January 2013 — Texas Trip Part 2

Belton, Texas

Our Visit with The Fowler Family!

January 16th 2013

On January 16th we drove from San Antonio to Belton, Texas to visit The Fowler Family!  We had not seen them since they were a family of three!  They have since had twin boys 4 days older than Sam!  Over the years Dayspring and I have talked almost daily about being wives to men who travel and treat us well, about being moms, struggles to get pregnant, and even commiserated while we were both pregnant at the same time, her with the twins and me with Sam all the way on different sides of the country! Our friendship has remained strong and endured distance and time! We met when they were stationed in Oceanside.  They ten moved to Korea for two years, back to Oceanside for a year then to Virginia.  They are now settled in Texas.  As soon as we saw one another it was like no time had passed at all!  I am so grateful for her friendship over the years!  Now to spend some time together!

January 2013 296This is a photo of our three youngest boys, Sam, Finn, and Keen all year old, whom we struggled to conceive and are so grateful for, meeting for the first time!

January 2013 299It was a trip to see them all lined up for meals! It was a challenge to be the one on spoon duty trying to feed them all yogurt and keep them all happy!  I took the feeding duty quite a bit because it was a fun challenge and loved it!  but boy let me tell you, three one year old boys is a lot more than one!

January 2013 302Big kids bath time!  Layla and Cormac bickered like a little old married couple and hugged just as much!  It is a Love-Hate relationship with these two, hot and cold!

January 17th 2013

January 2013 303Makin’ pancakes!

January 2013 306 January 2013 308Feeding duty!

January 2013 311Some time in the Fowler Family’s beautiful backyard!  Guy and Sam having a little hammock bonding time!

January 2013 314Some playtime on the fairly new play structure!

January 2013 315Hammock fun!

January 2013 323We got to join them at story time at the Belton Library.

January 2013 327

Guy and Day wrestling the twins during story time!

January 2013 332And go out for brunch at Meg’s.  One of Day’s favorites!  It was  delicious!

January 2013 335 January 2013 338
A play-date with some of Day’s friends and their kids!  While Guy put together the twins new water table with some help from little hands of course!

January 2013 340 January 2013 346We took a walk from the Fowler’s house down to the lake.  The kids had a blast skipped stones and explored and we had a little photo shoot!  Dayspring is one of my favorite free photographers!  This family photo is one of my all time favorite pictures!

January 2013 347 January 2013 348 January 2013 351 January 2013 355January 2013 362January 2013 365January 2013 367January 2013 371We went out for Tex-Mex with all of the kids and it was quite the adventure!  We are grateful for foodie friends like Day and Ryan because dinner was awesome!  The kids did great and Sam even tried sharing his food with the twins, he is such a sweet boy!

January 2013 374Awww so sweet to share Sam!

January 2013 376A Texas tourist photo shoot!  We had to get one by the huge cowboy boot!  How could we not?

January 2013 379January 2013 382January 2013 384and some by the wagon too.

January 18th 2013

Another little impromptu photo shoot by Dayspring!

January 2013 389January 2013 388January 2013 390January 2013 394            Then we headed to Baylor University to go to the Children’s Museum.  We had a great time watching our kids play, explore and learn!  We also had fun playing with our kids!January 2013 398  January 2013 515

This cute little dude!

January 2013 509

There were all sorts of animals,

January 2013 505

train sets,

January 2013 492

building activities,

January 2013 497 January 2013 495  mazes with balls, which the three littlest, Finn, Keen, and Sam loved!January 2013 486

Here the littlest three were enjoying watching the train run on the set below!

January 2013 481

It was so funny trying to get a family photo of the Fowlers, it proved next to impossible.  Here are 4 of the 5 and only Day and Ryan are looking!

January 2013 454

Cormac and Layla loved the international dress up room and make believe play!

January 2013 477

January 2013 476 January 2013 474 January 2013 466 January 2013 459 January 2013 456  January 2013 449 January 2013 444 January 2013 435

There were giant bubbles and buffalo!

January 2013 428 January 2013 419

There was enough space to soar down the hallways and let your cape fly behind you!

January 2013 416

There was a huge piano a great spot for littles to crawl!

January 2013 399   January 2013 527

The museum was a blast!

January 2013 535

When we got home we fed the littlest monkeys and made dinner for ourselves!  Guy and Ryan grilled steaks and Guy made his famous chipoltle sweet potatoes!

Ellery came all the way from Houston to spend a couple nights with us!  A four hour drive just to hang out with us!  We love You Ellery Grace Grace Capuozzo, you are the most awesome teenager ever!

