December 2012

December 1st

November 2012 Big Camera 823

Mmmm scrambled eggs!

November 2012 Big Camera 831

Daddy and Layla on their way into The Home Depot tree lot to pick our 2012 Christmas Tree!  Tradition!

November 2012 Big Camera 834

We found “the one!”

November 2012 Big Camera 836

Layla and our tree!

November 2012 Big Camera 839

A beautiful girl and a beautiful Christmas wreath!

November 2012 Big Camera 841

Our Christmas tree tied onto the top of the car and ready to take home!

November 2012 Big Camera 846

Sam helping sort the ornaments!  Non breakable only on the tree this year!!

November 2012 Big Camera 850

He had so much fun looking at them!

November 2012 Big Camera 851

Layla helped decorate the tree!  since Sam is into everything we decided we would only decorate the top half of the tree with non breakable ornaments in case Sam pulled the entire tree down!

November 2012 Big Camera 853

Layla had a great time decorating the tree with a little help from both Mommy and Daddy!

November 2012 Big Camera 855November 2012 Big Camera 856November 2012 Big Camera 857November 2012 Big Camera 858November 2012 Big Camera 861November 2012 Big Camera 863

Me and my babies and our half decorated Christmas tree! (which is protected by a large plastic bin with cinderblocks inside of it to weigh it down so Sam cant get to the tree!)

November 2012 Small Camera 245

A blurry pic of Sam Sagging!

November 2012 Small Camera 246

Sam and his buddy Todd!

December 2012 002

A cardboard box is always a huge hit!

December 2012 004

December 2nd

December 2012 005

Layla asked to go on a treasure hunt!  Here is the map to the treasure that Guy drew!

December 2012 006

A very excited girl ready to go on a treasure hunt, treasure map in hand!

December 2012 009

Off they go!

December 2012 010December 2012 011

She found the treasure!

December 2012 013December 2012 014

11 Months Old! 

December 2nd 2012

December 2012 015December 2012 017

December 3rd

December 2012 022

Crafting some fun holiday and Christmas crafts!

December 2012 023December 2012 025

Our Silly and very mischievous elf Eli’s message for Layla and Sam!

December 2012 029

More holiday crafts and advent calendars!

December 2012 035

Sam trying out the jumper!

December 2012 037December 2012 043December 2012 044

Layla decorating her and Sam’s personal mini Christmas trees for their rooms!

December 2012 045

Rocking out, playing a little music, making a little noise!

December 4th

December 2012 050

Oh that elf!!  Eli decided to toilet paper our Christmas tree!  He is such a little trouble maker!

December 2012 052

December 6th

December 2012 055

Layla and Daddy building and decorating our annual gingerbread house!  This has got to be one of Layla’s very favorite holiday activities!

December 2012 057December 2012 060

Decorating Christmas cookies, just me and my girl!

December 2012 064December 2012 066

December 7th

December 2012 002

My handsome boy and beautiful girl waiting to groove with Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew!

December 2012 003December 2012 007

Swimming Lessons together!  Sam has been in lessons but since layla is in preschool and a very competent swimmer she has not been in lessons lately!  But since she had a 6 week break over the holidays from preschool we decided to sign her up for a session! Both her and Sam in the pool together at the same time!  It is awesome!  He loves watching her swim and she comes and gives him kisses constantly!

December 2012 008December 2012 009

Her amazing free style, or “Zippers.”

December 2012 014

Perfecting her backstroke!

December 2012 029

Saying “hello” to each other in the pool!

December 2012 034

Sam working on his floats into the step and his “digs.’’

December 2012 035

She is such an epic swimmer!

December 2012 001

Our 2012 Picture with Santa!

Sam was not too stoked!  He cried but we took the picture anyways!  Classic!

December 8th

December 2012 067

Sam playing in his cabinet, the Tupperware cabinet!

The Annual Zavodny Cocktail Party!

December 2012 069

Me and my love!

December 2012 072

Cousin love!

December 2012 075

Donna and the girls!

December 2012 076

Donna and her crazy purple cast!

December 2012 080

The Marshalls

December 2012 088

Apple Pie shots!

December 2012 089

Catillus kisses!

December 2012 090

Donna and my dad.

December 2012 091

Diana and I.

December 2012 100

Lauren and Shawn.

December 2012 102


December 2012 106


December 2012 107

Vince and Joan

December 2012 108

Daren and Margret

December 2012 109

Courtney and Dean, having a blast!

December 2012 112

Tom & Todd

December 2012 115

Bald men are sexy!

December 2012 144

Sean, Val & Deb!

December 2012 148

Big smiles from Margret and Vince!

December 9th

December 2012 050December 2012 052

Silly Eli the Elf getting into trouble and causing mischief.  This time he toilet papered the Christmas tree!

December 10th

December 2012 152

Silly Sweet Sam… he loves carrying Layla’s purse,

December 2012 153

climbing into the toy baskets,

December 2012 154

and snuggling the Grinch

December 2012 037

Dressed up for lunch at Nanny’s!

