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2009 May 4
by admin

Since the last post the main and rough in first floor plumbing have been completed.

Don’t think it is worth explaining the first 8 pictures on this. Plumbing, in/ out, hot/ cold, some gas lines.That was followed by an inspection, then subfloor went down and the base for the framing was started. In this picture you can see where the laundry room will be on the left, hall way in the middle that will have the wine fridge and bar space at the end w/ cabinet above and on the right the 1/2 bath that will have a pocket door in the hall way and also a door opening to the outside.


The left in the picture below will be the stairwell to the second floor – up on the left, then a landing and turn and up from there.


This is looking out the hallway into the kitchen area.


Next is looking from where the garage will be to the back of the house.


Promise it will all start making more sense soon!

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  1. 2009 May 5
    Aunt Donna permalink

    I have no imagination when it comes to seeing something that isn’t finished (with the exception of a golf shot…ha ha).
    It’s fun to watch the progress even if I can’t see the outcome yet.

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