January 2013 542

January 2013 540

January 2013 539

After our awesome reunion with Ellery, some Ellery snuggles and hugs and a delicious dinner, we made s’mores in the Fowler’s outdoor fireplace! Yum, it doesn’t get much better than s’mores with friends and family!

January 2013 544

These two waiting patiently…

January 2013 569

so are we… patiently roasting the perfect marshmallows!

January 2013 558


January 2013 563January 2013 560

January 2013 572January 2013 565

S’mores face!

January 2013 584

One of the boys, I think it is Sam, cruising around with two bats!  Yikes!

End of January 2013

January 24th 2013

January 2013 754January 2013 757Silly Sam Sam!

January 25th 2013

A rainy day calls for a day a Chuck E Cheese’s!  (Not my favorite place to spend time but we do things we never thought we would to make our kids happy!  This is one of them!)

January 2013 041 (2) January 2013 045 (2) January 2013 054 (2) January 2013 055 (2) January 2013 058 (2) January 2013 062January 26th 2013

January 2013 064 (2)Getting Sam’s Posh Prints done!  We got Layla’s done at one year old, so Sam follows suit.

January 2013 065 (2) January 2013 066 (2)Girls afternoon at Disney on Ice!

January 2013 067 (2)Front row – “on the ice” seats, because that’s how we roll!

January 2013 068 (2)I love how engrossed and engaged she gets watching her favorite characters twirl on the ice!

January 2013 766After a full day of Posh Prints and Disney on Ice nothing is as great as making pizza with Daddy!

January 27th 2013

January 2013 818  Valentine’s Day Card Photo ShootJanuary 2013 791  We used Tom’s cool fence this year and a cute sign with kisses and hugs!January 2013 821Toms Post Carlsbad Marathon Party!

January 2013 825Silly Sam in a basket!

January 28th 2013

January 2013 007 (2)

12 Months Old!

January 2013 009 (2)SOOOO BIG!

January 2013 016 (2) January 2013 029 (2) January 2013 033 (2)Such a sweet, beautiful, fun, loving, rambunctious, not a good sleeper of a boy!  We love you so Sam Sam!

January 2013 — Texas Trip Part 3 — A Day in Austin

January 19th 2013

Louie Mueller Barbeque — Taylor, Texas

January 2013 586Dayspring really wanted to make Guy super stoked by taking him to great Texas barbeque!  She nailed it!  Louie Mueller was excellent!  Guy was so happy he was able to experience excellent Texas Barbeque.  Thank you Dayspring.

January 2013 590 January 2013 592Silly kids!  Trying to entertain themselves while their foodie parents geek out at some old barbeque restaurant!

January 2013 596All three of them were so excited for the meat!

January 2013 598 January 2013 601The Menu, written on butcher paper hung on the wall.

January 2013 602 January 2013 604My monster baked potato!  Everything is bigger in Texas!

January 2013 607The beef ribs and beef brisket.January 2013 610Guy is VERY happy!

January 2013 611The beef ribs were as though they were from a T-Rex!  Huge!  Once again, everything is bigger in Texas!

January 2013 616Ellery agreed it was great Texas barbeque, and that coming from a native Texan!

January 2013 620 January 2013 624A family photo with full bellies!

January 2013 627Fowler Family pic minus one!

January 2013 629Layla wanted her own photo in front of Louie Mueller!

January 2013 631Layla and Miss Ellery!

January 2013 633Only in Texas would you pull your horse up to the telephone pole and park it in the parking lot of the barbeque restaurant!

January 2013 634 January 2013 642Zilker Park, Austin, Texas

January 2013 649My beautiful friend Day and her boys!  Twins, I don’t know how she does it some days?  Oh, wait, yes I do, it is because she is amazing and incredible and a wonderful mama!January 2013 652 January 2013 657Some Sam and Ellery love!  Look at how sweet he is looking up at her!

January 2013 659

My beauty!

We had lots of fun playing at Zilker Park in Austin.  We played on the playground and went on the Zilker Zephyr Train!

January 2013 661Ryan and his first born giving the balance beam a run for its money!

January 2013 663Cormac and Layla had so much fun playing on the play ground!  They did tolerate us geeking out at Louie Mueller and a long drive to Austin from Belton!

January 2013 665 January 2013 666

Guy and his girl, and me and my boy!

January 2013 670 January 2013 674Super sweet father daughter kisses melt my heart!January 2013 675 January 2013 683Ryan and Keen!January 2013 686Our Family of Four waiting to Ride the Zilker Zephyr train!  Sporting my super cute new cowboy boots that Ellery and Day helped me buy earlier that morning!January 2013 687

Day and Finn.January 2013 691Our oldest, it’s a love hate relationship with these two!

