earth’s Best Teething biscuits!

September 2012 Big Camera 245