November 2011

November was another fun filled and very busy month. Cousin Thanksgiving, Guy’s Birthday, Baby Sam’s Sprinkle, my Birthday, Thanksgiving, and the start of the holiday season.  I also grew larger, more tired, and more excited as the weeks continued!

Apple Art Play Date November 3rd

The Little Sprouts play group hosted a fall themed, apple art play date.  Layla enjoyed painting her apples and stamping with them as well as playing with some play group friends.

November 2011 002November 2011 003November 2011 005November 2011 006

Cousin Thanksgiving November 5th

All of the cousins got together and had a “Cousin Only Thanksgiving.”  We had a blast!  Everyone brought a dish, side dish, appetizer, or desert and Guy and I made the turkey, stuffing, and a chocolate pecan bourbon pie.  We also toasted to Victor and Patrick, since this was the weekend they were getting married in New York and we could not be there.  If I weren’t in my third trimester, we would have loved to have been there to support them and celebrate.  The cousins have decided that the first Saturday of November will from now on be, “Cousin Only Thanksgiving!”

November 2011 009

Our Little Turkey!

November 2011 015

A fun group for a very Happy Un- Thanksgiving!


Guy’s Birthday  November 8th

Layla loves to open presents, what kid doesn’t right?  So, it goes without saying she gets to help open everyone’s birthday gifts.  She helped Guy open his on his birthday!  Happy Birthday babe!

November 2011 017November 2011 018November 2011 020November 2011 024November 2011 026

Preschool Field Trip to the Horticulture Center  November 9th

Layla’s awesome preschool scheduled a field trip to the horticulture center on the Mira Costa College campus, where the preschool is.  The children got to see, touch and taste all sorts of fruits.  Oranges, grapefruits, pomegranates, guavas, and some other very interesting fruit.  It was a fun, educational, and tasty field trip.

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 001

Walking from the preschool to the horticulture center.

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 003Winter 2012 Sm Cam 005

Picking fruit.

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 008

Tasting!  Yum!

Sticker Book Play Date November 11th

We attended the play group sticker book making play date.  Layla got to make a little sticker book and fill it with the stickers everyone brought to exchange.  It was very fun!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 014Winter 2012 Sm Cam 015Winter 2012 Sm Cam 016

Baby Sam’s Sprinkle November 12th

I am so lucky to have an amazing sister in law and very good friend who threw me an adorable baby boy sprinkle for our soon to be Baby Sam!  Nicole and Valerie put together an absolutely adorable , very blue, “Sweet” Sprinkle.  I am also so lucky, I have an amazing group of family and friends who came out on a nasty, rainy and cold day to enjoy each other’s company, delicious food and celebrate our baby boy to be! 

November 2011 082

Nicole and I brainstormed and came up with an idea of a “Sweets” themed shower.  I did not think flowers as center pieces were masculine enough for a boy “Sprinkle” so, sweets it was!  Here are the favors, chocolate dipped Oreo pops covered with blue sprinkles  Nicole did a fabulous job!

November 2011 133

The blue candy filled mason jar bouquets for center pieces turned out adorable and delicious!

November 2011 131

Blue coconut cupcakes for dessert!

November 2011 069

November 2011 146

Nicole’s handmade, very cute and crafty Sprinkle sign!

November 2011 028

Layla with one of her very best friends, Arden!

November 2011 029

Layla with Ms. Eileen and Nanny!

November 2011 031

Layla and Ahta!  Girls and their boots!

November 2011 034

Me and the other Z girls!

November 2011 038

Layla and Nonna!

November 2011 043

Kisses from Shad!

November 2011 046

Opening Sprinkle gifts!  Fun!

November 2011 050

Debbie, Linda, and Alicia and Lauren with their cappuccinos!

November 2011 051

Nicole playing Barista!

November 2011 053

Nicole and Aunt Donna, a great picture of both of them!

November 2011 058

More gifts,

November 2011 059


November 2011 062

November 2011 063

and cute baby boy clothes!

November 2011 064


November 2011 065

My beautiful girl!

November 2011 068

Picking a diaper raffle winner.  Layla got to do the honors, and Ali won, which is funny because she won at my shower for Layla too!  Congrats Ali and enjoy your spa treatment!

November 2011 070

Best friends, Eileen and Nanny.

November 2011 071

Lovely little ladies licking lollipops!

November 2011 097

Blue Jell-o shots, how else do you have a baby shower?

November 2011 099November 2011 100

Go Michelle!

November 2011 103

Aunts Donna and Carol downing Jell-O shots!