January 2013 692 January 2013 695Ellery got her share of “kid time” on her world wind trip to visit!  January 2013 698All of us on the train!   January 2013 701 January 2013 703 January 2013 705 January 2013 709 January 2013 712Cormac and Layla hugs!

January 2013 718My three favorite peeps!

January 2013 724Guy rockin’ out on some percussion in the park!January 2013 726As  I said, love-hate relationship!

January 2013 730After Zilker Park we went to a couple Austin Food Trucks!  We had tacos and then… Gourdough’s Donuts!  They were EPIC!

January 2013 733 January 2013 734Playing with figurines awaiting killer donuts!

January 2013 735 January 2013 736 January 2013 737I love this lady!

January 2013 739Mmmm donuts like I had never had before!  Slathered and smothered with deliciousness!

January 20th 2013January 2013 745Our last morning!  Feeding 5 kids and getting ready for the journey back to San Antonio!  To head to the airport and fly home!  So sad to leave but so reassured to know that no matter the time or the distance between us and amazing friendship remains!  I love you Dayspring!  And all of your peeps!  Thank you for your hospitality and for your excellent skills as a tour guide!

January 2013 032 (3)Cormac made us a welcome chalk drawing in the driveway!  Here is our photo reminder of his sweet welcome!

January 2013 746At the San Antonio Airport watching the airplanes before we fly home!January 2013 749Good bye Texas, until next time…


Texas Trip – Part 1 – January 2013

January 13th 2013

Guy had a work trip that took him to San Antonio Texas so we decided to tag along and make a family vacation out of it!  We spent a few days in San Antonio while Guy was attending his trade show.  Next we headed to Belton to visit our friends The Fowlers, Ellery met us there and we spent a fun day having amazing Texas Barbeque and seeing Zilker Park and a few food trucks in Austin too!

January 2013 057

In the Los Angeles Air Port, Texas Bound!

January 2013 058January 2013 059

This was the last time we saw the red beanie of Sam’s, it was lost in the airport!

January 14th 2013

San Antonio, Texas

January 2013 025 (3) January 2013 028 (3) January 2013 031 (3)

January 15th 2013

The San Antonio Children’s Museum

January 2013 061 January 2013 145 January 2013 143 January 2013 140 January 2013 132 January 2013 130 January 2013 127 January 2013 125 January 2013 123 January 2013 115 January 2013 113 January 2013 111 January 2013 110 January 2013 107 January 2013 105 January 2013 103 January 2013 099 January 2013 096 January 2013 092 January 2013 083 January 2013 079 January 2013 076 January 2013 074 January 2013 073 January 2013 071 January 2013 064 January 2013 149 January 2013 150 January 2013 158

January 2013 161January 2013 164

The Alamo

January 2013 167January 2013 171January 2013 174 January 2013 192January 2013 181 January 2013 217 January 2013 211 January 2013 210 January 2013 207 January 2013 200 January 2013 199 January 2013 197 January 2013 193 January 2013 192 January 2013 186

January 16th 2013

Westin Kids Club!

We spent a lot of time at the Kids club at the hotel.  Layla had fun doing crafts and Sam had fun playing with the toys, train table, trucks and books!  We even brought the kids down for part of a movie one night!

January 2013 220January 2013 224January 2013 225

Photo Shoot!

We had a fun photo shoot on the resort grounds!  I really got some great ones of the kids and Layla had fun posing and deciding on locations for pictures!

January 2013 226  January 2013 291 January 2013 288 January 2013 280 January 2013 276 January 2013 271 January 2013 262 January 2013 259 January 2013 246 January 2013 233 January 2013 231January 2013 294



January 2013 cont…

January 7th 2013

January 2013 001

Eating crayons.

January 2013 006

January 2013 008

January 2013 012

Some back yard fun!  Playing with the big ball and climbing into the hose pot!

January 2013 015January 2013 023

Playing some baseball

January 2013 024

Hanging out and playing in the rocks!  He loves the rocks in the garden!

January 2013 026

Me and my babies!  LOVE!

January 8th 2013

Sam’s 1 Year Baby Well Visit:

Weight: 20 Lbs. 11 Ounces (38th Percentile)

Height: 30.25 Inches ( 63rd Percentile)

Head Circumference: 18 Inches (63rd Percentile)

January 9th 2013

January 2013 029

Sam’s shenanigans!   Play kitchen cups in the toilet!

