December 2013- Part 2- December 11th 2013 Welcome LUKAS YOUNG ZAVODNY

December 11th 2013

I wrote this the night before I was supposed to be induced with Luke:

Feeling terrified, excited, anxious, nervous, scared!  Hoping for a smooth labor and easy delivery.  All that matters is a healthy baby and mama!  Excited for Layla to be a big sister again and excited for Sam to become a big brother.  Also worried for Sam, knowing he is so young I don’t want him to feel any less loved or taken care of because mommy has a new baby!  Also, worried about leaving him to go to the hospital and not being here in the morning!  I know he will be well taken care of but I know he needs his mama!  Luke we can’t wait to meet you, hold, hug, kiss and love you and welcome you to our family.  You will complete our family!  We love you already!!

December 2013 099

Officially a week late… induction was scheduled and we tried everything we possibly could to make baby boy come on his own, naturally.  He was very comfortable in there and was not ready to come out into the world quite yet!  I went to  acupuncture a few times and I had my membrane scraped…  We had my dad and Donna come over to spend the night so that on Wednesday December 11th I could, very reluctantly,  go to the hospital to be induced… we went to bed very late, bags packed and ready, at about 1:45am my water broke on its own!  I rolled over to guy and said, “my pants are wet and I don’t think i peed!”     He shined the flashligth from his iPhone and sure enough we agreed my water broke!  I yelled upstairs to my dad and donna that my water broke and we were going to go to the hospital!  My dad was so excited and scared!  We arrived at the hospital at 2:15am.  I was 2 cm dilated when we arrived and they got me checked in!  Dorthea was my Labor and Delivery nurse though the night and she was absolutely amazing!  She helped me breathe through every contraction and was super encouraging and positive!  After hours of gnarly contractions I agreed I needed to get the epidural!  I received an epidural at 7:39 am.  Dr. Fenton came in at 9am and I was 3 cm and 70% effaced.  Not quite ready… At 10:45am I was 6cm.  Dr. Fenton came back in and checked me and I was ready to start pushing!  He was finishing a bag of chips and a Pepsi after being in surgery all morning, we were unsure he would even make it to deliver but he did and for that I am so very grateful!  I know he wanted to be there for me!   He asked if we were ready to do this!   I began pushing at 1:15 pm.  4 pushes and Lukas Young Zavodny was born at 1:27 pm weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces.  He was 19 inches long and a 9 out of 9 on the APGAR test!  Perfect baby boy!

December 2013 103  December 2013 104

Labor was rough and I tried once again to do it with no epidural but after the epidural I was able to rest and actually enjoy the process of giving birth to my final baby!

December 2013 106 December 2013 108

I love the incomparable feeling of having my baby laid on my chest for the very first time!  I was able to bond skin to skin with Luke while his cord blood was collected for banking!

December 2013 110 December 2013 115

Feeling pure joy, love, relief and elation!  My final baby born safely and healthy!

December 2013 117 December 2013 118

Pure perfection!

December 2013 119 December 2013 125

Nursing my brand new baby boy!

December 2013 127 December 2013 132 December 2013 136 December 2013 137

Screaming and peeing at the same time!December 2013 139

Getting weighed and measured and not too stoked about it!  He would rather be cuddled up on mama’s chest listening to the familiar sound of my heartbeat!

December 2013 141

Our 7-11 baby!

December 2013 143 December 2013 144 December 2013 147 December 2013 150 December 2013 151

All bundled up and being held for the first time by his daddy!

December 2013 153

Again, pride, joy, relief and elation!  Look at that smile!  That is a very proud and happy dad!

December 2013 154

That is one happy Guy and a thrilled Daddy!

December 2013 156 December 2013 157 December 2013 158

Brothers!  Sam meeting his baby brother Luke for the first time!

December 2013 159 December 2013 160

It is love at first sight when Layla meets Luke for the first time!

December 2013 162

Nanny is overjoyed as well, meeting her great grandson!

December 2013 165

Layla holding her baby brother Luke for the first time!

December 2013 166 December 2013 167She is so proud!December 2013 169 December 2013 170 December 2013 173

Layla giving Luke kisses!

December 2013 174 December 2013 176

Nanny holding baby Luke for the first time!

December 2013 181

Mama and her three babies!

December 2013 189 December 2013 193

Sam checking out his new brother!

December 2013 195 December 2013 197 December 2013 200 December 2013 203

Nonna holding him for the first time. pure love!

December 2013 206 December 2013 207

Sam ‘holding” his brother for the first time!  Luke isn’t so sure!

December 2013 212 December 2013 213

Papa in love with Lukas holding him for the first time!

December 2013 219

A very proud and relieved Papa!

December 2013 221 December 2013 224 December 2013 226

Dr. Fenton!  Thank you for being an amazing doctor and for delivering another one of our babies safely into this world and for caring for and guiding us through the entire pregnancy!

December 2013 228

Auntie Val meeting and holding Luke for the first time!

December 2013 231

Keith meets and holds Luke for the first time!

December 2013 233

My absolutely wonderful labor and delivery nurse Dorthea!

December 2013 235

Luke meets his Ahta for the first time!

December 2013 238

Uncle Joel and Luke meet for the first time!  The youngest baby Joel had ever held!

December 2013 241 December 2013 244

December 2013 246 December 2013 247 December 2013 249 December 2013 250

Soaking in every single second of my very last new born baby!

December 2013 251

Completely in love!