November 2011 105


November 2011 108

Gabby and Schmidty, one loosens with a finger and one with a tongue!  Everyone has their own way to do a Jell-o shot!

November 2011 115

Me and my awesome mom!  I love you Donna! 

November 2011 116

Lana, Diana, and Val!  I think this was Val’s first ever Jell-O shot!

November 2011 119November 2011 120

Happy Birthday Joe!  The sprinkle was on Joe’s actual birthday, so we made sure he was serenaded with “Happy Birthday” and had a candle to blow out!

November 2011 121

of course, a birthday Jell-o shot too!

November 2011 123

Go Donna!

November 2011 128

There’s trouble!  Guy, Nicole and Sean!

November 2011 134

November 2011 137

Down the hatch!

November 2011 140

She was the Jell-O shot delivery girl, it looks a lot worse than it was!  Too cute in a very bad sort of way?!

November 2011 142

Me with the amazing and wonderful co-host of my sprinkle.

November 2011 145

Me, my amazing husband, and the belly!

After the “girly” festivities the boys came back from watching football and having lunch at Breakwater Brewing and joined us for a party, dinner and lots of beer and blue Jell-O shots!  Hey, Layla’s shower had pink Jell-O shots so we couldn’t leave baby boy out!  They came back at the end of the girly, game playing, present opening luncheon very wet!  It was more than sprinkling on sprinkle day!  But it was fitting!  Melissa said, maybe it is good luck to have it shower on your shower, or sprinkle on your sprinkle!

November 2011 084

My dad, back from beers with the boys, all wet from the rain!

November 2011 086

This is a great picture of Diana and my Aunt Karen during one of the games we played.  This picture shows how hilarious some of the answers to the ABC of Babies game was!  The game was to list from A to Z things having to do with babies.  Some people got silly, some got raunchy!  It was hilarious!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 027

Two of my very closest friends, Courtney and

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 041

Melissa!  Proud to be a mama right along side of you!  I wish Dayspring could have been here!

Disneyland for the Opening Night of Holiday Decorations and Celebrations  November 14th

We received a special invitation, as Disneyland Pass Holders, to attend the Opening night of holiday decorations!  The three of us, Guy, Layla, and I,  had a wonderful time!    As soon as we walked in, it snowed on Main Street!  There is no place like Disneyland decorated for Christmas!  It was my last trip to Disneyland before Baby Sam was born.  Yes, 9 months pregnant and doing Disneyland!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 063


Winter 2012 Sm Cam 065Winter 2012 Sm Cam 070

Daddy and Layla on the rockets.

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 073

It’s a Small World is so spectacular all lit up for Christmas!  I love my little family!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 072

These two are my favorite!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 074Winter 2012 Sm Cam 075Winter 2012 Sm Cam 077Winter 2012 Sm Cam 078Winter 2012 Sm Cam 081Winter 2012 Sm Cam 082Winter 2012 Sm Cam 083

After It’s a Small World, we got in line for a special character meet and greet.  We were the very last family to get to see Belle and The Beast before they took a break! 

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 090

The photographers loved Layla so much they asked us to sign a waver in case they chose to use her pictures for anything in the future!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 093

This was the first time we ever got to see The Beast! He was awesome! Belle was beautiful in her winter gown!

Thanksgiving Play Date November 21st

The Little Sprouts had a fun Thanksgiving play date.  We made a very fun turkey handprint craft and had a potluck lunch with friends!

November 2011 149

The picture is a little dark but Layla is enjoying her lunch with a big paper turkey!

November 2011 150

It rained the day before the play date, so the playground was a wet sandy puddle!  She had a blast and was covered from head to toe with wet sand!  She had to go home in the car seat completely naked because I had no extra clothes.  Also, we had Daddy’s car and did not want it to be a wet sandy mess!

November 2011 152

Layla’s turkey hand print craft!

Thanksgiving 2011  November 24th

Turkey Trot  November 24th

On Thanksgiving morning our tradition is to get up early and run (or this year for me, walk) the Oceanside Turkey Trot!  Yes, 35 weeks pregnant and walking a 5K!  I got permission from the OB, he said as long as I felt up to it I could do it!  He said to stay hydrated, and take it easy.  I knew that if I got tired or didn’t feel like finishing I would just stop!  I was able to finish and was exhausted afterwards!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 096

Me and my girl before the race!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 097

Our little Turkey Trotting Family!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 098

Layla and Ahta!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 100

Getting lined up for the start!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 101

Lined up and ready to go!