January 11th

January 2013 031

We were very excited for the new show Sophia the First to air on Disney Junior!  We printed out some activities and a tiara and Layla even got Princess Sophia jammies for the premier!

January 2013 033

Sam’s First Ice Cream Experience!

January 2013 037

January 2013 040

I think he liked it!

January 2013 042

January 12th

January 2013 043

All ready for a birthday party for her friend Alex!

January 2013 048

Someone was not too happy about getting his picture taken before we left for the birthday party with the 12 Month sticker for some reason!

January 2013 001 (3)

Crafting her piñata bag at Alex’s party!

January 2013 006 (3)

Sam enjoyed Alex’s little brother, Casey’s Little Tikes fire truck at the party!

January 2013 009 (3)

Layla playing  Pin the Shell on Ariel!

January 2013 010 (3)January 2013 011 (3)

Decorating sugar cookie crowns!

January 2013 016 (3)January 2013 018 (3)

Piñata time!

Papa’s Birthday Celebration!

January 2013 019 (3)

We went with Nonna and Papa to Wisk and Ladle in La Jolla for Papa’s Birthday Celebration!  It was delicious and fun!

January 2013 020 (3)

Happy Birthday Dad!  We are glad we get to celebrate with you!

Sam’s 1st Birthday Party ~!

January 3rd 2013

1 Year Old Photo Shoot!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 186

So big!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 188January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 191

Party Prep!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 197

For Sam’s first birthday party we did Italian food, caprese salad, Italian antipasti,  lasagna,  baked ziti, pesto pasta, and Italian sausage!

January 5th 2013

Sam’s First Birthday!

Party Day!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 199

Sam loved his balloons!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 204

Party treats!  Goody bags, sugar cookies, and cupcakes!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 206January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 208 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 211

My homemade Happy 1st Birthday Sam banner!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 213

Me and my 2 kiddos!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 219 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 222January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 225

My beautiful family of 4!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 238

Kisses for the birthday boy!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 248 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 251

Sam’s first birthday gear!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 252


January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 254

The high chair all ready for cake eating!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 256

There was a piñata, of course!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 267

Sweet Sam, Birthday Boy!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 273

Playing with and trying to eat rocks!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 275January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 289

Sam reaching in to put his hand in his favorite place!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 294

Uncle Dave T. arrives with the goods!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 304 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 307


January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 309


January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 319

The Birthday Boy’s First Birthday Cake!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 326

Piñata time!  Big sister starts it off!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 350

Even Sam gets some piñata time!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 355

Pre-cake photos

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 358January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 361

Family photo

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 365

Candle is lit!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 379

Mmmm whipped cream!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 382

Figuring it out with a little help from his big sister!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 384

Getting into it!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 386


January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 388January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 392 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 399 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 402 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 403 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 404 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 405 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 416 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 420 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 423

Giving Nonna and Papa a taste of birthday cake!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 424January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 425

Mommy too!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 427January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 428

Frosting Face!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 432 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 436

Cake done and all cleaned up!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 442

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 449January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 463

Louie and Layla were exhausted from all of the first birthday festivities

January 6th 2013

Day after Party-Present Opening!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 467  January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 490 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 485 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 483 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 471 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 469January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 502

Our little boy is ONE!

January 2013 Sam Turns 1!


January 1st


Cheers!  Here’s to a happy New Year!  Starting it off right with a face full of chicken and stars!


January 2nd 2013


Uncle Dave T. brought snow back for the kids from one of his snowboarding trips!


Thank you Uncle Dave T!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 015

Happy First Birthday Sam!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 020

One year old photo shoot in his cool 1 t-shirt!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 057January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 039January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 039January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 050January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 057January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 073January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 080January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 093

Sam’s First Pair of Walking Shoes!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 101

On Sam’s actual birthday we went to meet Guy to buy Sam his first pair of Stride Rite walking shoes at Nordstrom.

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 103

He even got a balloon!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 106

Presents and Sprinkles Cupcakes to celebrate!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 131 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 124 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 122 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 120 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 116 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 112 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 111


Guy, Layla, and I got him Lightning McQueen and a Mater and a couple trains!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 131 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 135 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 143 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 145 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 146 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 147


Sam’s First Cupcake Experience

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 148 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 149 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 151 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 154 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 160


Yum!  A vanilla cupcake!  This face says it all!  Happy First Birthday Sam!  We love you so much!  You bring so much joy, happiness and crazy into our lives, good crazy!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 171 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 174


Building a snowman with the snow Uncle Dave T. brought!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 176 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 177


The Zavodny Family California back yard – snow out of a cooler, snowman!

January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 178 January 2013 and Sams 1st Bday 184