October 2012

October 2nd

9 Months Old

September 2012 Big Camera 254September 2012 Big Camera 259September 2012 Big Camera 266

October 3rd

Fun at Open Gym at the Carlsbad YMCA Gymnastics Center!

November 2012 Small Camera 004

Hanging from the bar and some balancing!

November 2012 Small Camera 005November 2012 Small Camera 008

Climbing around and figuring it all out!  He ended up loving it but at first was a little unsure!

November 2012 Small Camera 009November 2012 Small Camera 010November 2012 Small Camera 012November 2012 Small Camera 013

Practicing handstands!

November 2012 Small Camera 016

Sam starting to enjoy it!  Having fun climbing!

November 2012 Small Camera 019November 2012 Small Camera 023November 2012 Small Camera 025November 2012 Small Camera 026November 2012 Small Camera 031

Open Gym would not be Open Gym without a few dives into the big foam pit!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 005

The “Aunts” came for a quick visit and were able help with bath time and jammies!  We love seeing them and so do the kids!  It is fun when they come for a visit!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 008

October 4th

November 2012 Small Camera 040

Sam’s first time in the shopping cart with the cozy cover!

9 Month Well Baby Visit

At his 9 month appointment he weighed 19.4 pounds, was 29 and a half inches in length!

October 5th

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 010

Cleaning and dress up!  Layla is such a creative, imaginative awesome little girl!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 012

In their Jasmine and her tiger Raja from Disney’s Aladdin!  Layla looks so different in the black Jasmine wig (which didn’t last long by the way)!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 016

Sassy Princess Jasmine pose!  Off to The Disney Store’s Halloween “Dress Rehersal” event!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 018October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 023October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 025October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 027October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 031October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 032October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 033

October 6th

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 035

Sammy loved watching the washing machine work!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 039

Sam’s first time with finger foods!  Cheerios!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 041October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 045October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 047

Proud big sister Layla helping her brother eat Cheerios for the first time!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 049

Go Sam go!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 050

Cheerios for two!

November 2012 Small Camera 045

Some Jumpy fun at Oktoberfest in Carlsbad

November 2012 Small Camera 046November 2012 Small Camera 050

Face painting and apple strudel!

November 2012 Small Camera 053November 2012 Small Camera 054

Sam and Daddy enjoying Oktoberfest!

November 2012 Small Camera 055

Layla and Papa enjoying Oktoberfest!

November 2012 Small Camera 056

Layla and the Oktoberfest beer maids!

November 2012 Small Camera 057

Layla and a beer, Mommy is a happy lady!

November 2012 Small Camera 060

Balloon characters!

November 2012 Small Camera 062November 2012 Small Camera 063

Nonna and Sam enjoying the Oktoberfest festivities!

November 2012 Small Camera 073

It is not Oktoberfest without the Chicken Dance!

November 2012 Small Camera 077

October 7th

october 2012 002

The 2012 handmade Halloween Party invitations!

Bates Nut Farm 2012

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 054


October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 068October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 071

This was the picture we sent out in the Halloween cards this year!  LOVE!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 076October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 079October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 085October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 091October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 094October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 098October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 104October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 109October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 120October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 134October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 143October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 151October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 163October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 168October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 171October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 173October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 179October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 180October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 182October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 185October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 189October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 190October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 194

We have this same picture of Layla at Bates when she was little with her pumpkin beanie on, sitting on Guy’s shoulders!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 197October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 210

Sam’s first pony ride!

October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 211Sam’s October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 213October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 225October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 231October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 240October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 245October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 253October 2012 Bates Nut Farm) big camera 266

This one came home and asked to wash the windows!  I love this crazy kid!  She is definitely my daughter!

October 8th

November 2012 Small Camera 078 

Holding hands in the back seat of the car! Melts my heart!

October 9th

october 2012 005

Guy took a day off to take Layla to preschool and go to swim lessons and get in the water with Sam!

october 2012 006october 2012 009october 2012 011october 2012 014october 2012 016october 2012 018

Swim lessons with Daddy in the water!

october 2012 020october 2012 023october 2012 025october 2012 027october 2012 029october 2012 032

Swimming with Mr. Nick!

october 2012 035october 2012 038october 2012 042october 2012 046

9 Months Old!

october 2012 054october 2012 063october 2012 074october 2012 075october 2012 078october 2012 082october 2012 087october 2012 089october 2012 092october 2012 098october 2012 100

Someone went into her room for quiet rest and fell asleep in her chair!

October 10th

october 2012 102

A walk and lunch with Michelle and Baby Jackson.

November 2012 Small Camera 079

Pho, it’s what’s for dinner!

October 11th

october 2012 103

A front step photo shoot with this handsome guy for birthday invitation photos!

october 2012 114

This is the one that was used on his First Birthday Party invitations!

October 12th

November 2012 Small Camera 080

Sam building.

A trip to the Children’s Museum in Escondido with Courtney, Arden and Anderson!

November 2012 Small Camera 082

Friends forever!  So sweet!