December 2013 253

Our sweet little nugget all swaddled up on the very first day of his life in the outside world!  Welcome to the world Lukas Young Zavodny.  Thank you for completing our family!  We are so lucky and grateful you are ours!  We love you more than words can tell!

December 12th

December 2013 255

A very happy and tired Daddy!

December 2013 256

In love with Lukas!  Soaking in his new born son!

December 2013 257 December 2013 261

A very happy mama, head over heels in love with Little Lukas!

December 2013 265

Ahta loving Lukas!

December 2013 267

Val Doughery meets and holds Luke for the first time!

December 2013 271

Uncle Joe meets Luke and holds him fort the first time!

December 2013 273

Karen Thomas meets Luke!

December 2013 274

Nanny loving on her great grandson!

December 2013 276

Courtney meets and holds baby Luke for the first time!

December 2013 278 December 2013 281

Time for a diaper change!  Letting the aunties take care of it!

December 2013 283

Layla is such an awesome big sister!

December 2013 284 December 2013 286 December 2013 289 December 2013 290 December 2013 293 December 2013 297 December 2013 299

December 13th

December 2013 300

Perfectly swaddled little nugget on the day he gets to head home!

December 2013 301

Starbucks and a baby in one arm and an almost 2 year old in the other!  Let the juggle begin!

December 2013 303

Luke getting dressed to come home from the hospital in his “heading home from the hospital” outfit!

December 2013 305 December 2013 308

Sam is excited for Mommy and Daddy to come home and to bring his baby brother home too!

December 2013 309

Leaving Labor and Delivery for the very last time with a new baby!

December 2013 310 December 2013 311

Luke leaves the hospital!

December 2013 312

Getting put into the car for our drive home!

December 2013 315

Me and my amazing Irish nurse, Liz seeing us off from the hospital!  I also had her as a nurse when I was here to have Sam!

December 2013 317

Luke all clicked into the car, safe and sound and ready to roll!

December 2013 321

Welcome home Lukas Young!

December 2013 323 December 2013 326 December 2013 330 December 2013 331

Daddy and Luke’s first couch snuggle!

December 2013 333

Louie meets Luke and gives him some licks and lovin’!

December 2013 335 December 2013 337 December 2013 340

Layla was so excited to get home from school to see her new baby!

December 2013 341 December 2013 342

Abby meets and holds Luke!  She was so stoked!

December 2013 346

Luke gets some Nonna time!

December 2013 348

Cinderella Sam!

December 2013 349 December 2013 350

Diane and Todd meet and hold baby Luke for the first time!

December 2013 354 December 2013 357

Swaddled at home for his first night’s sleep in his pack-n-play in his home!

December 14th

December 2013 358

Some playtime for Sam and a snooze for Luke!

December 2013 359

Little Luke nugget swaddled in his crib!

December 2013 361 December 2013 363

Layla is such a proud and stoked big sister!  Luke is so lucky!

December 2013 365

Tom meeting and holding Luke!

December 2013 366

Daren and Margaret Caltigerone meeting and holding Luke!

December 2013 368 December 2013 371

Big sister-Christmas presents!

December 2013 373

Uncle Joel and Little Luke!

December 15th

December 2013 374

Some morning sibling love!  Snuggles in Mommy and Daddy’s bed!  Lovin’ on Lukas!

December 2013 377 December 2013 382

Melt my heart!  Sam giving his baby brother sweet kisses!

December 2013 388

Our first family outing as a family of five!  Off to sit on Santa’s lap!

December 2013 392

Waiting to get their picture taken with Santa!

Kids with Santa December 2013

Our 2013 Santa picture!  I asked Santa if he was willing to hold LUke, unsure if he was able or willing… Santa said, “I have had a lot of practice holding babies!”  But had he every held a 4 day old baby before?

December 2013 394

Auntie Linda meeting Luke!

December 2013 396

Shannon and Jack Bottoms meeting Luke!

December 2013 398

Eileen meeting and holding baby Luke!

December 2013 401

Uncle Marky meeting and holding Luke!

December 2013 402

Auntie Michelle meeting Luke for the first time!

December 2013 403

Marcella meeting and holding baby Luke for the first time!

December 2013 406

Nanny and I having some good wheat beer!  Both of us can only handle about a third of a glass!  My first beer since having baby Luke!  Wheat beer is good for helping increase milk production too!  Bonus!

December 2013 407

Papa in awe of is third Grand-baby!

December 2013 408

Papa, so happy holding him like a football!  He used to hold me exactly the same way, like his football!

December 2013 409

Rasa holding baby Luke!

December 2013 411

Luke gets to celebrate at the Roerig’s annual December birthdays party now!

December 2013 414

Kristy holding Luke!

December 2013 415

Diane loving on Luke!

December 2013 416

Chase holding baby Luke for the first time!

December 2013 419

Little Joey and  Makenna holding baby Luke!

December 2013 421

Precious baby hands!

December 2013 423

Sam showing his baby brother cool stuff on Mommy’s phone!

December 2013 429

The cool gingerbread house of 2013

December 17th

December 2013 431

In love with Little Luke!  Those tiny hands, those luscious red lips…  he is pure perfection!

December 2013 434 December 2013 436

Look at those luscious lips!  He is scrumptious!

December 2013 437

I would say the “pretty baby” needle worked!

December 2013 439

Alicia meeting and holding baby Luke for the first time!

December 2013 440

Layla’s Christmas Lei from the Halau Holiday Party!  Mele Kaliki Maka!