December 2012 038

Playing together at Nanny’s!

December 11th

December 2012 040

Layla’s holiday gifts for her preschool teachers!

December 2012 042

The last day of preschool before winter break the children decided on, and planned their own party.  They decided on a grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup party!  I volunteered to come in and help with some other moms.  We made the grilled cheese sandwiches and warmed up the soup!  Then we were able to stay and join our kids for the party!

December 2012 043December 2012 044

Mmmmm grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup!  Yum!

December 2012 045December 2012 046

Me and my minis!

December 2012 048December 2012 051

Sammy diggin’ some grilled cheese!

December 2012 052December 2012 055

A little play time in big sister’s classroom!

December 2012 056

It was inevitable, I knew the day would come where Sam learned how to climb through the doggy door!

December 2012 155December 2012 157

December 14th

December 2012 057

A cold Hidden Canyon Park day!

December 2012 058December 2012 062December 2012 063December 2012 064December 2012 075

Swing time for Sam!

December 2012 077

Some balance bike practice for Layla!  There are rumors that Santa is bringing a “big girl bike”!

December 16th

December 2012 160

Some morning family cuzzi time!

December 2012 161

The  Three I love the most in this world!

December 2012 163

My boys!

11 Months Old!

December 2012 164December 2012 165December 2012 167December 2012 169

December 17th

December 2012 182

Layla and I made homemade play dough together!

December 2012 186

We made lots of colors!  It was fun and a great learning experience mixing colors and making colors from the primary colors!  The colors turned out great, the play dough was soft and didn’t smell stinky like the store bought kind!  we had lots of fun making it and we will definitely do it again!!

December 2012 190

Sam climbing into “his” cabinet!

December 2012 193

Silly Eli the Elf made and hung up snow flakes in the window!

December 18th

December 2012 079

Layla’s first Kehilili O Kailan Christmas Party!  Mele Kalikimaka!

She got to enjoy snacks, Hawaiian Punch, Hawaiian trivia, some fun Hawaiian Christmas songs,  and a hand made candy lei!

December 2012 080

Christmas Leis

December 2012 082December 2012 085

Layla getting her Mele Kalikimaka lei from “Auntie Trudi”

December 2012 086

December 2012 196

So proud and happy!  My little hula dancer!

December 19th

December 2012 198

Santa’s Workshop!  Shhhh don’t tell Layla!

December 2012 200

Sam was SOOO helpful!  Wink wink!

December 20th

December 2012 087

Exchanging Christmas gifts (and Arden’s Birthday Gift) with the Marshalls!

December 2012 088

Train Table Fun!  Early 1st Birthday gift!

December 2012 202

This happy little dude is getting a train table early for his first birthday!  We put it together early and he loved it even without any track built on it!

December 2012 203

December 21st

December 2012 204

Here it is built with the tracks complete!  He loved it and so did big sister!

December 22nd

December 2012 205

A family photo opportunity before taking Layla to the ballet!

December 2012 206

Dressed up with our little lady to take her to see The Nutcracker ballet!

December 2012 208

Layla and Daddy outside of the Civic Theater

December 2012 209

Me and my girl! 

December 2012 215

She was so excited to come to see The Nutcracker ballet!

December 2012 216

Got our program and we are filled with anticipation!  Can’t wait for the ballet to start!

December 2012 218

Layla with a huge nutcracker!

December 2012 219

Photos after the show because we attended the Sugar Plum Performance where there is a reception with cookies and the performers after the show!  Layla was thrilled to see real ballerinas!

December 2012 220December 2012 221

Layla was so excited to get to meet  Clara and the Nutcracker Prince!

December 2012 223

She even got to pick a nutcracker for her souvenir!

December 2012 225

Our little lady and her nutcracker!  She chose one that looed like The Nutcracker Prince!

December 2012 234

After the ballet Layla had said she wanted to go to Prep Kitchen for dinner!  We drove to Little Italy and what our girl wants, she usually gets!  Prep Kitchen it was!

December 2012 239

There were lots of fun nutcrackers to take photos with!  We had a great time!

December 2012 241

December 23rd

December 2012 246

One of Layla’s favorite holiday traditions is building a gingerbread house and decorating it!  She starts asking the day after Thanksgiving, “When do we get to decorate the gingerbread house?”  This year we did two for that very reason!  This is our second one for the year!

December 2012 248

Sam and the Stone bottle!

December 2012 253

It was empty before Sam got ahold of it  of course! 

December 24th

December 2012 254

Awww Layla and Lou Lou snuggles!  What a sweet dog!

December 2012 256

Sam perusing one of Thomas Keller’s cook books!

December 2012 257December 2012 259

Guy and Layla making Thomas Keller’s Pineapple Upside down cake for Layla’s Half Birthday (on Christmas) cake!  Layla decided she wanted Pineapple Upside-down cake this year!

December 2012 261

The beautiful finished product!

December 2012 267

Eli The Elf’s Goodbye letter to Layla and Sam too!