November 2012 Small Camera 084

Sam checking out the fish tank.

November 2012 Small Camera 086

The girls making things float and fly!

November 2012 Small Camera 087November 2012 Small Camera 089

October 13th

November 2012 Small Camera 091

Disney on Ice!

November 2012 Small Camera 092

Loving making magical memories with my kids!

November 2012 Small Camera 093

Sam loved Disney on Ice!  He was awe struck the entire time he was awake!

November 2012 Small Camera 095

And of course Layla always loves seeing her Disney Character and Princess friends at Disney on Ice!

October 14th

october 2012 115

A photo shoot with these two beautiful children for Christmas card pictures!

october 2012 120

This is the one!  Christmas Card photo 2012!

october 2012 122

How lucky are we to have such amazing and beautiful children?

october 2012 162october 2012 207october 2012 232october 2012 242october 2012 257

I love this crazy wackadoo!

October 17th

october 2012 259

Finger Foods!!

November 2012 Small Camera 096

Story Time at the Carlsbad Library!  Look how well he is sitting on the carpet square!

November 2012 Small Camera 098

Sammy’s first time riding in the “Car Cart”  at Henry’s!

November 2012 Small Camera 100

October 18th

November 2012 Small Camera 101

Layla and Diane at El Camino High School!  We went to watch Chase’s freshman football game!

November 2012 Small Camera 102

A shot of Sam’s adorable monster shoes!  Had to take a picture of them before he outgrew them!

October 19th

November 2012 Small Camera 105

Legoland Aquarium fun!

November 2012 Small Camera 106November 2012 Small Camera 109

Some Cheerio’s for Sam at the Legoland Sea Life café While Layla enjoyed a snack and some time playing with the Legos!

November 2012 Small Camera 110

A group picture by the big shark for Sam’s first trip to Legoland’s Sea Life Aquarium!


October 20th

october 2012 266

First Tooth!!!

october 2012 267

Layla met Diane down at the beach for some shell hunting!  Lots of shells because there is a ton of new sand that just go pumped on to the beach!

october 2012 269october 2012 273


october 2012 275october 2012 286october 2012 288october 2012 290october 2012 292

Our tired girl!

October 21st

A family get together to celebrate Hayden graduating from music production school!

october 2012 294

Nonna feeding Sam.

october 2012 295

Gnawing on beer bottles with Daddy and Hayden.

october 2012 299october 2012 301october 2012 304

Guy giving Baby JJ kisses.

october 2012 306

Sam sporting his Halloween spider beenie and having fun with Nonna!

october 2012 310

Hayden w Apphia.

october 2012 312

Apphia and Sam.

october 2012 314

Sam and his awesome cheese grin!

october 2012 316

Proud Grandmas!

october 2012 317

Cheese, showing off his tooth!

october 2012 318

Such a happy sweet boy!

october 2012 320

Layla giving Jackson some love with Uncle Joe!

october 2012 321

Silly Nonna trying to eat Sam’s toes again!

october 2012 322

Sam and Uncle Steven.

October 23rd

November 2012 Small Camera 111

Mickey Mouse’s Halloween Party at Disneyland with my Little Jasmine (Layla) and her tiger Raja (Sam)!

November 2012 Small Camera 113November 2012 Small Camera 114

My loves!

November 2012 Small Camera 116

I have a tiger in the Ergo!

November 2012 Small Camera 117

After patiently waiting for Dumbo she finally got the feather, which means we’re next!

November 2012 Small Camera 120

Dumbo, a family favorite!

November 2012 Small Camera 121

My little trick or treater all ready to collect some candy!

November 2012 Small Camera 122

Trick – or – treat!

November 2012 Small Camera 123November 2012 Small Camera 124

Mmmm churros!

November 2012 Small Camera 125

There was this awesome family dressed up as the characters of The Little Mermaid, this was the dad as King Triton!  Awesome!

November 2012 Small Camera 127

The special Halloween parade!

November 2012 Small Camera 128

Layla and Lauren enjoying the parade!

November 2012 Small Camera 129

Sam and I watching the parade!

November 2012 Small Camera 132

October 24th

November 2012 Small Camera 142

Story time fun!

November 2012 Small Camera 143

October 25th

october 2012 325

Layla dressing up her little bro!

october 2012 326

Another Trick – or – treat opportunity at the Oceanside Sunset Market!

october 2012 328

October 26th

october 2012 334

Layla entertaining herself during party prep for the Kids Halloween Party!  Beanbag toss in the kitchen!  Why not?

october 2012 335

Layla and Daddy building a beanbag toss for the Halloween Party!

october 2012 337october 2012 338

Layla even got to  help use the drill.

october 2012 342

This cheesy grinned  boy is the absolute cutest!

october 2012 344

October 27th

october 2012 345

Kids Halloween Party Pumpkin decorating supplies!

october 2012 347

Mmm bagels!

october 2012 348

The Annual Zavodny Kids Halloween Party!

october 2012 349

Layla helping little Miss Avery!

october 2012 350

Princess Jasmine enjoying a snack!

