Moving along… getting caught up on updates

2009 May 4
by admin

Since the last post the main and rough in first floor plumbing have been completed.

Don’t think it is worth explaining the first 8 pictures on this. Plumbing, in/ out, hot/ cold, some gas lines.That was followed by an inspection, then subfloor went down and the base for the framing was started. In this picture you can see where the laundry room will be on the left, hall way in the middle that will have the wine fridge and bar space at the end w/ cabinet above and on the right the 1/2 bath that will have a pocket door in the hall way and also a door opening to the outside.


The left in the picture below will be the stairwell to the second floor – up on the left, then a landing and turn and up from there.


This is looking out the hallway into the kitchen area.


Next is looking from where the garage will be to the back of the house.


Promise it will all start making more sense soon!

Onward and Upward

2009 May 5
by admin

Exterior wall framing is underway. Even some idea of the second story.


Look into the back of the house, big opening on left will be a big window with doggie door below, one on the right will be French Door onto the breezeway between the garage and the house. Last opening on the right will be the backyard entrance to the 1/2 bath from the breezeway.


To the right of the last window opening will be the wall oven and the convection / microwave and to the right of that Mishel’s 48″ fridge!


Stairwell… seems really tall!


Peek of the second story from the front yard.

And the framing continues

2009 May 6
by admin

No details tonight.

Moving on up

2009 May 9
by admin

Framing, sheeting, stairs… 2nd floor, floor nailing inspection Monday then the second floor will get framed. Starting to look like a house.

Remodel  037 (21) 


Remodel  037 (18)

Remodel  037 (13) Remodel  037 (5)


Remodel  037 (15) Remodel  037 (2)



Remodel  037 (3) 

Go up the stairs…










Remodel  037 (16) Remodel  037 (8)


Can’t wait to see the view on a clear day!

Downstairs Plan

2009 May 10
by admin

Not sure if this will help, but here is a partial scan of the downstairs plan. Pretty much all of this represents new construction and above this will be the master bedroom. To the left will be the garage, top left is the backyard, top right the 2 current bedrooms (note really getting touched) and to the right is the living room leading to the front door/ front yard. We will try to get full size scans done.

Downstairs remodel plan

Second story framing & garage sheeting

2009 May 14
by admin

Remodel (9)


Remodel (2) 






Remodel (6)Remodel (7)

Remodel (5) Remodel (3)


Remodel (11)

More 2nd story framing

2009 May 14
by admin

Remodel 166 Remodel 167



Remodel 168

Remodel 169



Remodel 170


Remodel 171

Remodel 173

…And the framing continues

2009 May 20
by admin

Remodel 175

Remodel 181 Remodel 182

Second story frame up and the breezeway / balcony off our bedroom that will step down to the garage roof sun deck.

Remodel 184 Remodel 177

David putting up our nicely detailed beams and a close up of the beam detail.

Remodel 187

Remodel 186 

Dave setting the forms for the front porch columns.

Second story rough plumbing & we walk the rough electrical the end of this week. The electrical, low voltage and structured wiring gets started next week. Maybe a few weeks behind the aggressive plan.

Date night @ the remodel

2009 May 24
by admin

Remodel 196

We were able to enjoy a beer or two on the balcony.


Remodel 199 View from the BBQ island looking up at the Master bedroom. You can see the balcony off the bedroom w/ the steps leading down to the garage top deck. The pop out upstairs on the right is the expanded master closet. The block work will support the deck off the kitchen.

Remodel 194

From the garage deck looking back at the bedroom.

Remodel 203

Looking like a house. Next week is more sheeting, rough plumbing and rough electrical starts up!

No new pics of construction – so here is the whole house audio distribution diagram.

2009 May 26
by admin


Still sorting through how and how much video we will distribute, but audio is covered. Pretty much every area of the house and yard will have sound and most will have in wall keypad (as well as remote control and browser based) control to adjust what source is played as well as the basics like volume, pause, rewind etc.