December 2012 269

December 25th

Merry Christmas 2012

December 2012 274

The tree all set up with presents from Mommy, Daddy, and Santa before the kids got to it on Christmas morning!

December 2012 276

Layla coming out on Christmas morning!

December 2012 279

The excitement on her face is priceless!

December 2012 282December 2012 287December 2012 289December 2012 291

Christmas stocking time!

December 2012 296December 2012 298December 2012 300December 2012 307December 2012 310December 2012 311December 2012 315December 2012 319December 2012 322December 2012 324December 2012 326

It became chaos quickly with the kids riding on their new wheelie bugs through all of the wrapping paper!

December 2012 328December 2012 336

Sammy got a helmet!

December 2012 338

He looks like a bobble-head!

December 2012 344

Layla made hand painted ornaments for everyone including Daddy!  Daddy also got cute ones made with Layla and Sam’s foot and hand prints!

December 2012 347December 2012 350December 2012 352

One of my fun gifts was a Crikut paper cutter!

December 2012 358December 2012 359December 2012 361December 2012 363

Those are some happy faces!

December 2012 364

We shared our Christmas morning joy with The Roerigs and Nicole and Joel!

December 2012 365December 2012 367

Sam got his everywhere chair from Ahta and he loved it!  Sat in it most of the rest of the morning!

December 2012 369

Auntie Val stopped by to exchange gifts and join in some Christmas morning chaos, I mean joy!

December 2012 371December 2012 373December 2012 375

Nonna and Papa made it over as well!

December 2012 377

Even Louie got a big Christmas treat!

December 2012 378December 2012 385December 2012 403

Some Papa love!

December 2012 408

Nonna and Papa love!

December 2012 414

Snow White Layla!

December 2012 417

Lou Dog with his head crammed in the Christmas tree trying to get some lovin’ from Papa!

December 2012 420

All dressed up in her Holiday best in front of Karen and Marty’s Christmas tree!

December 2012 429

Sam in his holiday best, passed out in his car seat!

December 2012 430

Joe and Guy!

December 2012 438

Me and my love!  Merry Christmas!

December 2012 439

Layla and her Nanny!

December 2012 441

Layla and Alicia!

December 2012 442

Layla and Diana!

December 2012 450

Jackson and his daddy!

December 2012 451

More presents!!

December 2012 453

Lots more presents!

December 2012 455

Michelle and Joe opening the canvas print of Jackson that we got them!  Tears

December 2012 459

More presents for Little Sam too!

December 2012 460

Layla giving Jackson some love!

December 2012 468

Sam eating his first Christmas dinner!

December 2012 469

My boys at Christmas dinner!

December 2012 471

Layla enjoying her Christmas dinner!

December 2012 473

Nonna and JJ

December 2012 475

Layla and Nanny before she opens her gifts!

December 2012 478

Me and my sweet boy, sharing a moment!

December 2012 480December 2012 482

So sweet, it made me  tear up!

December 2012 492

Our beautiful family on Christmas 2012

December 2012 496

Z family Christmas kisses!

December 2012 499

The Ross Family!

December 2012 512

Great Daddys and their boys!

December 2012 513

Our gorgeous girl!

December 2012 514

Our sweet happy handsome boy!

December 26th

December 2012 520

Layla enjoying some time with her new toys!  Princess Play-doh set!

December 2012 526

We didn’t get a picture of the kids dressed up in front of our Christmas tree before Christmas or on Christmas.  So here they are they day after!

December 2012 530

The two gingerbread houses Layla decorated and one marshmallow igloo she made at story time at the library!

December 2012 535

I think Christmas and all of the fun and festivities wore Sam out!  What do you think?

December 27th

December 2012 536

Layla is putting in some time on the big girl bike that Santa brought her!  She never had training wheels, she went strait from her Balance bike to her big girl princess bike and she rocked it!

December 2012 537December 2012 538

Go Layla go!

December 2012 544

Sam got a few turns on the trike too!

December 2012 547December 2012 553December 2012 555December 2012 556

I got to give her a few starter pushes too!  There is nothing like the feeling of your child being successful at something they have tried hard to accomplish!  An amazing feeling of pride!

December 2012 570December 2012 576

Cute little dude in his new helmet!

December 2012 592December 2012 597December 2012 605December 2012 606

December 28th

December 2012 608

Sam enjoying his books, lots of them new from Christmas!! 

December 2012 611

I absolutely love the fact that both of my children LOVE books!

December 29th

December 2012 617

Cousin tubby time!


December  31st

December 2012 620

New Years Eve Party at Sarah, Val and Kellie’s!

December 2012 621

Layla and The Ry Guy!

December 2012 622December 2012 623

Sam slept thru most of the party!

December 2012 624December 2012 626

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

December 2012 629

Rylan being camera shy!

December 2012 637

Party people!

December 2012 640

Me and my girl!

December 2012 643

Sarah and Sam!

December 2012 654

Sarah and all of the kiddos!

December 2012 658

Happy New Year from Sam and I!

December 2012 661December 2012 669December 2012 672December 2012 674December 2012 677