Remodel has begun!

2009 March 25
by admin

Well.. it has begun. There is a Porta-Potty in the driveway

remodel-018, there is no back door

remodel-007or ceiling

remodel-021and the garage is gone

remodel-033. REMODEL!

This is going to be:




Work so far:

The destruction continues

2009 March 28
by admin

Kinda unsettling to go by and see the back of your house missing!

Demo Complete / Clean up and footing prep

2009 April 2
by admin

This week

2009 April 6
by admin

More pictures to come, but this week is all about footings & foundation work. We have our first and second inspection (sewer line / footings) and next week should start framing!

Footing and foundation framing

2009 April 6
by admin

Updated House Drawing

2009 April 10
by admin


Updated to show the windows, extended porch and more accurate colors.

Framing for the foundation and footings should be done this week, inspected early next week, then poured late in the week.

Slow week for updates

2009 April 13
by admin

There will be more footing and foundation work and hopefully we will pour on Thursday. Inspector was there today and wanted a couple of minor modifications, but nothing that is slowing things down.

Footings and foundation poured

2009 April 18
by admin

Some good progress this week – Thanks Dave & Eddie!

Floor framing started today. Full framing and rough plumbing next week.

Some explanations

2009 April 20
by admin

Some explanations of what we have been posting. I will try to get some plans scanned so this all makes a bit more sense. The framing over the next few weeks will really help show where we are going with the house. We are extending our house into the backyard and widening it into what used to be the driveway. The extension will hold our new and much needed larger kitchen and above it our master bedroom & bath. In the kitchen we will finally have multiple ovens (professional range with a real hood, wall oven & convection / microwave) huge refrigerator, paneled dishwasher, farmhouse sink, pantry, cabinets, glass tile back splash and counter space! After living with a 6’X11’ kitchen for 10 years this was one of the major impetuses behind the remodel. We are also adding a nice laundry room (again with counter space) and a 1/2 bath that will be accessible from the backyard. Upstairs will be the master suite, complete with office space, ocean view balcony that steps down to the sun deck on top of the new garage, bathroom with a walk in shower and Mishel finally gets a walk in closet! We will end up with a total of about 1,700 interior sq feet – so no McMansion, but plenty for us. We worked with Roy Blackford our architect and Don Funkhouser our contractor for almost a year before we broke ground trying to get the best use of the space and making the most livable and comfortable home we could. We feel pretty good about it so far :-)

Remodel 007 Remodel 054 

Back of the house before and during, the plywood is where the old French door to the back yard was. 

Remodel 089Remodel 104

Back of the house foundation framing and finished raised foundation for extension off back of house. This will be our new kitchen that opens to the back yard. The second story master suite will set on top of this.


Remodel 030 Remodel 049

Garage before & during with the existing wall saved so we can stay with the current setbacks.

Remodel 092 Remodel 106

Garage slab / foundation poured. The garage will have a roof top deck (ocean view!) that you will be able access from our upstairs room balcony. We are  building the garage so the deck will structurally be able to hold the spa.

Remodel 016a Remodel 094

The “old” front of our house and in process. The new concrete corner foundation for our new porch columns.

Good progress today

2009 April 20
by admin

Floor joist are in – onward and upward!