october 2012 351

Spiderman (Anderson) raking my yard for me!

october 2012 354

Layla and Arden bravely reaching in to the creepy touch and feel boxes!

october 2012 355october 2012 358

SHad enjoying the Jack O Lantern bean bag toss!

october 2012 361

Such beautiful girls and wonderful friends!

october 2012 364october 2012 366

Pumpkin decorating fun!

october 2012 369

Delicious sweets and treats!

october 2012 371october 2012 372october 2012 377

The crepe paper mummy wrap!  Hilarious fun for everyone!

october 2012 381october 2012 383october 2012 385october 2012 390october 2012 399

Miss Riley a friend we met in Kauai in August who lives in Lake Forrest OC!

october 2012 402

Rylin and Arden!

october 2012 405

Me, busy at work nursing Sam!

october 2012 410

Piñata time!  Any excuse for a piñata at the Zavodny’s!

october 2012 413october 2012 415october 2012 426october 2012 430october 2012 435october 2012 440october 2012 441october 2012 446october 2012 451october 2012 471october 2012 475october 2012 476october 2012 481october 2012 487

Sam the man cruising on the pink princess car!

october 2012 494

Cute Little Avery!

october 2012 497

Chase all dressed up for Homecoming, needed help tying his tie!

october 2012 500

We will save this picture to show him someday or to give Courtney and Dean to hold over his head!  Or use in the wedding video montage!

october 2012 501

Sam enjoying a post party gnaw on a frozen bagel!  Brenda taking pics of him because as she says. “Cutest baby ever!”  Thanks Brenda!

october 2012 502

The B Girls and Layla snuggled up to watch a movie and spend the night.  But then…  before the sleep over happened an over tired, over stimulated, sugared monster came alive within Layla and she lost her mind = no sleep over for the B Girls!  We will try again someday!

October 28th

Brick or Treat at Legoland!

october 2012 503october 2012 505october 2012 507october 2012 508october 2012 515

My Jasmine and her Raja!

october 2012 516october 2012 519october 2012 523october 2012 525october 2012 526october 2012 530october 2012 531october 2012 532october 2012 535october 2012 536october 2012 539october 2012 541october 2012 542october 2012 548october 2012 552october 2012 556october 2012 557october 2012 559october 2012 564

October 29th

october 2012 570october 2012 572

Kitchen sink bath!

october 2012 578

October 30th

october 2012 581

Finger food fun!

october 2012 585

Pumpkin Cleaning and Carving 2012

october 2012 586october 2012 590october 2012 593october 2012 595october 2012 596october 2012 607october 2012 608october 2012 614october 2012 621october 2012 624

The traditional in the giant pumpkin photo!

october 2012 627october 2012 631

Sam was not too stoked!

october 2012 633october 2012 640october 2012 642october 2012 645

October 31st HALLOWEEN!

october 2012 647october 2012 651

Trick or Treat Story Time at the library!

october 2012 652october 2012 653october 2012 657october 2012 659october 2012 660

Layla hard at work making her trick or treat bag!

october 2012 664october 2012 666october 2012 670october 2012 671

Trick or treating at the different desks in the library!

october 2012 674october 2012 675

Layla and our beloved children’s librarian Miss Missy!

october 2012 676october 2012 677

Trunk or treating at the park with some play group friends!

october 2012 681october 2012 687october 2012 691october 2012 694october 2012 695october 2012 697

Playing in his Tupperware cabinet!

october 2012 699october 2012 701

Cardboard box adventures!  because nothing is more fun than playing with empty cardboard boxes!

October 2012 A (3)

The Ross family came over for Trick or Treating and the Halloween night festivities!

October 2012 A (4)

me, playing hostess, a role I usually play!

October 2012 A (13)

My pride and joy!

October 2012 A (22)

Nonna and her grandkiddos!

October 2012 A (39)

Our little Z Fam!

October 2012 A (43)October 2012 A (58)

First stop: The Roerig’s!  Trick or Treat!

October 2012 A (63)October 2012 A (67)

The Trick or Treat entourage!

October 2012 A (69)October 2012 A (71)October 2012 A (72)October 2012 A (75)October 2012 A (76)

Auntie Val on Louis duty so we could go into the Polling’s Haunted House!

October 2012 A (79)

Dave T. and my dad on candy pass out duty!

October 2012 A (83)October 2012 A (84)

Crazy big inflatable purple front yard spider!

October 2012 A (85)October 2012 A (91)

Layla sorting through some of her loot with Nanny before heading off to Mr. Tom’s and Sarah, Kelly, and Val’s

October 2012 A (93)

Trick or treating from Ms. Kelly!

October 2012 A (98)

Passing out Candy with Mr. Tom!

October 2012 A (100)October 2012 A (101)

Halloween hugs for the Ry guy!

October 2012 A (103)

Cruisin’ with Todd!

October 2012 A (109)

Some Halloween “cousin” Jackson/Layla love!

October 2012 A (125)

Happy Halloween from these sweet treats!

October 2012 A (130)