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 102

Coming up on the finish line

Winter 2012 Sm Cam 103

Layla and Ahta run for the finish!  Layla even got to break through some finish line tape!

Thanksgiving Dinner November 24th

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my Dad and Donna’s like we do every year!  We enjoyed a beautiful southern California sunset, great food and our amazing family!  We even celebrated my birthday with a cake and presents!

November 2011 164

Belly kisses at sunset!

November 2011 186

Layla, Mommy, and The Belly!

November 2011 189

Layla and Daddy!

November 2011 193

What a great shot!  The two loves of my life!

November 2011 196

My awesome little family, soon to expand!

November 2011 197

“The Team” 

November 2011 204

The girls,

November 2011 205

Papa with his girls,

November 2011 210

Nonna and Papa with their girl!

November 2011 216

An awesome picture of Layla and Ahta!

November 2011 221

Nanny and Layla, I love that Lay’s hand is on her heart for this shot!  So sweet!

November 2011 224

Layla keeping Papa company out at the barbeque! 

November 2011 225

So pretty in her “ladybug dress.”

November 2011 227

Layla and Auntie Michelle, some fun family sunset shots!

November 2011 229

Layla and Jocelyn.

November 2011 231

Layla and Diana.

November 2011 236

Layla and Uncle Joe being silly!

November 2011 237November 2011 239

Nanny and Eileen.

November 2011 240

My girl powering down some Thanksgiving deliciousness!

November 2011 243

Some couch snuggles with Alicia.

November 2011 250

Layla singing “Happy Birthday” to Mommy

November 2011 253

and helping Mommy make a wish and blow out the candles! November 2011 255

Every birthday card from my parents makes me cry, especially when I am pregnant and hormonal, bring on the water works!

November 2011 259

And any opportunity to help open presents!

My 34th Birthday  November 26th

On my birthday I was able to wake up and open presents in bed with Guy and Layla, of course I got the tall black Uggs that I asked for.  Every year Guy tells me I am not going to get what I ask for, he makes up a story about how they are out of it.  I never believe him anymore because I always get what I ask him for on my birthday!  I also got awesome monogramed linen napkins, a jewelry stand and a rad cozy cable knit sweater blanket!

After opening presents with Guy and Layla, Nicole came over and we opened more presents!  Super cute and cozy jammies!

November 2011 273November 2011 276

After birthday presents we went to pick out our Christmas tree, then finished celebrating with dinner at Benihana!

Mishel Bday dinner 2011

Dinner to celebrate the pregnant mama’s birthday at Benihana with my favorite peeps!  Nicole, Val, my Dad and Donna, my awesome husband and beautiful daughter!  We had the inappropriate teppanyaki chef, talking dirty to Nicole and Val and doing Sake shots under the cooktop so no one saw him!  It was a fun way to celebrate even as big and pregnant as I was!

Picking Out Our Christmas Tree

On the morning of my birthday we went to the Home Depot lot and picked out our Christmas tree.  We really had to be on top of Christmas this year because the baby could really have come at any point.  We also had to have the tree up and house decorated because the annual Zavodny Holiday Cocktail was earlier than ever this year.  We were hosting that the first Saturday of December, once again because of how pregnant I was!

We picked a perfect tree!  It was the first one we pulled out of the pile!  It is funny to go pick out a Christmas tree in super sunny weather!

November 2011 279

Layla and Guy with our tree!

November 2011 281

Our tree, the last one we will pick as a family of three!

November 2011 283

Layla gets to pick a little tree for her room too.  This year she chose a tiny already decorated one! 

November 2011 285

She was set on her choice and loved her little tree!

November 2011 286

Guy gets the very important job of putting the tree on top of the car to get it home safely!

Decorating for Christmas

Gingerbread House November 27th

  The day after our tree was up Layla asked if we could make the little house!  At first we were super surprised that she even remembered, she was two and a half and it was a whole year ago!  But she does remember everything!  So Layla and Daddy constructed and decorated the little gingerbread house!

November 2011 287


November 2011 291


November 2011 292

and decorating!

November 2011 294November 2011 299

Layla’s very cute Gingerbread House 2011!

Santa Hat and Christmas Tree Decorating November 27th

November 2011 303

Louis endures a lot!  Here’s Santa Louis!

November 2011 304

and Layla striking a few poses in her Santa hat!  November 2011 310November 2011 313

Layla in front of our decorated Christmas Tree!  This will be the last Christmas tree for our family of three!


~The life and times of Guy, Sheila Mishel, Layla Grace, Samuel Charles, Lukas Young and our K9 friends